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The heav'ns God's glory do declare, The skies His handiworks teach;
Day after day their speech pours forth, and knowledge, night after night.
There Is no speech nor spoken word; their voice is never heard;
And yet their voice spreads to all the earth, their works to the end of the world.

The heav'ns a tent for the sun He made, Which comes forth Like a bridegroom,
Leaving his chamber, glowing bright, to run his course with joy.
From heav'ns end its rising is, its circuit to its ends;
And there is nothing from its heat, no, nothing is hidden thereof.

The law of God is a perfect law, For it converts the soul;
Sure are the sayings of our God, they make the simple wise.
Statutes of God are right and just, and do rejoice the heart;
The Lord's commandments are pure and clear, and light to the mind impart.