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Lord, I will praise Thee with my whole heart;
I'll sing Thy praises before all the gods;
Worship and bow t'ward Thy holy place,
Praising Thy Name for Thy kind love so true.

More than Thy Name Thy Word is enlarged;
And when I cried in that day Thou didst hear;
Thou strengthened me with Thy strength, O Lord;
Kings of the earth will then hear, praising Thee.

Yes, they shall hear, O Lord of Thy ways;
Then shall they sing for Thy glory is great;
Though God is high the poor He respects;
But strikes the proud down from His sovereign height.

Though in the midst of trouble I walk;
Thou wilt preserve with Thy right hand, my life;
Thou wilt fulfill Thy purpose for me;
Thy steadfast love will endure evermore.