December 23, 1942  
December 23, 1942 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


VOL. III  Number 7                             December 23, 1942

Published every little while, by your radio-pastor editor, Herbert W. Armstrong, Box 111, Eugene, Ore., to bring spiritual edification and encouragement to our little family of Co-workers who make possible the RADIO CHURCH OF GOD and The PLAIN TRUTH.

AND N O W! ...A 10,000-watt STATION IN PORTLAND!


   I'm happy to announce another important leap forward for the work. Starting Sunday, January 3rd — the first Sunday in 1943 — "The WORLD TOMORROW" program goes out on a different station in Portland — station K X L, 750 on your dial — with ten thousand watts of power — Portland's most powerful station. KXL is heard in Alaska and in Northern California. It will give us two or three times the coverage we have had on KWJJ. It means, too, that many of our listeners more than 50 miles from Portland will now be able to hear the program clearly and distinctly who have not had good reception before. This station has ten times the power of the station we have used the past five years or more in Portland. It will cost us more money — it should DOUBLE our audience in Oregon and the southern half of Washington.

   Incidentally another station carrying our broadcasts, KGA, Spokane, is also now sending out the message on a power of 10,000 watts. KGA recently doubled its power, going from 5,000 to 10,000 watts.


   All listeners in the Pacific Northwest, please NOTE: Beginning the first Sunday in the new year, January 3rd, our program comes to you at a NEW TIME on ALL NORTHWEST STATIONS.

K X L, Portland, 750 on the dial; 8:30 a.m. (instead of 5:30

KRSC, Seattle, 1150 on the dial; 8:30 a.m. (instead of 8:00

K G A, Spokane, 1510 on the dial; 10:30 a.m. (instead of 8

   This will have an electric effect on our broadcast in the entire North Pacific sector. It should DOUBLE our listeners everywhere.

   I just returned last week from Des Moines and Los Angeles. I had been gone two months. I realized that 8:00 a.m. was too early in Seattle and Spokane, but I had not realized HOW MUCH too early until I spoke last Sunday morning from the studios of KRSC in Seattle. When we took this 8 o'clock time last Spring there was no other time we could get. But when I saw on last Sunday it was yet DARK at that hour, I prayed earnestly and asked God to open the way for a later time.

   SUDDENLY the way opened yesterday in Portland to change over to Portland's most powerful station, KXL, at 8:30 a.m. Contacting the manager of KRSC in Seattle by long distance I found we also could change back to 8:30, our old time until last Spring, in Seattle. At Spokane I was unable to get that time, but KXL offered me the time between 10:30 and 11. The program will go out from either Portland or Seattle over our own Liberty Net-Work at 8:30 a.m. The program will be received at that same time each Sunday morning at the KGA studios in Spokane, but since they cannot release it on the air until 10:30, they will transcribe the program as it comes in over the lines from 8:30 to 9:00, broadcasting the same identical program over KGA at 10:30 in a delayed broadcast.

   I hope all our Co-workers and listeners in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia will rejoice with me in this important step forward. This great and fast-growing work started in the Pacific Northwest. I am very happy that this change has been made possible. It should DOUBLE the power of the Message in this great territory. REMEMBER the NEW TIME. Tune in at the new time, and the new station in Portland beginning the first Sunday in the new year, January 3rd.

* * * * *


   Some may wonder why we use the type program we do.

   For instance, why do we devote five to fifteen minutes of a thirty-minute broadcast to straight NEWS ANALYSIS?

   There is a reason. A vital one. The present "WORLD TOMORROW" program is the result of nine years' experience on the air.

   It started, the first Sunday in 1934 over KORE, our local Eugene station, then only 100 watts, as a radio church service. Our idea then was to condense a complete church service into a 30- minute radio program. There were several hymns, often one short anthem, prayer, announcements, sermon. The sermons were spiritual — straight BIBLE sermons designed to bring real SPIRITUAL FOOD and deeper Bible understanding to those who thirsted for spiritual knowledge.

   Our intention was to send out an EVANGELISTIC program — to proclaim the GOOD NEWS to the UNconverted — to win souls for Christ. Gradually, I began to realize we were sending out the wrong type of program to accomplish this purpose.

   Two incident's brought this forcibly to my mind. I know radio stations did not want religious broadcasts on the air. It was difficult to induce them to sell us time. Then one day the manager of a station told me frankly WHY. It was not prejudice against religion. It was partly the poor quality of many religious broadcasts, but even more the fact that radio surveys had proved that about 90% of the general listening audience WILL NOT LISTEN to religious programs. As soon as they hear a hymn, a prayer, or a sermon on the air they TUNE OUT, or flip the dial to another station. The surveys showed there is a definite "religious audience" of not more than 10% of the total radio audiences. This 10% eagerly listen in to their favorite religious broadcasts, and support them in the belief they are carrying the Gospel to a lost and dying world. But, the radio surveys showed, such broadcasts do NOT reach the lost and dying world at all — the WORLD tunes out and refuses to listen. Commercial advertisers do not like to have their broadcasts following religious programs, because business men know they will have only the small "religious audience" listening. It's just a matter of business with the radio stations.

   Then one day another incident opened my eyes. I have a brother-in-law who is an educator. "Your broadcasts are splendid" he said one day, "but frankly I can't understand your sermons. You speak in a sort of 'religious language' — maybe it's Bible language, or spiritual language, but to me it's a technical language I don't understand — it's just outside my line."

   Do you see what was wrong? — WHY the WORLD is not listening to such broadcasts? In I Cor 2:14 we read that the natural unconverted man CANNOT understand the spiritual things of God's Word. Sometimes these truths are just "foolishness" to him. He CANNOT UNDERSTAND THEM, because they must be SPIRITUALLY understood. But, says verse 10, "God hath revealed them unto US by His Spirit." "When He, the Spirit of Truth, is come," said Jesus, "He will guide you into ALL TRUTH" — that is, into the understanding of the WORD.

   If God called me to go to China and preach to the Chinese, I should first learn to speak the CHINESE LANGUAGE. I would speak to them — preach CHRIST, and HIS GOSPEL to them, in THEIR LANGUAGE, so that they would understand. Now the WORLD does not understand spiritual language or "Bible language". I learned that, to carry the Message to the WORLD, I would have to drop the more spiritual phraseology, and speak to the world in it's own language.

   If the SMALLEST radio audiences today are the "religious audiences", the BIGGEST radio audiences today are held by the newscasters and the news analysts. Before being converted and called into the ministry, I had devoted twenty years to writing for newspapers and magazines. The news today rapidly fulfills Bible prophecy. No news analyst can rightly UNDERSTAND or interpret world events today, without the background of sound understanding of the Bible and its prophecies. Likewise no minister could take advantage of this fact in broadcasting, without a practical news- paper background. I began to realize God had so guided my life that I had BOTH. Why not utilize this life experience to the glory of God? Why not take advantage of this unique experience to produce a broadcast of the type which stands number ONE in public interest, instead of in last place — a broadcast that would talk to the "man in the street" — the person of the world — in his own language, employing subject-material that would attract the largest possible listening audience, and the very type of material that would cause skeptics to see the Bible in a new light! PROPHECY FULFILLMENT causes even scoffers to stop and THINK! It is something the atheists CANNOT ANSWER! It commands their respect. It causes many to believe in God who never did before.

   Beside proclaiming the true GOSPEL — the Good News of the KINGDOM OF GOD — the Eternal has commissioned us who are Co-Workers together in this work to WARN THIS NATION — including Canada, and other English-speaking nations if that becomes possible — that GOD HIMSELF is sending this war upon us as a JUDGMENT — that we are HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL — that to win in this war this nation MUST REPENT AND TURN TO GOD AND PUT ITS TRUST IN HIM!

   And so, "THE WORLD TOMORROW" program has emerged from this long experience. It is a program that attracts a very LARGE listening audience. It is bringing a PHENOMENAL response. For instance, from station WHO alone we receive an average of 800 to 1,000 letters per broadcast — and one broadcast on that one station alone brought in 2,200 letters and requests from all over the United States and Canada. As near as I can check, "The WORLD TOMORROW" program not only brings a much greater mail response than other religious programs, according to number and power of stations used, but we receive a heavier mail response than commercial or other-type programs. Atheists have been converted. Wives write me that their unbelieving husbands, who never go to church and would never listen to religious broadcasts, are listening to "The WORLD TOMORROW", reading "The PLAIN TRUTH" magazine, becoming interested. As one listening wife wrote me, "I thank God that thru you my prayers of years are now being answered."

   I feel that God has LED US all the way. "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ASK OF GOD," says James. (1:5) When I was first called to this work I realized, and acknowledged, that I lacked wisdom; but I asked of God, and I am glad at the way He has answered, and guided and led us in this work. The wisdom of employing the type broadcast we do today is proved by believers who formerly were atheists — by the changed lives of people who once were worldly and now are rapidly-growing spiritual characters. It is proved by the tremendous mail response. It is proved in many other ways I lack the space to tell you. This broadcast is OUR contribution to the WAR EFFORT! America MUST HAVE SPIRITUAL ARMAMENT to save us from defeat. Just flesh and steel alone cannot win this time. It will take MORE than human determination, using ships, tanks, planes and guns. It will take the WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD. Some say, "Well, I don't think this nation will wake up and turn to God." Perhaps not, but our mail shows that dozens and scores ARE waking to this truth and turning to God in earnest. Are THEIR souls worth the effort? And if we WARN the nation, that is all God requires of us. LET'S PRESS ON WITH RENEWED AND INSPIRED ZEAL. This is OUR part in this war! Our duty to GOD, our greatest help to our nation.

* * * * * * *


   I wish you could just spend an hour or two, some morning, sitting here in my office, looking over my shoulder as the mail is opened, reading some of these hundreds and hundreds of interesting, inspiring letters that pour into our office every day.

   These wonderful letters, entirely unsolicited and spontaneous, are my greatest encouragement. They are a definite "LIFT" that inspire me to plunge on with renewed effort. I want to give you just a glimpse into a very few received recently.

   A woman from Alabama writes as follows: "Dear Brother Armstrong: I know you are doing a wonderful work, and I pray and ask God to give you physical health to keep fit for your tremendous task. You said you baptised five people while in Los Angeles. I want to ask you, do you have to be baptised to be saved? Why I am asking this, my son was listening to your broadcast last Sunday night, and I believe he was converted. He began to weep and I told him if he would only ask God to forgive him his sins and have FAITH, he would be saved. He is my oldest son ... 40 years old ... not married. I hope some day you will come to our city to see us." . . . Yes, I wish I could see ALL our listeners!

   From EAST END, SASK., CANADA: " . . . I have never taken religion too seriously but have always tried to keep on the road, but now I am beginning to feel I would like a helping hand, to guide me through the rest of my life. I will be listening for your broadcasts each Sunday nite."

   From MISSOURI: "My husband and I sat right on the edge of our chairs, listening to your broadcast last night. Can hardly wait for the next . . . . We were blessed in having met and communed with you on the air."

   From a Doctor in Ohio: "I have heard your broadcasts the last two Sundays and I have enjoyed them completely. I only regret that I have been unfortunate not to have heard you long before this. I think that you present what you have to say in the grandest manner I have ever heard. . . . I appreciate your broadcast so much that I have taken time to let you know it."

   From PENNSYLVANIA: "I heard your radio program on news and the Bible and found it enlightening as well as inspiring. I have heard many men explain or deal with prophecy in these days, yet, I cared most for your presentation. I could follow you well throughout your message. You may never know the good or worth of such a program."

   Another from Ohio: "Dear Brother Armstrong: Let me congratulate you on your fine and inspiring message of last evening. Thank you for making me think seriously of things that I would otherwise pass off lightly."

   From a Chaplin in the U.S. ARMY: "Your Sunday night program was received over the radio in my hall here at Camp. . . . In our reading hall I have placed the two free copies of "The PLAIN TRUTH" which was received in my office upon my request to you. Thank God, for men like you who still give the full Gospel in these times of great need."


   This is important — of special urgency.

   The year now closing has seen this work of God go forward in an amazing manner. It has doubled and quadrupled in scope and power. In every way it has had God's blessing. It is marvelous, and it fills us to overflowing with gratitude. In every way it is developing and being blessed just as God's true work would be. It started small — from nothing, with nothing — as everything God starts thru human agencies always has started. It has borne abundantly the Fruits which only GOD'S BLESSING could produce. And now that God's Time has come, this work is leaping forward, multiplying in power, in a manner which would be impossible by human efforts alone. Last Spring it still was a more or less LOCAL work, confined mostly to the Pacific Northwest. We then were going out on only three radio stations, in Eugene, Portland, and Seattle. Then a 5,000 watt station in Spokane was added. Then, about six weeks later, station KMTR in Los Angeles, which actually reaches out on an equivalent of about 40,000 watts of power. A month later, station KFMB in San Diego was carrying "The WORLD TOMORROW" Message. And by the last of August our first super-power 50,000-watt clear-channel station, WHO, Des Moines, was carrying this message in great power to the entire North American continent — from the Panama Canal zone to Northern Canada, in a night-time broadcast. And now the way has opened to DOUBLE the power and listening audience in the Pacific Northwest. With station KXL, Portland's most powerful station sending the programs out on 10,000 watts — with KGA, Spokane now double its former power — now 10,000 watts — with the new later Sunday morning time, our listening audience will be DOUBLED in the North Pacific. And negotiations are now under way to add super-power 50,000-watt KWKH, Shreveport, La., WJJD, Chicago, and KFRC, San Francisco. In a few months we hope to be on the MUTUAL Broadcasting System, Coast to Coast.

   But this would not BE God's work if all were smooth and clear sailing. Just as God's people must encounter trials and tests, hardships and obstacles in their private Christian lives, so must we expect to encounter severe tests in carrying on the work God has committed to us.

   This work has now hit a CRISIS — a most serious one. IT'S VERY EXISTENCE IS THREATENED! This test is not sent to discourage us, but to TRY us, to STRENGTHEN us by coming thru it. I was led to speak to our local congregation (composed mostly of our own converts) from the Book of James. "My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations (margin, TRIALS), knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience." And Peter says, "Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you." It is for our strengthening. It is to teach us faith. I accept this present crisis as such. I am committing it to God. I ask you, dear Co-Workers, to JOIN ME IN EARNEST PRAYER, and in FAITH, that God will carry us thru. His work must not, will not, stop. It will go on stronger than ever. But WE have OUR part to do, AND WE MUST DO IT WITHOUT DELAY!

   Partly due to the early hour of our broadcasts in the Pacific Northwest — partly due to the fact that transcriptions were not getting thru by air-express on time while I was back in Des Moines — partly due to the holiday season and people forgetting God's work and spending all their money on "Christmas presents" the income to carry on this great and growing work has dropped down to about half the past thirty days. THE SITUATION IS SERIOUS AND DESPERATE! It caused delay in printing the booklet "U.S. in Prophecy." It is holding up the next issue of The PLAIN TRUTH. It leaves us short-handed at the office. This work MUST HAVE an extra $1,000 AT ONCE, in addition to seeing regular income restored. We MUST get out another PLAIN TRUTH at once! It and many other things are waiting. God expects HIS CHILDREN TO GIVE — yes give till it hurts, in times like these. Please try to send an EXTRA AMOUNT — the largest you possibly can, by return mail. God's work is at stake. It is a SERIOUS CRISIS. Please RUSH — put this FIRST, before anything else. GOD BLESS YOU. I know you will!

Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: December 23, 1942
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