January 02, 1945  
January 02, 1945 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 

                          The GOOD NEWS  



Dates, this year, September 22-29 inclusive.

   "BE GLAD and REJOICE! for the Eternal will do great things."

   We have reason, indeed, for REJOICING! God has given us a most desirable place for holding the FEAST OF TABERNACLES this year! This year we can keep it more like they did back in Bible times.

   This is indeed splendid news. Nearly all the brethren who have heard of it are enthusiastic over the opportunity that God has opened. We have taken over, for the full period, beautiful Belknap Mineral Springs, one of Oregon's leading, nicest mountain resorts, high up the McKenzie in the lofty Cascades, 60 miles east of Eugene.

   Here we will be utterly secluded from the world. Belknap is a mile off the MeKenzie highway, out in God's majestic, worship- inspiring nature. Here we will be away from the noise and hustle of man-made civilization, out in God's great natural out-doors where things are beautiful.

The Facilities Available

   At Belknap, is a lovely 30-room resort hotel. There is a large, pleasant lobby or living-room, well furnished with davenports, lounging chairs, floor and table-lamps, piano, etc., with a large fireplace. We will rearrange this room, adding a sufficient number of folding chairs, turning it into a beautiful and comfortable meeting-room for holding all services.

   There is a nice large dining-room where all will eat, and a large well-equipped kitchen. We are taking over the hotel and grounds exclusively. The hotel is closing it regular summer season two weeks earlier than usual, September 15, this year. There will not even be the usual cooks, waitresses, or maids around — no one but just ourselves and the owner. We will appoint one of our women head cook, and the others will take turns in assisting with the cooking, waiting tables, etc., and occupants of each room will make their own beds and take care of their own rooms. This serves the double purpose of considerably reducing the expense, and giving us total privacy. We are to furnish our own food. A plan will be devised whereby each one coming will contribute ration-points proportionately, and food bought in quantity by one person in charge. Farmer members will bring vegetables etc. Perishable items such as bread, milk, butter, etc., can be bought daily at McKenzie Bridge, about 5 miles away. By eliminating all expense of hiring help, supplying our own food, we are able to secure the exclusive use of this splendid resort at a minimum expense within the reach of all. In fact, the cost is LESS than it would be to rent a cabin in Eugene if we were holding the Festival there again this year. Costs in Eugene have gone up, and cabins there, it appears now, will not be available this year.

   There are 15 cabins on the grounds at Belknap. Those engaging cabins must bring their own bedding. Hotel rooms, of course, are completely furnished.

   There on the grounds some beautiful out-door spots, like in a lovely park, where on occasion if we prefer and weather permits we may eat, or hold services outdoors.

   The mineral springs are hot springs. The water is boiling as it pours out of the solid rock from underground in the side of the mountain. This mineral water is of very high quality and will be of real benefit to the health of all who will drink it while there. It can be used, of course, either hot or cold. For those who do not care for the mineral water, there is running water in every room and thruout the hotel and grounds from a natural spring.

   Beside the hotel is a large out-door swimming pool. There is the best fishing in America on the McKenzie. The only living ex-president, Herbert Hoover, customarily comes yearly to the McKenzie to fish. There are numerous trails for mountain climbing and hiking. Just a word of caution, however: we are going to Belknap for a great SPIRITUAL FEAST, so all hiking, fishing, etc., should be done at such hours as not to conflict with any of the services.

Elders Kiesz and Walker Expected

   We expect to have with us again this year the same ministers we had last year at Eugene, when we had such a spiritual meeting.

   Brother Frank Walker has assured me he will try to arrange to come for the full time. In his present circumstances it will be some little inconvenience on Brother Walker, but God willing, he will be with us.

   Last January and February I held services four weeks in Canon City, Colorado, for Brother Kiesz. At that time he and Sister Katherine and family were planning, God willing, to swing around thru Oregon again this year to be with us, and looking for- ward to holding the Festival at Belknap Springs. At present I believe they are in Canada. The last I heard they were in North Dakota after having visited some little time in South Dakota. I am looking daily for definite word from them saying they will be with us, as I recently wrote for a definite confirmation.

   I ask all to PRAY, earnestly, that God will remove every hinderance, and make it possible for us to have both Brother Kiesz and Brother Walker with us again this year. We all NEED their earnest, sincere, spiritual fellowship and messages. It will be necessary for us, of course, to defray the expense of bringing them to Belknap with us, but this I know we are able and all more than willing and glad to do. PRAY, earnestly, God will insure their presence.

* * * * * * * * *


   As World War II comes to a complete end, and the world plunges on into a so-called "Peace-time" chaos, during which we shall experience troubles such as never before in a time of so- called peace — with race-riots soon to break out all over America, labor strife such as never before experienced, a crime wave the police and F.B.I. will be unable to cope with, juvenile delinquency and moral degeneracy multiplying, economic and other troubles in the offing — it becomes more than ever our solemn calling to proclaim to the world the GOOD NEWS of the coming KINGDOM OF GOD!

   More than ever our thoughts, our interests, our hopes and active interest, should be focused ahead on the soon-coming KINGDOM, when we, if we are faithful overcomers enduring patiently until the end, shall be PRIESTS and KINGS, ruling with Christ in His glorious world-ruling KINGDOM, teaching the peoples of the world who are now blinded to the truth but then shall have their eyes opened, the ways and commands of GOD!

   And in that glorious KINGDOM, and thruout all the kingdoms of earth then to be ruled by Christ and by us as His under-kings and priests, notice one specific joyous event to occur annually:

   "And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations that came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the king (Christ Jesus), the Lord of hosts, and to keep the FEAST OF TABERNACLES. And it shall be, that whoso will not come up of all the families of the earth unto Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, even upon them shall be no rain. And if the family of Egypt go not up, and come not, that have no rain; there shall be the plague wherewith the Eternal will smite the heathen that come not up to keep the Feast of Tabernacles. This shall be the PUNISHMENT of Egypt, and the PUNISHMENT OF ALL NATIONS THAT COME NOT UP TO KEEP THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES." (Zech. 14:16-19).

   In that glad day, dear Brethren, Christ as King of kings will rule all nations THRU US, now being called as His children. Paul exclaimed, "Do you not know that the SAINTS are to MANAGE THE WORLD?" (I Cor. 6:3). We are to sit with Christ on His throne in that day, — IF we overcome, now!

   Brethren, listen! If YOU are really converted, you are to sit with Christ on His throne! You are to MANAGE the world! You — yes, you, yourself, are to be one to teach, and to be used in ENFORCING all others still then mortal on earth to LEAVE THEIR HOMES, THEIR FARMS, THEIR BUSINESSES, and go up once each year, to the place God selects — it will then again be Jerusalem — to KEEP THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES! If you are a true child of God now — if you are truly converted — if you are going to BE in the Kingdom, — then you will be one who will have to teach others then to leave their homes, and go to the place God designates, to keep the Feast of Tabernacles! If they, then, make excuse — if they, then, say "Well, I just can't afford it this year," or "I would like to come, but I can't get anyone to take care of my stock," or some other excuse, WHAT THEN? First, they will be deprived of rain. If that doesn't change their minds and cause them to come, God will send terrible PLAGUES upon them. THEY SHALL BE SEVERELY PUNISHED!

   And Christ will use YOU to teach them, to warn them of the punishment if they make excuse and fail to go, and perhaps to PUNISH them for this disobedience! Now the question for each one of you to face squarely, without dodging it, is this: If YOU make excuse, and treat this command of God lightly NOW, and fail to come, HOW CAN GOD USE YOU, THEN, TO TEACH, WARN, AND PUNISH OTHERS FOR FAILURE TO DO THE VERY THING YOU ARE LAX ENOUGH TO FAIL TO DO NOW? HOW?

   Can we not see that one of the things we have now to overcome, as a CONDITION to even GETTING INTO THE KINGDOM, is this very thing? Some of you will say, "I can't afford it." Some will say "I just can't get anyone to take care of my stock." Or, "I just can't leave my job, or my business." Brethren, WHERE THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY! An OVERCOMER is one who OVERCOMES those obstacles — who has the WILL and the DETERMINATION, with much earnest prayer and FAITH in God's help, to FIND A WAY, to overcome the obstacle. God tells you to COME! God permits obstacles, trials, tests. But we must ride over those — master those circumstances — if we are truly CHRISTIANS. We must take it earnestly, diligently, to God in PRAYER, and then BELIEVE and TRUST HIM to bring about circumstances, with our diligent and determined efforts, to make it possible for us to GO this year to the FEAST OF TABERNACLES. This is ONE OF THE TESTS. We must not fail!

HOW We Can Afford It

   Would God command us to do something (and this is commanded as a statute FOREVER, Lev. 23:14) and then not provide a way to make it possible for us to AFFORD to do it?

   I can't take space here to go into the matter thoroughly, as will be done later, but very briefly, STUDY those texts in your Bible. OPEN your mind to God's truth, when it is NEW LIGHT to us.

   Lev. 27:30, 32, 34. The tithe is HOLY unto the Eternal. If it is HOLY, then it is for a HOLY, or SPIRITUAL use, — or, in other words, for GOD'S WORK — the work of the ministry — the carrying out of the Great Commission: "Go ye into all the world and PREACH THE GOSPEL!"

   Numbers 18:6,8,20-21,23-26: God gave His ministers the charge over the tithe and hallowed things, FOREVER. The ministers (under the Old Covenant the Levites) had no inheritance in the land. They were not engaged in farming, business, or any means of earning a living. But the Eternal gave them "ALL the tenth in Israel for an inheritance, for the service which they serve." And this, too, is a statute FOREVER throughout your generations.

   After the captivity, when some of the Jews, (tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi) went from Babylon back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple, these people, realizing how their people had been punished by captivity for disobeying God's commands and ordinances, became very strict in getting back to them. Notice Neh. 10:37-38. They brought not only a tenth, but it was the first tenth, "UNTO THE PRIESTS." And the "TITHES of our ground, unto the Levites, that the same Levites might have the tithes in all the cities of our tillage."

   It was the ministers, the Levites, specially chosen of God and not self appointed or voted in by men, who took the tithes from the people. The people did not appoint a "board" of their own choosing, or by the will of a few who desire to rule, with a lay- member treasurer to take the tithes — God's HOLY money — as so many organize to do today, thus usurping authority by the power of this money to dictate to God's called ministers. Tithes were paid direct to the ministers of GOD'S CHOOSING — ministers whose entire time was devoted to the work of the ministry. These tithes (the first tenth of every person's income) are GOD'S, and the Eternal tells our people today they are ROBBING GOD by not paying HIS tithes and offerings as He commanded!

   But many have become confused about the meaning of the word "tithe," without realizing it. Remember, "tithe" is not a special word meaning just GOD'S TENTH and nothing more. So many have come to assume, from the common usage of the term, that the word "tithe" refers only to that tenth set aside for God's work, and paid to the minister — and that the REMAINDER of your income is NOT TITHE. But the word "tithe" is merely an ancient English word, no longer in common usage except in referring to God's tenth. Actually the word means, simply, "TENTH." If you earn $100, whether in wages, or income from farming, or what, the fact is there are TEN tithes in that $100. "Tithe" means "tenth,"and there are ten tenths in every dollar you earn or receive as income. It is merely the FIRST tenth we have been accustomed to call by the name "tithe," but as there are TEN tenths in every dollar, so there will be actually TEN tithes in your $100 you have earned or received. It is the FIRST of these tenths, (or tithes), that belongs to GOD'S WORK — that is HOLY to God — to be paid to His minister. The other NINE TITHES, or $90 remaining, God leaves for you.

   The only change in the tithing system under the NEW TESTAMENT is explained in Hebrews 7 and I Cor. 9, where Paul explains clearly and at length God has ordained ministers of Jesus Christ are to live by the same system as the Levites of old — by the TITHES of the people. And, the priesthood being changed, tithes are no longer paid to flesh-born Levites, but to Spirit- CALLED ministers of the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST.

   Now study carefully Deut. 14:22-29. Here we find a SECOND and THIRD tithe out of every income mentioned. Remember, the FIRST tenth is HOLY, belongs to GOD, is given to a true minister of Christ for the ministry of the GOSPEL. But here we find a TENTH of your wages, salary, or income, to be set aside FOR YOUR OWN USE. Now you cannot pay the SAME $10 tithe out of a $100 income to the minister to use in GOSPEL WORK, and spend THAT SAME $10 on yourself. Consequently, when we read in God's Word you are to lay aside ONE TENTH of all you earn or receive, FOR YOU YOURSELF TO SPEND AT FEAST OF TABERNACLES AND PASSOVER TIME ON YOURSELF, that of necessity is a SECOND tithe, and not the same tithe you put in God's work!

   Notice verse 22: "Thou shalt truly tithe (set aside a TENTH — not the FIRST tenth, but A tenth) — all the increase of thy seed that the field bringeth forth YEAR BY YEAR." Study this carefully! You are to spend this ON YOURSELF. This tithe is not holy. It is not for Gospel work. It is a DIFFERENT — a second tithe. You are to lay this second tithe aside EVERY YEAR, and take it with you to Feast of Tabernacles, Passover, and Pentecost, and spend ON YOURSELF. It is your EXPENSE MONEY so that you CAN afford to go! How wonderful are God's ways!

   "And if the way be too long for thee, so that thou art not able to carry it (the tenth of your grain, fruit, live-stock), or if the place be too far from thee, . . then thou shalt turn it into money . . . and SHALT GO UNTO THE PLACE which the Lord thy God shalt choose (it appears He has chosen Belknap this year): AND THOU SHALT BESTOW THAT MONEY FOR WHATSOEVER THY SOUL LUSTETH AFTER (bodily needs) . . . and thou shalt eat there before the Eternal thy God, and thou shalt REJOICE (you will REJOICE if you obey this), thou, and thine household, and the Levite (now, in N.T. days, minister of Christ) that is within thy gates; and thou shalt not forsake him, for he hath no part nor inheritance with thee." This latter is God's provision for the SPECIAL OFFERING that will be necessary to defray expenses of Bro. Keisz and Bro. Walker.

   Now THIS tenth of all you earn or receive CANNOT be the SAME tenth that is put to SPIRITUAL use in the Gospel, nor come out of that tenth. This is a SECOND tithe you are to lay aside out of every dollar you receive, for your expense money so you can come to God's festivals.

   Next read verses 28-29, same chapter. Here is a THIRD TITHE, set aside only EVERY THREE YEARS, however, for the PHYSICAL need of the poor.

   So here are THREE different tithes to be laid aside — 30 out of every dollar you earn or receive — except that the third tithe is set aside only every third year. The FIRST tenth belongs to God and is HOLY. It is to be given to His minister for Gospel work — a SPIRITUAL use. The second 10 out of every dollar you receive as income, you are to lay aside, and save up, for your OWN expense money to go to the Festival of Tabernacles, Passover, Pentecost. This second tithe is for your own personal spiritual AND temporal use. The third tithe is for PHYSICAL use only.


   In many Bibles you will find the Books called the "Apocrypha" in between Malachi and Matthew. Many suppose these Books to be a PART of the Bible. Most Protestants do not so regard them, nor do I. But they are universally accepted as the authentic writings, though uninspired, of ancient Israelites from the days of the prophets down to the 2nd Century, B.C.

   Tobit was of the tribe of Naphtali, and in the captivity of Israel, carried to Assyria in 721 B. C. In the Book of Tobit he wrote: "I went many a time to Jerusalem for the festivals (Tabernacles, Passover, Pentecost), as THE SCRIPTURE COMMANDS all Israel in AN EVERLASTING DECREE, taking with me the first fruits and the tenth parts (more than one tenth-part) of my crops and of my first shearings, and I would give them to the priests, the sons of Aaron, at the altar. A tenth part of all my produce I would give to the sons of Levi, who officiated at Jerusalem, and ANOTHER TENTH I would sell, and go and spend the proceeds in Jerusalem each year, and A THIRD TENTH I would give to those to whom it was fitting to give it (the poor)." (Tobit 1:6-8).

   This historic writing by a man of Israel who lived in the 8th century B.C. PROVES beyond any dispute whatever that these three different tithes were well understood then. And we ought to be able to understand it now, even tho it is NEW LIGHT to most of us. Brethren are we GLAD — do we REJOICE, when NEW LIGHT is opened to us from God's word? God help us not to be sorrowful or reject it! But REJOICE!

   The question is whether we are willing to accept and PRACTICE it! Not the hearers, but the DOERS, shall get into the Kingdom! We could make excuse and say: "Well what would I have left, after the withholding tax is taken out, and other expenses?" Yes, we could grumble: "GOD ISN'T FAIR!" But we won't, will we? For if we did, we just would not get into the Kingdom! But if we take God at His Word, set ourselves to obey, PRAY, and TRUST HIM, we shall be surprised to find we get along better than when we tried to spend it all OUR WAY. We may have to spend less on worldly pleasures, or sacrifice some thing we thought we wanted, and spend THAT money thru this second tithe in going to God's Festivals — BUT WE SHALL BE GLAD AND REJOICE, if we do — and punished if we don't. Yes, God has provided a way so we can all afford it. LET ALL COME!


   Please write me, BY RETURN MAIL IF POSSIBLE, for your reservation. Just "take the bull by the horns," as the saying is, make up your mind you are coming, as God commands, then SET YOURSELF TO DO IT!

   Prices of cabins and hotel rooms INCLUDE a portion charged on each one to pay for use of grounds, dining-room and kitchen, and the large room for holding services. In this way each is charged his share in the general overhead.

   15 cabins — bring bedding: $2.50 per day for cabin with one double bed: $3 per day for cabin with two double beds.

   30 hotel rooms, everything furnished; one in room, $2.50 per day; two in room (one double bed), $3 per day.

   Plan to arrive Friday Sept. 21, and leave Sunday Sept 30 — total 9 days at Belknap. Buses leave Eugene daily 2:PM, and take you direct to hotel at Belknap Springs. We may charter a special bus Friday. For further information, and reservations, WRITE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We hope to have every hotel room and cabin filled. Do not delay.

   FEAST OF TRUMPETS IS Sabbath Sept. 8th.

   DAY OF ATONEMENT is Monday Sept. 17th.

Box 111, Eugene, Ore.

Publication Date: January 02, 1945
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