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They are blest who are forgiven, To whom God imputes no sin;
Who go to the Eternal, And confess to Him their sins.
Whose iniquities are covered, Whom the Lord does instruct!
Saying, I will direct you In the way that you should go.

Many sorrows have the wicked, Who know not the way of God.
Be not as mules or horses, Which are held by bridles strong;
But be glad in the Eternal, And rejoice all you just;
Shout for joy all you upright; In whose spirit is no guile.

Day and night God's hand was on me, And I groaned till I confessed.
My sins I laid before Him; Quickly He forgave them all;
Ev'ry godly one shall pray thus, While the Lord may be found;
So be glad all you upright; All you righteous, shout for joy!