August 21, 1944  
August 21, 1944 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 

August 21, 1944
Eugene, Oregon

Dear Friend and Co-Worker:

   Mrs. Armstrong and I have just returned from two weeks complete rest at the beach, where we spent eleven days in fasting and prayer. We had both been hitting a pretty hard pace, and sometimes one just has to stop and take time out and recuperate. We return now, greatly refreshed and renewed, not only in body, but in mind and spirit, for the heavy tasks that lie ahead.

   Our office staff is preparing another BULLETIN. With it I plan to include, this time, a special full article I hope will prove of real interest and profitable and helpful to our co-workers. However, there is more work involved in getting out an issue of The BULLETIN than our co-workers probably realize, and it will be two weeks or more before it can be mailed.

   In the meantime, I find that there has been a serious slackening in money received the past week or so, and this suddenly brings on a very serious condition in the work. I have to send out several hundred dollars every week to keep this great work going, and this week we just don't have it to send out.

   Consequently, since the situation is too serious to wait until the BULLETIN is out, I am sending this short letter today to just a few of our loyal co-workers on the Pacific Coast only, to acquaint you with the situation and ask all of you who possibly can to come to the rescue by return mail to tide us over. We need several hundred dollars by return mail, and there is not time to get letters to the other parts of the country and back.

   I have just learned of the possibility of securing a good night time on a station in Mexico, on the border — a station of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND WATTS POWER — twice as powerful as the biggest stations in the United States — twice the power of our super-power station, WOAI, which is 50,000 watts, the largest power permitted in the United States. I am leaving for Hollywood next Sunday after the broadcast from Portland, and so now I plan to contact this station and see if we can arrange to secure a good night time on it. It will cover the whole North-American continent, perhaps even better than WOAI — tho that is the best United States station for this purpose. If God opens the way, it will virtually double our total listening audience! And the cost is comparatively low.

   To our Southern California co-workers let me say that I want to arrange for about four weeks of every-day broadcasting while there if I can work it out, bringing you a new, fresh series of messages utterly different from anything you ever heard before, yet basically fundamental to understanding of the Bible, of redemption, of God's plan, and of the purpose and significance of God's people ISRAEL. You'll want to listen in EVERY DAY, because you can't afford to miss a single one of these vital subjects. Each forms a necessary link in a wonderful chain.

   You dear co-workers have stood with me so loyally, and have never failed God's work when a real need has arisen. God PROMISES to supply every need — but He does it thru those servants of His whose hearts are willing, and whom He can use. This is a real serious, and URGENT situation. I would even appreciate it if you'd send your tithe or offering, as liberal as you possibly can spare, by air-mail if you live farther away than Portland. We must never let up in our battle to proclaim in great power the true GOSPEL of the Kingdom, and the prophetic warning Message to ISRAEL for this hour. God bless you for YOUR part in His glorious work!

In haste,

Publication Date: August 21, 1944
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