August 13, 1941  
August 13, 1941 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Box 111, Eugene, Oregon
August 13, 1941

Dear Co-Workers in Christ,

   Mrs. Armstrong and I have just returned, refreshed and renewed, from the rest we have needed so long. I finally came to the place where I simply had to stop, and get away from the strain and responsibility of this great work, and rest, and sleep, and fast. I was just about completely broken down.

   For 18 days I fasted and prayed. We have been away more than two months altogether. I feel now like a new and different man physically, mentally, spiritually. I believe I am ready and fit now, for the tremendous job that lies ahead of us. We have a MIGHTY work to perform from now on, during these closing days of this dispensation. Our Lord and Christ is soon coming — to call you and me to account for how loyally, unselfishly, faithfully we have labored in His service. Personally I am very, very grateful that our heavenly Father has been so gracious in giving us this opportunity to get into fit shape for His work, and for the job that now lies ahead. An unfit man can't accomplish much. The job will now require every ounce of strength and energy we can muster. It will require great SACRIFICE on the part of all you Co-workers. It requires full and complete consecration, utter submission to God, with NOTHING held back — putting the Kingdom of God FIRST, and every desire or need or want secondary to that. I have given myself completely and without reservation to the service of the almighty God. Will you, my dear Co-workers, make with me that same UNconditional consecration to HIM and His cause just now? If you will, we shall now see just what the POWER of the living God can do in and thru a band of humble, consecrated, energetic and determined servants. Thousands, — yes, MILLIONS of souls are at stake!

   I find things, on my return to the office, however, in very serious condition. Indeed, a DESPERATE condition. For the past two months you have been hearing me over KRSC, and KWJJ by electrical transcription — and transcribed broadcasts, necessarily made in advance, cannot bring to our listeners the up-to-the-minute news of the very hour, fulfilling Bible prophecy, as I do when I am in the studio in person. Transcribed broadcasts, someway, never bring the same mail response that the personal broadcasts do. And so our mail — and receipts of tithes and offerings to keep this vital work alive — have fallen off steadily while I have been gone. I find several hundred copies of The PLAIN TRUTH laid over several weeks in the local post-office thru some error, before it came to the attention of my secretary, and this seemed to offend several who did not get their PLAIN TRUTH on time. Several letters containing offerings were not acknowledged for several weeks. I was not here to answer letters. All these things contributed to reduce the amount of money received materially. I return home to find things in a DESPERATE crisis.

   So I must rush this letter to our loyal Co-workers the very first thing, and ask your immediate and generous HELP, as God has made you able. I need $175 at once to get out another issue of The PLAIN TRUTH. I am ready to turn copy over to the printers the day the money comes. We pay in advance, or as we go, running no bills — that's the only Bible way — but I find three or four regular monthly expenses unpaid for the past month, and they must be immediately, that God's work come not into reproach. Besides this I must have money at once for the broadcasts this coming Sunday.

   While away, I arranged for securing the very best possible Sunday time on the very best possible Los Angeles station that we could afford. Of course KNX and KFI are out of our reach and not available, but the next most powerful station there is available. I believe God worked a miracle in opening this marvelous opportunity to us — but that's another story, and I will have to tell you about that a few days later. I see God's hand going before, opening the way for us, and I am enthusiastic and rejoicing over the opportunities ahead for spreading the true Message, and the WARNING of this hour according to Bible prophecy, to increasing hundreds of thousands and millions. I feel fit and strong in the Lord again now. Let us get under the burden, and see this great work rise now to new life, with a vastly increased harvest of precious souls. I know I can count on you to do all you possibly can, even at sacrifice of material things, helping us over this immediate emergency. God bless you for your faithfulness, your loyalty, your sacrifice. A return envelop is enclosed for reply.

In Christian love,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: August 13, 1941
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