November 06, 1942  
November 06, 1942 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


VOL. III  Number 6                             November 6, 1942

Published every little while, by your radio-pastor editor, Herbert W. Armstrong, Box 111, Eugene, Ore., to bring spiritual edification and encouragement to our little family of Co-workers who make possible the RADIO CHURCH OF GOD and The PLAIN TRUTH.

GREETINGS! Fellow Co-workers, again from Hollywood!

   I have a most urgent message for you at this time. I am writing from Hollywood, where again I am speaking daily Tuesdays thru Fridays for a total of four weeks over KMTR at 8:30 a.m., in addition to the Sunday broadcasts. And so again I will have this printed and mailed to you from my office in Eugene.

   First, let me tell you how abundantly God is blessing our efforts — how far beyond our expectations!

   The broadcast of "The WORLD TOMORROW" over station WHO, Des Moines, is bringing 500 to 800 letters and cards per broadcast — and radio men say that is a truly REMARKABLE response. The letters are pouring in from all over the United States and Canada. And what wonderful, and enthusiastic letters so many of them are! In the last issue of "The BULLETIN" I reprinted a number of them for you to read.

   While here in the Los Angeles district again I am speaking twice Sundays — 2 and 5:30 p.m., — at the large Biltmore theatre, the number one auditorium for lectures or independent preaching in downtown Los Angeles. Last Sunday we had two splendid crowds again — the auditorium well filled, with ten to twelve hundred at the afternoon service and about 800 attending the evening service.

   Last evening I baptised five dear people — two men and three women — all of whom have shown plain evidence of having fully repented and accepting Jesus as personal Saviour. Oh, what a joy it is to see souls really converted — their lives completely CHARGED, and to behold the kind of smile and expression that illuminates such faces, after the tears of repentance, and after they have come to the assurance that their sins are really washed away thru the blood of Christ, and that they stand CLEAN before GOD! Personally, I know that to me this is worth all the time and effort, the hardship, the disappointments and difficulties we meet along the way to try and test our faith — it is reward many times over.

   But now I must tell you that the printers have run into unavoidable delays in getting the booklet "U.S. in Prophecy" off the press. This has been two-thirds set in type for some time, but due to labor shortage and difficulties of war-time, the printers have told us they just simply cannot rush things thru as they formerly did. According to the latest information I have had here in Hollywood, this booklet should be off the press ready for mailing within a day or two after this BULLETIN is mailed to you. The names and addresses are all written on the envelopes, just waiting for the printers to deliver the booklets, so we can insert them and mail them. We are doing our best to rush them to you.

   Apparently, though, because of this delay, many of our Co-workers have held up sending their tithes and offerings the past two or three weeks, until the situation is becoming serious.

   It is costing a GREAT DEAL of extra money to carry this broadcast over super-power WHO, where it can be heard in every state and over all Canada. And so far very little in the way of tithes and offerings is coming back from our hundreds of thousands of NEW listeners all over the United States and Canada. Just about one-tenth the actual COST of that powerful station is coming back from its listeners, so far. I can not, — I WILL not, beg for money over the air. It isn't God's way. Consequently the financial response from a new station is much slower than if I kept begging for money all the time. BUT I AM SURE THAT THE GOOD WE DO IS MULTIPLIED BECAUSE I DO NOT — and our motive must be to GIVE of the Gospel, not to GET.

   If our present Co-workers will just keep up their efforts and their loyalty to God's cause, without slackening, we shall be able to continue to carry this and this entire greatly-enlarged work which is fast becoming a national POWER for God. And in due time the new listeners from WHO will — enough of them — respond voluntarily with tithes and offerings so that more and more powerful stations may be added until we have a truly CONCENTRATED radio audience in every section of the country, COAST to COAST.

   But our present Co-workers will have to remain loyally behind us, not becoming weary with well-doing, if we are to continue and this great work for the KINGDOM is to continue to leap ahead and to be multiplied in power every few months as it has been during this present year.

   For years it seemed to me that God did not open the way, or permit us to move along as rapidly as I felt, humanly, we ought to go. But now it is different. God is now moving ahead, preparing the way before us, even more rapidly than we are able to organize ourselves to FOLLOW where He leads and opens opportunities.

   Station WJJD, the nation's most powerful independent (or non-net-work) station in Chicago is now open to us. It has been considered IMPOSSIBLE for any more religious programs to get on any net-work. Mutual is the ONLY net-work that will carry religious broadcasts. And it has been well-known that Mutual was now closed to any more religious broadcasts. It seemed the door was closed tight against the real expansion of this marvelous work to a Coast-to-Coast net-work. But now, I am happy to say to you, God has OPENED THE DOOR TO US, and as soon as we are ready, I am assured we will be able to send the Message out — the Message you hear no one else sending — the WARNING of coming invasion UNLESS this nation repents and turns to God, as well as the preaching of the TRUE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM in all its fullness — over the entire Mutual chain. It ought to make us shout "PRAISE GOD!" Yes, God's time has COME, and He now expects each one of HIS children to do their very utmost, even to point of extreme and continued SACRIFICE that HIS Message may go with great POWER till it rocks this entire nation!

   Now so many requests for "The United States in Prophecy" have come in that I have had to increase the press-run from 5,000, which we originally intended to print, to 15,000. It is going to cost a lot more than I had originally figured. And I'll be candid and tell you WE DO NOT HAVE THIS MONEY ON HAND TO PAY FOR THE PRINTING, and so I am having to order only 5,000 printed first, with the other 10,000 to be printed and mailed out later. Now this is going to cost considerably more than to have it all printed at one time, so we can mail them out to every one NOW. And so if our Co-workers, every one who CAN, will respond to your very UTMOST by return mail, and the immediate response is large enough, I am hoping that we can even YET have the entire issue of 15,000 printed at the same time, and save the additional cost of having it all made up and put back on the presses a second time.

   It will cost a total of $600 just to print this booklet and mail it, not including cost of envelopes. But it is well worth it to carry this vital Message of our own identity to so many thousands — especially to the thousands writing in for it from the middle-west, east, and south where they have never heard this wonderful Truth!

   I am leaving here for Chicago and Des Moines, to conduct three live broadcasts in person from the WHO studios in Des Moines, a week from tomorrow. If our Co-workers will just respond now to the very limit, and BY RETURN MAIL, I am hoping to be able to add station WJJD, a super-power station in Chicago, on this trip — but otherwise it would have to wait until a later trip.

   I have information that Gospel broadcasting is in GRAVE DANGER. A move is afoot to SHUT OFF all Gospel broadcasting except that officially conducted by the Roman Catholic Church, the Jewish congregations, and the Federated Council of Churches representing the Protestants — who DENY the blood of Christ and reduce Jesus to the level of a common ordinary teacher no greater than Moses, or Elijah or Paul. I have been telling you we are in a RACE AGAINST TIME. Our days on the air are NUMBERED! And this whole nation and people MUST BE WARNED BEFORE WE ARE SHUT OFF.

   God Almighty says in His prophecies we cannot win in this war UNLESS OUR PEOPLE REPENT AND TURN TO HIM. He says Armies do not determine the outcome of wars — but the ETERNAL rescues them that put their trust in HIM. (Psalms 33) Co-workers, OUR contribution to the war-effort — OUR patriotic DUTY, if we would back up the boys in uniform and have their lives spared — is to SACRIFICE EVERYTHING and GET BEHIND THIS VITAL MESSAGE that it may go out with rapidly-multiplied POWER until this nation is AWAKENED, and TURNS TO GOD, and is SPARED! This war is a JUDGMENT SENT FROM GOD! Help me to warn this nation, that defeat need not come to our shores! The army and navy alone — material weapons and human effort alone — CANNOT WIN FOR US THIS TIME, WITHOUT GOD! And God says HE IS NOT WITH US THIS TIME UNLESS AND UNTIL WE REPENT AND TURN TO HIM AND GET WITH HIM!

   This means more than LIFE ITSELF! We DARE not slacken in our efforts! We DARE not let down! The Eternal God will hold us accountable! Personally, I have been working almost day and night until I have come to realize that I HAVE to begin to take better care of my physical health to keep fit for the tremendous task God has laid on us.

   And so please do not wait until you receive the booklet "The United States in Prophecy", or until the next number of "THE PLAIN TRUTH" is out — but SEND NOW, by RETURN MAIL, the very largest offering you can, even at sacrifice — and whatever tithe you may have on hand. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOUR TITHE ACCUMULATES TO A LARGE SUM to sent it in. When you do, it often becomes a temptation to use it — just to "borrow it", — and this we have no right to do, for it is GOD'S MONEY. Send it in more often, even tho it is in smaller sums. And if SOME who will receive this Bulletin can send in some real sizeable sums of $100 or more, there never was a time when it was more needed than right now for God's cause. This is a crisis, and I know you will not fail us — for I am praying that God will not LET our Co-workers fail us now — and I ask YOU to pray, earnestly, with me that this great need will be quickly supplied. We need and must have, several hundred dollars BY RETURN MAIL. Thank you, and God Bless you.


Note: If you have not sent in your request to receive "The U.S. in Prophecy", and would like to have a copy, just mention in your next letter that you would like to receive "The U.S. in Prophecy", and we will be glad to mail a copy to you. Be sure and ask for it by name. — U. S. in Prophecy.

Thank you.

Publication Date: November 06, 1942
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