August 23, 1945  
August 23, 1945 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Published every little while, to keep our Co-Workers informed of the progress, the problems and future plans for carrying on God's work in these closing days of this age; — broadcasting "The WORLD TOMORROW;" publishing The PLAIN TRUTH, and other Gospel literature. HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG, Box 111, Eugene Oregon.
VOLUME VI.  Number 5.                        August 23, 1945

GREETINGS! dear friends and co-workers for Christ: I have just had a 27-minute long-distance call from Texas.

   The man who managed Dr. Brinkley's famous radio station in Mexico called to inform me of an unexpected opportunity — to purchase and OWN, ourselves, a station on the border in Mexico with an internationally-clear channel that can be made the most powerful radio voice in the western hemisphere.

   I want to tell you the details, and all about the marvelous opportunities opening to us for a greatly expanded work in this fearful, awe-inspiring, post-war world we suddenly find ourselves living in.

A   N E W   A G E   D A W N S !

   Since I last wrote you, May 28th from San Francisco, we have lived thru the most momentous events of world history. At that time, we had entered the period which has been the most vital PIVOT in American and world history. President Roosevelt had died. The military war had ended in Europe. Mussolini had been ignominiously put to death and buried. Hitler had either died or fled to a secret hiding-place — more probably, I still believe, the latter — but in any event, the world for the time being was rid of Hitler.

   But even greater news has followed. World War II has come to its final end, and as I write General Mac Arthur is preparing to go into and occupy Japan at the head of the most impressive display of military might ever beheld by mortal man — on land, on the sea, in the air. This is planned in order dramatically to convince the Japs they have been completely whipped.

   But the most important news of all is the announcement, with the actual horrifying demonstration, of the atomic bomb and the age of atomic power. This, say scientists, will at once completely revolutionize both peace-time life and warfare upon earth.

   Within the past 400 years the world has passed thru the age of exploration, and then the machine-age. Now we suddenly find ourselves plunged headlong, without warning, into a new, totally- unexplored AGE OF ATOMIC POWER. Adjectives have been exhausted in an attempt to describe the staggering magnitude of this thing. It's a NEW AGE — but one destined to be of extremely SHORT DURATION. It's an age crunch with horrifying, imagination defying possibilities. Yet it's an age which at once opens to us marvelous new opportunities — and a most STUNNING challenge and RESPONSIBILITY in the work of Almighty GOD!

   Thousands of years ago men started the terrible scourge of WAR with elementary weapons — knives, swords, sling-shots, bows and arrows. As a prominent military analyst expressed it, the most effective military weapons are those which can be caused to strike at the enemy in the quickest time, at the longest distance, and with the most destructive power. A sword is a more effective weapon than a knife or dagger, because it reaches farther. A sling-shot, or arrow, can be projected to reach the enemy at still farther distance. But a soldier with a rifle could conquer or kill one with a bow and arrow because he could project his missile FARTHER, and FASTER, and therefore could reach and destroy his enemies FIRST. It's the old saying of getting there "Firstest, with the mostest." Machine-guns, cannon, field artillery, when invented, made warfare still more destructive, because they hurled more destructive missiles still FARTHER. Then came the tank and the bombing-plane, just at the close of World War I, presaging the war of the future — World War II. During this war we were able to send still more powerful missiles a distance of 600 miles, destroying Berlin from bases in England. Then came the super- fortresses, giving still greater range and increased destructive- power in the war against Japan.

   And now, as World War II came to an end, the WEAPONS OF THE FUTURE again put in an appearance — jet-propulsion and rocket weapons, carrying missiles still faster and farther. Had the Germans WON their race against time by perfecting those before they were defeated, they would have turned the tables and snatched last- second victory out of certain defeat! We began, with knowledge of these weapons, to look with consternation toward the possibilities of a World War III!

   And then, the tremendous CLIMAX! The best-kept secret of the war — the ATOMIC BOMB, suddenly perfected, and just TWO of these undesirable weapons of destruction and death dropped upon Japan bringing the war to a sudden END!

   Now, COMBINE the unbelievable destructive power of this new bomb with the rocket as a means of HURLING it from any given point on earth to any other given point in the land of the enemy, and you have a weapon beyond the ability of the human mind to grasp — a weapon so diabolical — a power so vastly destructive — as to place within the control of mortal MAN the power to DESTROY ALL LIFE UPON THE EARTH!

   Any POWER is beneficial, or dangerous, depending upon human ability to direct and control that power. Uncontrolled, or wrongly directed, and the greater the power the greater the potential DANGER!

   What does it all mean? It means that sooner or later some mad Mussolini or Hitler or Jap Samurai, drunk with a lust for world power as men have been before, will get hold of the SECRET of this power, and become unable to resist the temptation to USE IT to CONQUER THE WORLD! It means that within a reasonably short number of years — whether 5, or 15, or 20 I cannot say — some power-crazed fanatic will find a way to use this new super-colossal destructive power to WIPE HUMANITY FROM THE EARTH, unless the ALMIGHTY CREATOR HIMSELF THEN STEPS IN AND INTERVENES TO SAVE A DEGENERATE HUMANITY FROM ITS OWN SELF!

   And this is exactly what the prophecies reveal the Eternal will soon DO! There WILL be another war — FAR more horrible and destructive than anything yet seen or imagined. TWO-THIRDS of humanity will be destroyed — prophecy affirms that — but at THAT POINT God Himself will step in and TAKE CHARGE! Praise God! He will again SEND JESUS CHRIST to this earth to put DOWN destruction, and sin and death — to RULE ALL NATIONS till they beat their war- weapons into implements of production and the whole world lies permanently at PEACE!

   And THAT is the GOOD NEWS God has commissioned us to shout to the four corners of this earth! We must WARN our nation and the world of the DANGER — of God's impending JUDGMENTS! We must SHOUT the glorious GOOD NEWS of the coming of Christ the Messiah and the world-ruling KINGDOM OF GOD!

   For that purpose God has AGAIN opened to us the greatest possible opportunity.

Details About Purchase of Border Station

   It was almost a year ago that the possibility of buying a super-powered Mexican station, on the United States border, was first opened to us. At that time a certain station could have been bought for perhaps $175,000 or $200,000. Now, however, that station could not be purchased for less than $400,000 — probably not for any price. That opportunity, then, is now gone.

   Then later a very special deal was offered me. I could not identify it then, but now am free to do so. It was a Tia Juana station, which had been purchased by a United States broadcasting firm with the intention of moving all the equipment to the United States to open a new station here. Such equipment, of course, simply could not be purchased in the United States for the duration. But, after dismantling and crating all the equipment for shipping, this company found it was unable to get permission to move it across the border. The Mexican owner was left with the equipment on his hands, and it was offered to me at a comparatively low figure. The intention, had we been able to buy it, was to move it to a point in Mexico just across the Texas border and about mid- way across the United States and increase its power to 250,000 watts. But, altho we received many enthusiastic letters, and many were praying for it, and some sent in offerings toward it, only the smallest fraction of the needed amount was received or pledged. When we were unable to take immediate advantage of that offer, which they held open for us for a reasonable time, it was finally sold to Station KABC San Antonio, Texas, which station meantime found a way to import the equipment across the border. Now, with this equipment, that station is expanding from a small local station to the greatest power permitted in the United States, 50,000 watts. They expect to open up on the new power about November 1st, and we are already planning on using a good Sunday morning time on this station with "The WORLD TOMORROW" program.

   NOW, We Can Own Most Powerful Voice in Hemisphere

   So, both the former opportunities came and went. Now, this very morning, a third and best opportunity yet has been offered me. This opportunity they will hold for us about three or four weeks. If we are not able to buy it by that time, we shall lose this chance, too.

   It seems to me that when God OPENS such marvelous opportunities, we ought to be able to do OUR part in taking advantage of them. God grant we will not fail this time. Obviously, I cannot make public all the details. But a station with full equipment capable of operating up to 250,000 watts of power — many times more powerful than any other station in this hemisphere — with internationally-clear channel in one of the very BEST spots on the radio dial — a clear-channel guaranteed by the international Havana treaty between the United States, Mexico, and other governments — a station which can be located just across the border near the very middle of the United States (east and west), where this tremendous super-power on such a splendid channel would reach just like a LOCAL STATION into every home in the United States, Canada, and down to South America — a station which would be heard in England, Europe, and all over the Pacific — almost around the world — is now offered to me for $250,000.

   Now that's a lot of money — a quarter million dollars. But, if you knew what radio stations are worth and sell for, it is RIDICULOUSLY LOW for what we would have. A station of only 1,000 watts power sold in the Pacific Northwest last week for $200,000. A 50,000-watt station in Texas, which you could hear only with WEAK reception compared to the 250,000-watts we would have on this Mexican station, was purchased by its present owners for one and three-quarters million dollars. If we owned this station and sold time commercially, it would gross around a million dollars a year, and its operating expense is only fifty thousand a year. Dr. Brinkley grossed a million a year with his station, operating from the same location I have in mind, same power, no better channel, and netted $500,000 per year profit.

   I mention these figures to show you that $250,000 is a LOW price or such a super-powered station. Think of the tremendous POWER! Everywhere all over the United States, at night, when people start turning the dial, even tho the volume is turned way down, our station would come in so strong it would be like their local station — or even stronger than their NEAREST station where people live, say, 50 miles from a radio station. And effectiveness in getting out the Gospel does not depend on how many COULD hear it — but upon how many ACTUALLY DO! Because we were able to hold a large percent of listeners to our program regularly, we were able, over a period of time, to develop a listening audience of around a quarter to a half million on each of these stations. And that was considered exceptional. Even so, on some nights due to atmospheric conditions there would be a static, or the program would fade out at times; and on other nights it could not be heard at all in farther away states.

   To make it still plainer, let us take an imaginary example. Suppose a listener just a mile or so out of St. Cloud, Minn., has been listening to the Canadian station of 50,000 watts, located in Saskatchewan, at the very top of the dial, 540. He wants to tune to a program about to come in over KSTP, Minneapolis-St. Paul, a 50,000-watt station at the very opposite end of the dial. Now if he turns the dial along rapidly, only three or four stations will come in loudly and clearly enough to arrest his attention, provided the volume is not turned on very loud. Suppose, now, our Mexican station was located at 950 on the dial — which it isn't. I can't reveal the exact channel offered us at this time, but it's just as good as 950, and this will serve to illustrate. If this listener were turning the dial rather rapidly, with volume half way up, he would hear a brief sound for a fraction of a second as he went past 670 and 720, two of Chicago's 50,000-watt stations. But the chances are he wouldn't even notice a sound as he went past a large number of 5,000-watt stations in Bismark, N. Dak., Chicago, Yankton, S. Dak., Omaha, and other points. If he turned the volume clear up, and turned his dial very slowly, then he could hear all these stations, and also such farther-away 50,000-watt stations as Nashville, Cincinnati, and Detroit, or even Atlanta, Ga., Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas. But, with volume down low, and turning fairly rapidly, the first station to come in sharp and loud enough to arrest his attention would be WCCO, Minneapolis, 50,000-watts, only about 50 miles away, at 830 on the dial. Turning on he'd pass a number of other stations he could hear if he tuned carefully and turned the volume on full — but the very next station to really STOP him would be our station, across the Mexican border, at 950 — and this would REALLY STOP him, coming in just about as loud, as clear and even and plain, as the 50,000-watt Minneapolis station only 50 miles away, or as the local St. Cloud station only a mile away, 1450 on the dial, or KSTP, St. Paul, 50,000-watts only some 50 miles distant.

   Now, at 1040 on the dial, if he turned the volume on a little louder, this listener easily could pick up WHO, Des Moines, which would come in at St. Cloud very good, tho not nearly as loud as the Minneapolis stations. Also, at 1200, he could, if he turned the volume on full, and tuned carefully, bring in WOAI — just as he could other 50,000-watt stations in Denver, Salt Lake, Louisville and Nashville, Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta, Dallas, and other points. But do you see what I'm trying to make clear? Unless he turned his dial SLOWLY, with the volume on so full that in turning past his local Minneapolis and St. Paul stations or our 250,000-watt station, it would almost break his ear-drums, he would not ever happen to catch the program on a 50,000-watt station so far away as San Antonio. Yet our Mexican station, with 250,000 watts of power, would come in SO LOUD, he would almost have to stop and listen.

   The point is, that for every one who happens to catch our program on a 50,000-watt station so far away as WOAI, there would be one to fifty people who would be STOPPED as they turn the dial, and catch our program on this Mexican station going out at the great power of 250,000-watts — FIVE TIMES the power of any United States station — the MOST POWERFUL RADIO SIGNAL IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE! It would come in just like a local station EVERY- WHERE — always strong, clear — no static, no fading. It would give us at least TWENTY TIMES the listeners, at the same hour, as a 50,000-watt United States station — or the equivalent of using twenty super-power 50,000-watt stations in the United States, on which, at 8:PM, a half-hour program would cost about $4,000. per broadcast.

   But that isn't all. These large 50,000-watt stations in the United States have been unwilling to sell us any time for preaching the Gospel until AFTER 11:PM Sunday night — AFTER MOST PEOPLE HAVE GONE TO BED! They charge four times as much for a half-hour between the best listening hours of 6:PM, to 9:30 PM., because at least four times as many people listen at that period. With our own 250,000-watt station across the border, we not only would be free from the annoying censorship constantly imposed by super-power American stations, but our programs would go out at the very BEST HOURS OF THE EVENING — now multiplying the number of listeners four times more, a total of 80 times as many, as at 11:PM on the most powerful United States stations. Yes, we would often have an audience of as high as TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE at one time, beyond a doubt!

   But still this isn't all. Our programs on the American stations can go out only once each week. On our own 250,000-watt station, the program would be on the air SEVEN NIGHTS A WEEK, Multiplying effectiveness 7 more times — at least 560 times the actual power of a 50,000-watt station at 11:PM!!

A Power Almost Beyond Belief

   See if I can explain, by a comparison, so our minds can grasp just how powerful a program for God this will be. The most powerful radio stations in the United States are limited to 50,000-watts. We propose to operate a station FIVE TIMES as powerful — 250,000 watts.

   We have used two of our nation's greatest stations, WHO, and WOAI. There are none more powerful within the United States. On each of these stations, we could be heard, and were heard, in every state in the union. But, in most states, only a comparative FEW scattered perhaps many miles apart, actually DID hear our program.

Power Comparable to ATOMIC BOMB!

   The atomic bomb, so far except for experiments, has been used only TWICE — both times for purposes of DESTRUCTION. Regardless of possible beneficial uses, it remains a potential DANGER greater than the human mind can grasp! Churchill expressed the opinion that this power for destruction has been "long mercifully withheld from man." It proves humanity is moving rapidly, inexorably, toward "ARMAGEDDON! This new power for destruction staggers the imagination by its magnitude! Christ must now come soon to save humanity from destroying itself.

   Yet if our minds can but grasp it, God Almighty has now placed within our reach a "POWER FOR GOOD — for PEACE, for the salvation of SOULS for eternity — of just as tremendous magnitude, compared to all past Gospel campaigns, as the atomic bomb is a power for destruction compared to past weapons used for that purpose!

   All I can say is, the opportunity has now been opened to us, if we but grasp it, for serving God and humanity in the few remaining chaotic years of this present evil world that is SO GREAT — SO POWERFUL a means of spreading the GOSPEL and proclaiming God's WARNING — that it is difficult for our minds fully to grasp. And if Almighty God did not want us to take advantage of it AT ANY SACRIFICE, and did not intend to guide us and bless us in the undertaking, He never would have caused the opportunity to come, now for a third time! And every visible indication is, that this is the last POSSIBLE time.

   There are many additional details I cannot enter into here. Suffice it to say here, that in such an enterprise, if placed in my hands, I believe in the policy of surrounding oneself with the most experienced, able, and best qualified men of proven ability and integrity, so far as actual management and operation of the station is concerned. A thoroughly-experienced and able radio executive would be placed in charge. As chief technical operator I already have the man in mind — one who for years has been chief operator of two key net-work stations in an important city, and whose sincerity and trust-worthiness has been proven. Mexican dealing will be handled thru and with the advice and assistance of men of long experience in the field of super-power Mexican radio properties — men who have personal standing and influence with government heads in Mexico City. The many other details I shall be glad to enter into privately with any and all seriously considering the matter of making this great opportunity OURS.

   I have sufficient faith in God to believe this BULLETIN will be read by someone — perhaps only ONE — who has the ability, if God makes the heart willing, to supply for this purpose a sum of between one and two hundred thousand dollars. And perhaps one or two others able to put in $35,000 to $50,000. I believe there will be a few more who can manage to place at our disposal from $1,000 to $5,000. There are, I'm sure, still more who can, if willing, find a way to contribute sums of $100, $250, or $500. And this unprecedented great and glorious opportunity will be realized, I know ONLY if each one who has ability to supply such sums does so, to the very LIMIT of his ability. A very large portion of our dear Co-Workers are poor people who are able to give only the "widow's mite." To raise any such sum as a quarter million dollars means, undoubtedly, that some one, or two, or three persons of large ability must make this possible, or the opportunity God has opened must fail. Let us pray as never before that any one, or small FEW, of such ability will not fail our God in this crisis hour of earth's history! I might mention that I have every faith, based upon the facts as I know them, that every dime of the original investment could be retired within some two years or less — but that is a matter for private explanation. As mentioned above, Dr. Brinkley, with exactly the same power, did take a net profit of $500,000 a year. I am not personally interested in any manner whatsoever in establishing this as a commercial enterprise for the purpose of making profits, however — but solely as a POWER FOR GOD, and sending forth HIS MESSAGE with the LOUD VOICE His prophecies say it is yet to go.

What I Ask YOU to Do

   Now, dear Co-Workers for Christ, this is a most SOLEMN and serious matter — and there is no time to lose. I ask each of you, first, to go to a private place, get down on your knees before God, and PRAY! Even FAST and Pray! Pray earnestly. Ask God, if it is His will to place within our hands this tremendous power for proclaiming His Message to the world, to lay the burden SO DEFINITELY upon the hearts of those He chooses to use for supplying such a large sum, that they will be unable to resist! Ask God, please, to give ME wisdom and guidance, for I need it now as never before. And ask Him to guide YOU, and to show you what He would have YOU do about it.

   Then after praying very earnestly and sincerely over it, write me AT ONCE, and tell me how much you, yourself, will be able to put into this great purpose, provided of course, (1st) after hearing all the additional details about it you still approve it and feel led to contribute this sum, and (2nd) enough money is pledged BY OTHERS to make up, WITH YOURS, the total needed amount. In that way, I will be able to know in a very few days WHETHER enough others have responded to make this tremendous opportunity a glorious REALITY, I can then notify you what OTHERS are able to do, and if there is enough, each one can then send the money.

   Now it IS vitally necessary that I know, BY RETURN AIR MAIL — and a telegram or even long-distance telephone call is quicker — what each one will be able to do, subject to the above two conditions — in other words, whether it is going to be possible. Many I have learned, would have been willing to have put in a considerable sum for this very purpose when I wrote you of the former possibilities, only they didn't know whether enough OTHERS were responding to make up the total sum, and so they just did and said nothing. Now I can let YOU know what all the others are able to do ONLY if you let me know at once what YOU are able to do. So, whether you can send only an extra dollar or two, or $100, or $150,000, or even supply the entire amount yourself, LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY, either by air-mail letter, by telegraph, or long- distance telephone.

   PRAY OVER THIS FIRST! Do not delay, please! And may God bless and guide you in making your decisions as to YOUR part! And join me in PRAYING EARNESTLY that God will guide, and move upon, to lead us in this. It is really a TREMENDOUS MATTER! It may mean the ETERNITY of countless precious souls. The money required is SO TRIVIAL by comparison! Time is short. They will give us only two or three weeks, and it may take the first week of that period to get this longer than usual BULLETIN printed and mailed to you Co-Workers. We must work WHILE IT IS DAY! — while there is STILL time and opportunity. God has mercifully granted US the victory in World War II, — perhaps as much for the very purpose of giving us this opportunity to proclaim HIS MESSAGE to a lost and rapidly-dying world with such POWER as to shake this nation and all our Israelitish people to ITS VERY FOUNDATIONS, as for any other purpose. I know, from prophecy, our nation's LIFE is at stake. Souls are at stake for ETERNITY!

   This is now, dear Co-Workers, YOUR solemn responsibility before GOD! As this BULLETIN goes out, I can only PRAY and trust Him to lay the burden on each one. PRAY, and may God lead, guide, and bless you!

* * * * * * * *


   Brethren and Co-Workers, we have a wonderful program already planned for this Fall and winter season. We at the office are enthusiastic over the way things are shaping up.

   Now the war is over, the printers tell me they are in position to begin getting out The PLAIN TRUTH every month, just as soon as I am personally in position to write the material that often. But I will have to be frank and tell you the delay in getting out the current issue, now at last actually going to press, has been caused by my personal run-down condition as much as it was due to war-time handicaps. Let me explain briefly. I have not been ill or sick in the accepted sense. I have a fundamentally sound and strong constitution. But, due to lack of sufficient physical exercise, high nervous tension and loss of sleep, I had gotten into a condition of personal inefficiency I simply didn't realize. I had developed insomnia, I couldn't sleep. A Week of fasting at the beach did wonders for me already. It wasn't enough. The end of the war forced us to return to the office, but as soon as I finish writing this, we plan to leave again this very afternoon for the Coast, and I will get in two more weeks of fasting, very special diet, and REST. This will end the insomnia, clean out my system and blood-stream. Then, Upon returning, I have a program all planned that will KEEP me in top physical and mental shape — a program involving ample physical exercise, proper diet, sufficient sleep. I am not attempting more than I can handle, but I MUST have top personal efficiency to handle the job ahead.

   The last week in September — September 22 to 29 inclusive — we are holding our annual Fall Festival — the Feast of Tabernacles. You'll read in Zech. 14 how we ALL will be forced, under severe penalties, to do this AFTER JESUS COMES. Paul and the New Testament Christians kept God's spiritual festivals — Pentecost, Festival of Tabernacles, etc. We do it now. This year we shall hold it at beautiful Belknap Springs, on the Mackenize, out in the worship-inspiring Cascades, secluded from the world, 60 miles out of Eugene. If you'd like to come and join us in this spiritual festival, write or wire at once for reservations.

   Beginning October 1st, we are negotiating now for using a full half-hour broadcast SIX NIGHTS A WEEK, between 8 and 9 PM, on the 100,000-watt station XELO. By the way, while this station is rated 100,000 watt, I have learned it is not actually employing that much power — it is not, in any manner, to be compared to the full 250,000-watts of our own proposed station. Nevertheless the mail response from this station has been tremendous and shows it has given us a very large listening audience over many states. We plan also on adding, during Fall or early winter, 50,000-watt KWKH, Shreveport, La., and 50,000-watt WHAS, Louisville, Ky. Also, on starting a DAILY program as soon as possible on WJJD, Chicago, the nation's most powerful independent station. That, together with getting out The PLAIN TRUTH regularly and more often, will far more than double the power of this work.

   That means, too, INCREASED EXPENSE. It has been a tight squeeze to get thru the difficult summer months. Money always falls off thru the summer. We have reduced expenses somewhat this summer, but still it's been difficult to meet. The long delay in getting out The PLAIN TRUTH, and the BULLETIN, has resulted in a big falling off. RESULT: WE NEED AND MUST HAVE TWO OR THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS EXTRA FOR THE REGULAR WORK WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK OR TWO. Again, that means, in addition to the ever-faithful "widow's mites" for which we are SO grateful, we shall have to depend upon those of larger ability to send in larger offerings of from $35 to $500 for the regular current work, by return mail. It seems there are SO FEW willing to sacrifice for GOD'S WORK that every one of us must continually respond to the very LIMIT of our ability — whether a dollar or several hundred — in order to keep this great and glorious work going — and growing!

   Now please go to some private place and PRAY — very earnestly, for this work, won't you? Then in the enclosed envelope send the very largest sum you possibly can for the regular work, and also write me, or telegraph or telephone, how large a SPECIAL OFFERING, anywhere from a dollar to $250,000, you can put a little later into the purchase of our own station in Mexico, subject to the conditions mentioned. But please do not neglect to send, by return mail, all you possibly can for the regular work which must KEEP GOING! God bless you, I know you won't fail me — or our GOD! We are at a sobering period of history. God is giving us the opportunity — yes, the COMMISSION — to play a very IMPORTANT PART IN IT. May he bless each one, and help us not to fail.

Sincerely, in Jesus' name,

For September, only, we are forced to go to the time of 6:30 AM. The program for this one month can also be heard on KVAN, 910 on dial, 10:AM. Most KXL listeners can hear the program over KVI, Seattle-Tacoma, at 570 on the dial, 9:30 AM, Sundays. KXL now goes off the air at sunset. The manager says if OUR PRAYERS can bring favorable decision from Federal Communications Commission granting them FULL TIME, as applied for, he will give us best time of week, 8 PM Sunday nights, the year around. Will you please PRAY earnestly about this?

Publication Date: August 23, 1945
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