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Why do the nations make plans in vain Against the One Anointed!
Saying, Let us strip off all His chords; Break His bands asunder.
He sees their scheme, from heaven He laughs; Holds them in derision.
He speaks to them in His great wrath From His most holy sovereign throne.

O let me tell the Eternal's words, You rulers of this world;
You are my son this day I decree: You are my begotten.
You shall inherit all of the earth; You shall rule all nations.
You shall be King of all the earth; You shall rule with a rod of iron.

So kings be wise and take warning now, O let me tell His edict:
Seek now the Lord with trembling and fear, Lest you end in ruin.
Lest He be angry, quickly submit; Worship Him with revrence.
Rulers of earth take warning now; Place your trust in the One true God.