April 05, 1945  
April 05, 1945 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


VOLUME VI.  Number 3                        April 5, 1945

Published every little while, to keep our Co-Workers informed of the progress, the problems and future plans for carrying on God's work in these closing days of this age; — broadcasting "The WORLD TOMORROW;" publishing The PLAIN TRUTH, and other Gospel literature. Address, HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG, Box 111, Eugene Oregon **


   As I write this BULLETIN, we have reached the final CRISIS of the final and last battle in the European war — the Battle of Germany! The allies have vaulted the Rhine, and are racing toward Berlin. NINE allied armies are blitzing on thru Germany. Chaos reigns. Germans are surrendering so rapidly the allied soldiers no longer have time to take them, or bother with them, but instruct them to march on toward the rear.

   In telephone conversation with the chief of the Portland bureau of the Associated Press a little while ago he told me he expects a flash, momentarily, that it's ALL OVER in Europe. It may have happened before this BULLETIN reaches you. Every AP reporter is instructed to keep within constant telephonic communication — every reporter carries definite written instructions outlining exactly what he is to do as the news men leap into action, if and when the flash comes.

   Yet it may NOT come. It may not come at all! There may be no "V-E" Day. The Germans may just keep on surrendering, bit by bit, little by little, until there are no more left to surrender. Those who know NAZIS say they will NEVER give up or surrender. For weeks and weeks the Nazis have been transporting vast quantities of supplies, food, ammunition, into southern Germany — in the mountainous and wooded section surrounding Munich and Berchtesgaden. And, since March 26, a great exodus of the very pick of the YOUNG Nazis toward these Bavarian Alps has been under way. Apparently these born-and-bred-Nazis plan a last ditch stand in that region. There they might hold out indefinitely — one or two years. There the German engineers and scientists may CONTINUE their feverish efforts to perfect the WEAPON OF THE FUTURE — the jet-propulsion and rocket-principle weapons, already introduced, but not yet perfected to point of military decisiveness. The Nazis all winter have been stalling for TIME. Time to perfect this weapon. IF they succeed, it's possible they might turn the tables and start blitzing on thru allied forces as if they were putty. We COULD lose the war, yet — and that possibility remains until the Nazis have been COMPLETELY conquered, to the last man!

   Even though the allies meet the Russians in or south of Berlin — even though all Germany gives up and is occupied by the allies, except this region of the Bavarian Alps, — if Hitler is still in that wooded mountainous region with a million or a half- million fanatical young Nazi troops, and with his engineers and scientists still working on that new weapon, then as long as they are there, WE COULD STILL LOSE THE WAR! We shall do well to REMEMBER that!

   These are the most TENSE days of earth's history. None can understand these events unless he understands biblical PROPHECY, knows GOD'S PLAN, and grasps the terrific significance of these events in the fulfilling of that Plan! There is absolutely NOTHING that will cause millions of worldly, un-Christian people to LISTEN to Christ's Gospel Message, and heed it, like this present world- crisis and its connection with God's PLAN, and with the BIBLE!

   Do you know that the surveys to determine radio-interest, and which programs are most listened-to, all show that ordinary religious broadcasts are the LEAST listened-to of all radio programs? Do you know that this is one reason it is becoming almost impossible for religious programs to get on the air? And do you know that these same nation-wide check-ups, questioning millions of people to determine radio-interest, show that NEWS ANALYSIS is the number 1 radio interest today — even topping such fun programs as Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Charlie McCarthy, etc.? That's why the nation's top news analysts all draw larger salaries than the president of the United States. That's why I was offered, some few months ago, $2,000 per week salary — $100,000 a year — if I would give up the ministry and conduct a daily news — analysis program over one of the great net-works for a nationally known sponsor, analyzing the war news with a slight occasional mention of prophecy, and BASED on my knowledge of prophecy, though little could be said directly concerning it, or the Bible, in the broadcasts. The offer, of course, was instantly turned down. God has called me to a far more important mission than selling break- fast food by a radio broadcast and earning a huge salary!

   But He has called YOU, my dear Co-Workers, to this mission, too. And so do you really GRASP just what this great war-crisis MEANS?

   It means that this is the most important hour of earth's history so far as OPPORTUNITY for reaching multitudes with the GOSPEL and Christ's last WARNING MESSAGE is concerned. As the war- crisis grows intense, more and more people will listen to this kind of broadcast. And THAT is why "The WORLD TOMORROW" program analyzes today's news, with the PROPHECIES of The WORLD TOMORROW!

   I wonder if you grasp that this type broadcast simply lifts our program out of the ordinary religious-program class — the class FEWEST people listen to of ALL radio programs, according to absolute test — and instantly places our Gospel program at the VERY TOP of the list, as one of the MOST-listened-to programs? Did you really ever grasp this fact before? Did you ever realize that with just SEVEN stations — all large, powerful, important stations, however, — we have a listening audience, as indicated by the mail- response, of between ONE MILLION and a million and a half listeners every week?

   Our vast listening audience has DOUBLED since last Fall. We now have an office staff of eight, including Mrs. Armstrong and myself. And since SO MANY letters indicate that our Co-Workers like to know all about us — even about our family, and our staff which actively carries on this great work — the most important work in this world — I believe I'll just tell you a little about them here, in this BULLETIN.

   We are fast outgrowing our office quarters in Eugene, becoming very crowded and cramped for space. And just when the need became critical, a few weeks ago, the way miraculously opened for us to more than double our office-space, with what we feel is just the nicest suite of offices that could be had in Eugene. We could just see God's hand in it.

   Well, since you are, so many of you, interested in knowing more about us and this work personally, I'll tell you briefly the story of our office from the start. This work of God was started more than eleven years ago, on our little local radio station in Eugene. Our expenses then were $2.50 per week. Now they are $1,000 per week. For several months we were GIVEN office space, then moved into a little inside room without any windows — without sunlight or fresh air or ventilation. We could only work in the office a few hours at a time without going out for fresh air. I had no desk. A few old tables were loaned to us. We had an old- fashioned Neostyle mimeograph, and an old type-writer, not much good. With this Mrs. Armstrong and myself printed The PLAIN TRUTH for three or four years on that old mimeograph. After two or three years a radio listener sent us money to buy a better second-hand mimeograph. That served us until about two or three years ago, when we got a more modern, fully automatic machine. I used to write the articles, design and cut the stencils and Mrs. Armstrong ran the mimeograph hour after hour, addressed the papers all by hand, folded, stamped, and sorted for mailing. Always before taking the one or two armfuls of The PLAIN TRUTH to the post- office, we knelt, laid our hands on them, and prayed over them that they would bring blessing and salvation to those receiving them. Today, 40,000 copies of The PLAIN TRUTH go to the post-office in large mail sacks, taken in trucks.

   Never did we complain about our little inside office room. Rather, we thanked God for it. But we did finally begin to ask God for an office with sunlight and fresh air. Then one day, after at least six years in that room, my wife came in saying she had just happened on the very kind of office we had longed for — only it was much to big for us. How it all came about, I don't really know even now. But I went with her to see the new offices in the IOOF Bldg., on the 3rd floor. There was a large room the size of two offices, and a corner private office — on the shady north-east side of the building, overlooking a downtown park. I had never seen offices with so much natural sunlight, and natural ventilation. The manager of the building offered to let us use only the smaller private office at first. Then some three months later, when we began to need some of the additional room, we were allowed to take it on a sliding scale, starting at small rental and raising it gradually so we did not have to pay the full amount for six months.

   The work continued to grow and expand. Soon we had to employ a secretary, full time. Then another, and gradually the staff has increased until there are now eight of us. Now even our larger office became overcrowded, with desks, filing cabinets, mimeograph, addressing machine, dictaphones and other office equipment. And just when we came to really need it, a few weeks ago, the building manager came to me with a plan to open up an adjoining room, larger than the combined two rooms we had. This room was all painted and redecorated, and the girls moved into it two weeks ago, just HAPPY in their new quarters, feeling it now begins to look like a real institution. Today the carpenters are just completing the installation of new hall-ways and partitions, dividing our former larger room into two private offices.

   One of these will be occupied by Brother Gene C. Carter, a young man from Southern Illinois, converted thru the broadcast, who came to Oregon last summer to be baptised. We know now God has definitely and specially called Gene to a life of active service, to which he has consecrated himself, in whatever capacity God may lead. He is now financial manager, and is beginning to assist me in answering correspondence and in research and securing of factual data for broadcasts and for articles. I have never seen a young man develop and grow as he is doing. For years I had searched for the right man to join me in this great work of God. Twice I felt I had been led to the right man, but always circumstances prevented. Now we know that when God's time came, He provided the man He had chosen and called for this position. We now have a total of more than 1500 square feet of office space, and we rejoice in this growth of space and of personnel, because we have seen God's hand so definitely in it, step by step.

   Perhaps you'd like to know a little about others of our staff. Mrs. Esther Olson is manager of the larger office. She is a sincere and consecrated Christian woman, has been with us in our little local church several years. Circumstances just seemed to work out to place her in charge of the office staff, and I was amazed at her efficiency. Then it was we learned what she never told us before, that she had formerly been manager of an office over 35 girls, and before that had taught school. God always prepares those He calls for whatever service He has for them! Assistant manager is Miss Evelyn Paeschke, a talented young Christian girl, also in our church. Evelyn has a very beautiful soprano voice, which is being developed. Sometimes, at church, where she is music director, she and our daughter Beverly Gott (whom you've heard sing in the closing theme music of the broadcast before we changed to the male quartette) sing duets together. Sister Olson has developed an efficient office staff. We receive from 1,000 to 2,500 letters from every broadcast. It now takes five large steel cabinets to hold the mailing list. Every night a large amount of mail, carrying Gospel literature to all parts of North America, is taken to the post-office by special truck messenger.


   When opening and reading letters that pour in from listeners and co-workers, I often wish you could just be there in the office, looking over my shoulder, reading and sharing with me the interest and inspiration in these wonderful letters.

   I wanted to use several pages in this BULLETIN just to reprint interesting portions from some of these letters. But Mrs. Olson tells me the paper shortage limits this BULLETIN to 5 pages, and here I am on page 4, so I can give you just a few.

   Thousands of people over the United States are being helped spiritually, coming into a better, deeper, fuller understanding of God's Word, being led into a closer walk with Him, their lives being changed as they are converted — CHANGED. I just now happen upon a letter from California, typical of these. This sister writes: "In accordance with your suggestion I have been praying and studying the Bible, and as much as I have enjoyed reading novels in the past there are none of them as interesting as the Bible to me. God's plan is slowly being unfolded to my bewildered mind, although it seems entirely too slow as I become more and more inquisitive. I got so hungry to talk with someone who has a like belief, I can hardly wait from one Sunday to the next to hear you short sermon. I say short because I am so anxious to understand and know God's laws and get a clear perspective of just what my duty is in life. My children have some problems I hope you can advise me with. I certainly hope you can get those articles on the story of the Bible written soon." And let me add I'm more anxious than words can express to get this big series of articles written and printed, but it seems my time and capacity are limited, and it is taking time.

   A most interesting letter from Flagstaff, Ariz., says in part: "Ever since I listened to your broadcast on the subject "World of Tomorrow" I have listened attentively each Sunday night. Your clear explanation seems to give one a greater desire to study the Bible and become interested in it. The fact that you are undenominational, do not attempt to play upon one's emotions, speak with authority in the kindest, yet intelligent, sort of way, begets confidence in what you have to say in plain language that all may understand. All who hear your Message should have a strong and burning desire to learn more of Him thru the intense study of His Word now as it is daily applying to world affairs, in this terrible struggle. I first heard your address over XELO, Mexico. Now I am most interested in getting copies of these publications. There is nothing in this whole world I desire more than an intelligent knowledge, and true of course, of prophecy as it applies to world affairs. Please, please, send me all the literature available."

   I want now to give you part of a letter received last year, most interesting, which I treasure — from a man of wide experience and great accomplishments, who, in SPITE of this is interested in GOD and His Word — a rare thing among men highly successful in this world. The letter comes from his executive offices in Florida: "It was just after midnight thru WOAI I listened to your most interesting and convincingly practical message — so favorably impressed I am taking this means of getting in touch with you personally and will esteem it a great favor if you will send me such literature as you may have to spare. I have lived all over this world, amongst all people, a vigorous prosperous life of intense activity — building docks, railways, arsenals in China and Japan, mines in Malay, oil wells in Burma, dams in Africa, steel mills in India — now as familiar with all our fighting fronts as our local main street. Have enjoyed personal acquaintance with all our Presidents since U. S. Grant — when I used to sit on his knee and play with his waste-basket collecting stamps, etc., most of all so-called royalty and potentates occidental and oriental. Made millions and spent same as generously. I know your country, too (Oregon). My wife drove the golden spike Pacific and Oregon Short Line in the 80's. I am a student of human life as IS, and as should be. The environment is overdue for marked change. I have never lost faith in our merciful Father God. There is much to do ahead of us. My boy (officer) on his battle-ship is doing his part. I must be doing mine, you yours, of one mind." Just thought you, too, would find this interesting. Yes, prophecy says we are overdue for a MARKED CHANGE! WE HAVE MUCH TO DO!

   So many women write that their unconverted husbands, who never go to church or listen to ordinary religious broadcasts, have become interested and listen regularly to "The WORLD TOMORROW." Here's one I just now came across: From Missouri: "My husband was born and raised a Catholic, but now he enjoys and watches for your Sunday night broadcast." Usually such husbands have never been in any church. People everywhere tell me, (that is, those who have checked up), that most of the people listening to The WORLD TOMORROW are those who have not been going to church. I wonder if our Co-Workers really grasp the fact that our program is DIFFERENT — utterly different! Just as Jesus' preaching was different in His day on earth, so the SAME MESSAGE is "different" today. Just as people were "ASTONISHED at His doctrine," so are they still astonished at it today. Just as Jesus either was the ONE true prophet and divine Son of God, or else a total imposter, so with the SAME identical Message proclaimed over the nation on The WORLD TOMORROW program, today! GOD CALLED US to this Mission — your mission as well as mine! Let's press on more determined than ever!


   My, I have close to 100 letters here before me as I write, and I had hoped to get a large portion of them into this BULLETIN — they are all so interesting I don't see how I can leave any out, yet I must stop here and report on the progress of the work.

   First, a fund has been started toward the PURCHASE of a great multi-super-power station of OUR OWN in Mexico, at the border of the United States. We hope to purchase either a station, or equipment of one which I happen to know has been available, which can be moved to the very best spot on the border, and it is our plan to increase the power to 250,000 watts. That's FIVE TIMES the power of the largest super-power stations in the United States. Probably it would be the most powerful standard-wave broadcast station on earth, surely the most powerful in this hemisphere. With it we could shout God's last solemn warning to this entire continent. It would come in like a local station everywhere. People everywhere would hear it without static or interference, but strongly, plainly. Our audience would be many MILLIONS. Its very power and the Message carried would astonish the nation, attract international ATTENTION. It would give us power to send out the most powerful, far-reaching evangelistic campaign of all earth's history. Surely that's the way God intends that "This Gospel of the KINGDOM shall be preached into all he world, FOR A WITNESS unto ALL NATIONS, and then shall the END come." We would be heard even in the British Isles over such a great station. God opened the way for us to purchase all facilities, and open up the station, for $125,000. I have just had a long-distance telephone conversation with the agents, and it appears we may now be too late for that particular equipment — a deal is up on it, and looks like it will be purchased. Our fund toward it, so far, is a mere few hundred dollars. We must take this more SERIOUSLY, dear Co-Workers, and PRAY — pray as we never did before, that God will move some one, or a few, who have large sums of money or who have property that could be sold to supply it, to put into this fund amounts up to $100,000 or more. It may be there is not a single person among our growing Co-Worker family who has, or could possibly raise such a sum. BUT ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD, and all things are possible to us, IF WE BELIEVE! AND PRAY! We can know this is God's will. Twice, now, He has opened the way — just waiting on SOMEONE, or some few of large means, to supply the money. There is a station we could have bought for $250,000, but it is fast becoming too late to purchase that station, too, and the longer we, delay the higher the purchase price will be. Take this seriously! PRAY!

   Now as stated in the last BULLETIN I had planned on going to Chicago, about three weeks from now, to go on the nation's most powerful independent station DAILY for six or eight weeks, thereafter continuing just the regular Sunday program. This would reach a VAST audience thru Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa. Then the opportunity came to go on another Mexican station, recently increased to 150,000 watts power. The time, 9:PM Central war time Sunday nights — best time of the week — and the most expensive. It is more than I can obligate myself to on my personal responsibility. In the last BULLETIN I asked for pledges. Well, many pledges have come in, but it is ONLY HALF ENOUGH. Others now want that time. By long distance the managers have just agreed to hold off ten more days for us. So I now ask MORE OF YOU to send in pledges, (as God makes possible) for weekly or monthly offerings over and above your REGULAR offerings, or tithes, for the rest of the work in general. We MUST not let this wonderful opportunity slip. This station would give us around an added million listeners in Illinois, Ind., Ohio, Mich., Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, West Va., Ky., and Tenn., Mo., Ark., La., Miss.,Texas, Ga., and Kansas. It would almost DOUBLE the present listening audience. It is my personal responsibility if we start, and I cannot undertake it without reasonable assurance of that much increase in offerings received. Many letters have come from those states, especially Pennsylvania and Eastern states, joyful over the prospects of getting to hear the program PLAINLY, and earlier, on that station. They say they get it plainly and strong. As it is now, I cannot go on that station and also the one in Chicago, without additional pledges. These pledges to be conditioned on your continued ability, as God provides, of course. You would not be in any way bound by it if circumstances change. ALSO I MUST TELL YOU WE HAVE RUN ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS SHORT OF REGULAR EXPENSES THE PAST THREE OR FOUR WEEKS. Even to keep the regular established work going, we MUST now have a quick, liberal response from our faithful co-workers! It is our solemn responsibility before God, laid on us by HIM! We must not fail Him! Whether you can only send a dollar, or are able to send $50, $100., or $1,000 for the work — or a larger sum for the Mexican station — I know you'll send AT ONCE the largest amount you can, and GOD BLESS YOU for your loyalty and sacrifice for the GREATEST WORK ON EARTH!


PS: Next BULLETIN will be written from San Francisco, where I will report to you the inside facts of the United Nations Conference. We now have a new edition of the KINGDOM series, BIBLE STUDY QUARTERLY, suitable for home study, or for Bible class, Free on request. WRITE TODAY!

Publication Date: April 05, 1945
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