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Praise you the Lord with your whole heart give praise; Where the upright are assembled for God;
His glorious works shall forever endure, Worthy of honor and praise.
There is no end unto His righteousness; Great works of wonder He makes,
That we may know the Eternal is good, Full of compassion and grace.

For those who fear Him our God will provide; Ever His cov'nant He will not forget;
He showed His people the pow'r of His works, Lands of the heathen to gain.
Judgment and truth are the works of His hands, All His commandments are sure;
They are all done in uprightness and truth; They shall forever endure.

Unto His people redemption He sent; God has commanded His cov'nant alway;
Steadfast and sure it forever will stand; Holy and rev'rend His name.
Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord; God's praise endureth for aye;
His laws impart understanding and grace To those who heed and obey.