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For even from my youth, O God, by Thee have I been taught;
And hitherto I have declared the wonders Thou hast wrought.
And now O God, forsake me not when I am old and gray;
Till I proclaim Thy wondrous deeds to this and ev'ry age.

Thy perfect righteousness, O God, the heaven's height exceeds;
O God, who is like Thee, who has perform'd such mighty deeds?
Thou who hast shown me trials sore and great adversities;
Will quicken me again and bring me from the depths of earth.

My greatness and my pow'r Thou will increase and far extend;
Against all grief on ev'ry side to me will comfort send.
And I will also praise Thy truth, O God, with psaltery;
Thou Holy One of Israel, with harp I'll sing to Thee.