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I will sing, O Most High; Praises to Thy Name with my whole heart!
And proclaim Thy wonders; I will rejoice and exult in Thee!
My foes fall at Thy sight: for Thou hast maintained my cause and my cry;
God will judge from His throne; He shall remain forevermore!

God will rule, uprightly; judge the world in righteousness.
The oppressed who seek Him; He will to them a refuge be.
For the Lord will not forget Those who put their trust and confidence in Him.
To the Lord sing praises; Declare His works to all nations!

God Most High in Zion dwells; He will not forget His people;
They declare His great works; And He will not forget their cry.
Rise, O Lord! Put them all in fear! All the nations that forget that Thou art God.
Judge them Lord before Thee; Let the nations know they are but men!