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By the waters of Babylon, There we wept and there sat down;
Hung our harps on the willow trees, Zion, yet we remember'd thee!
Then our captors required of us; Sing a song of Zion now!
Could we sing the Eternal's songs, By the waters of Babylon?

Let my right hand forget her skill, If Jerusalem I forget;
If I fail to remember thee, Let my tongue cleave unto my mouth!
But we thought of Jerusalem, When we sat near Zion's streams.
Far above even our chief joy, We remember'd Jerusalem.

In that day of Jerus'lem's fall, When the children of Edom said,
Down with her, down unto the ground, Even to the foundations!
O thou daughter of Babylon, To thy ruin hast'ning on;
Happy he that rewardeth thee, Just as thou unto us hast done.