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Eternal God, my hope and refuge; Thou art my rock and fortress;
O God incline Thine ear to me; Save me from the unjust man.
Thou art my help and trust, O Lord; My praise shall always be to Thee;
My mouth is filled with praise and glory, O God, forsake me not.

Eternal God, be not far from me! O God, make haste to help me!
I'll hope and praise Thee more and more; I will tell of thy great works.
Lord, when I'm old forsake me not; My enemies against me plan;
They say, His God will not protect him, O God, forsake me not.

Eternal God, our great creator; Thy justice reaches heaven;
Thou who hast shown me many trials; Thou shalt give me life once more.
My lips will shout for joy, O God; When I sing songs of praise to Thee;
Thou Holy One who hast redeem'd me; O God, forsake me not.