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Give thanks to God! Hallelujah, praise Him!
Praise Him for He is good and His mercy endures.
Who can show forth the Eternal's great works?
Who can show praise that is due unto Him?
Happy are they who observe righteousness;
They shall rejoice, with the Lord's chosen ones.

Remember us, O Eternal, our God;
Favor Your people with Your great saving pow'r.
We have all sinned as our fathers of old;
Yet were they saved that Your works might be known.
They did not then understand those great works;
Save us, O Lord our God, with Your own chosen ones.

God held the sea, And the waters were dried;
Our fathers crossed the sea as on wilderness land.
Waters then rushed over all of their foes;
They sang His praise but they soon did forget.
God gave them up to their selfish desires;
Save us, O Lord our God, that we may give You praise.