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For whom did Moses plead when he said, "Oh, God, heal her, I pray!"

Numbers 12:13
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This is lecture number 9 of the Ancient Israel class, entitled; Geography of the Exodus. With this lecture we begin a series of lectures including one in the Historical Geography class that need to be taken as a unit, that in total will be, 7 or actually 8 lectures dealing with the same, sorry I will change that to 9 lectures, 9 lectures dealing with the exodus and Israelite conflicts of Canaan. Now if you consider that we have in this class 42 sessions, the fact that we're spending 9 lectures on this one topic, if we consider them two halves of the same topic, the exodus of Egypt and the conflict of Canaan obviously I'm devoting a lot of time to it to the exclusions of other things...

Lecture 10 is missing or was not recorded, we are looking for it, if you have it could we please have a copy?

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Lecture Date: 1986-1987