November 20, 1945  
November 20, 1945 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Published every little while, to keep our Co-Workers informed of the progress, the problems and future plans for carrying on God's work in these closing days of this age; — broadcasting "The WORLD TOMORROW;" publishing The PLAIN TRUTH, and other Gospel literature. HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG, Box 111, Eugene Oregon.
VOLUME VI.  Number 7.                        November 20, 1945


GREETINGS, dear Friends and Co-Workers: At last I'm personally fit and READY! By the time you receive this BULLETIN, by far the most powerful Gospel campaign of our experience will be going out to the nation in full half-hour broadcasts at the very best hour, EVERY NIGHT!

   Once again I'm writing you from the beach. Even the same day I wrote the last BULLETIN from here, I was called back by pressure of work to Eugene, and Portland, getting this great new campaign finally contracted for, planned, and arranged. Again I was kept away from the imperative FASTING and prayer, and rest, for nearly another two weeks. But finally Mrs. Armstrong and I managed to get back over here and remain two and a half weeks this time. And finally the all-important purpose is accomplished! We leave here TOMORROW, fit and READY — keen and full of vital energy for the task ahead!

   Now this BULLETIN goes from my typewriter here, to our office in Eugene. There it will take our office staff a few days to print, on the mimeograph, to assemble, fold, address, stamp and mail the nearly 5,000 copies. It will take a few days more after that for them to go by mail all over the United States and to reach you. I mention this so you'll understand why your BULLETINS always are received several days after I write them.

   We leave here tomorrow morning. Already I have broken my fast, and I feel now like a new man. Tomorrow we drive to Port- land, where next Sunday's broadcasts are to be recorded and the electrical transcriptions started an hour or two later by plane for the various stations. Then we return to Eugene for a very busy day of final preparation for this dynamic campaign. During this time the telephone company and radio technicians will be installing a microphone, radio equipment, and private line in my office. Arrangements already are completed. Then on next Monday night the first of the every-night half hour programs will go to the nation, originating directly from my own office in Eugene.

   The contemplation of this big intensive campaign is THRILLING! Already a new super-power station is carrying the Message, the entire length and breadth of the Pacific Coast. Three broadcasts already have gone out, the past three Sunday nights, over 50,000-watt WEBR, a powerful Mexican station south of Los Angeles. Mail is pouring in from this station from British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada, from Oregon, Washington and California on the west, and from Idaho, Montana, and Utah.

   On next Sunday night, November 25th, "The WORLD TOMORROW" program starts, at last, after some nine months of waiting, on the 150,000-watt station XEG, located at Monterey Mexico, south of San Antonio. This station will send the Message clearly and powerfully all thru the middle-west — especially the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, eastern Kentucky and Tennessee, Louisiana, and, of course Texas. Millions and millions live in these states. The TIME on XEG is 8 o'clock Sunday nights, Central Standard time, at 1050 on the dial.

Every-Night Program on Two, Possibly
Three, Super-Power Stations

   Now here's how the EVERY-NIGHT program will START! They start off, first, on the 100,000-watt station XELO, which we have used now for over a year, on Monday night December 2nd. This continues, on this one station, two weeks, and then beginning Monday night December 16th, we are to broadcast also EVERY NIGHT (except Saturday) on XEG.

   The time, both stations, 8:PM every night — the VERY BEST time! Only there is this difference: Station XELO, Juarez, Mexico is in MOUNTAIN TIME, so the programs there are a 8 o'clock MOUNTAIN Standard time, at 8 on the dial. That's 7:PM on the Pacific Coast, 9:PM in the Central states. The program will be on XEG at 8:PM Central standard time, which is 7:PM in the Mountain states.

   Then, if this EVERY-NIGHT campaign is successful on these two great stations, it is to start, still another two weeks later, beginning Dec. 30th, on XERB, covering the Coast region from Mexico to Alaska. Our time on XERB is 6:30 PM Sunday nights. I hope to be able to secure the same time EVERY NIGHT, beginning Dec. 30th.

PROVING-Ground for Our OWN Great Station!

   This is a very great campaign in itself! By far the most powerful effort God has ever used us in carrying on so far. It will multiply the scope and power of our work for Him from five to ten times over, in this one great leap! Yet it is merely the preliminary FORE-RUNNER — the TRAINING-GROUND God has graciously provided, for the far greater, far more effective, much farther- reaching campaign to follow when we come to own our VERY OWN STATION, to be increased up to the colossal power of 250,000-watts, making it the most powerful radio voice in the Western hemisphere, if not in the world! I feel more certain than ever God will provide us with this station of vast power. But in His infinite wisdom, He has first provided us with this preliminary every-night campaign on three of the most powerful stations now in existence, as the preliminary PROVING-GROUND!

   It's a most GLORIOUS privilege and opportunity! It will require our UTMOST effort — we must give of OUR VERY BEST, directed by the Eternal God, going forward in HIS GREAT SPIRITUAL POWER! So as we come, now, to the very "Zero-hour" of this great campaign, I feel HUMBLED, SOBERED, realizing fully the responsibility and what shall be required! So I ask EVERY CO-WORKER to take this matter seriously to heart — to PRAY MOST EARNESTLY for the work just now! To stand with me now as never before! For it not only is a glorious opportunity to proclaim the GOSPEL MESSAGE, and to win precious souls for Christ's Kingdom, but it is a campaign that will multiply the EXPENSES of the work THREE TIMES OVER!

Now We are Beginning this Great Campaign

   As always, we are proceeding on PURE FAITH! God has led, opened the opportunity. What God starts He is able to maintain, and finish! I am reminded in this sober hour of the inspired words God caused David to write: "The Eternal intervenes on my behalf: Eternal One, thy kindness never fails, THOU WILT NOT DROP THE WORK THOU HAST BEGUN!" (Psalms 136:8, Moffatt Translation).

   But we are not to "tempt God" by acting impulsively with- out due caution and sound reason. We must not on an impulse run up a crippling debt, get ourselves into a hopeless hole, and then expect God to pull us out.

   When this EVERY-NIGHT campaign was opened to us, I knew instantly what a marvelous opportunity it was. But I knew, too, it meant an EXPENSE almost THREE TIMES present expenses — which means also three times as much as we now have coming in! But by past experience I know, too, that listeners voluntarily respond with tithes and offerings much more liberally when hearing the program SIX times a week than when they hear it only ONCE! And, too, such an intensive campaign adds NEW Co-workers. I know, too, by experience, it will take from two to four weeks before this increased sum in offerings is received.

   So God graciously provided a way for us to use this highly valuable time EVERY NIGHT without taking chances of getting into a financial hole. I will go no farther, at any time, than we are able to pay! But I want our Co-Workers to realize fully exactly what this means! It means that if, by the end of the first two weeks of every-night broadcasting on XELO only, the financial response is not increasing sufficiently to pay the added cost, I shall have to CANCEL the every-night program forthwith and instantly, BEFORE I become entangled in a financial obligation I can't pay.

   Remember, dear Co-Worker, while my entire time is devoted to the conduct and management of this work instead of in EARNING MONEY, and MY PART in the work is to conduct it, do the preaching and writing — and while YOUR PART in the work is to provide the financial means to keep it going, — yet by the very nature of the work it is I, not you co-workers, who must sign the contracts, and assume ALL THE FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS! Providing the money is not MY PART, yet I alone and personally must and do assume the full and sole financial obligation as my own personal responsibility!

   So this campaign has all been planned and arranged, as worked out and made possible by our heavenly Father Himself, so I do not have to go farther than we shall be able to pay. The first two weeks of daily broadcasting on this one station, XELO, I can assume, and that much I know we can pay for. Therefore we shall start, and go that far. But, unless you Co-Workers dig down deep, sacrifice, and respond now AS NEVER BEFORE, and unless NEW Co-Workers join us during these two weeks, I shall have to cancel it suddenly at the end of the first two weeks, and the daily programs will never be even STARTED on XEG!

   But if, as I have every confidence, thru FAITH in our God, the financial response increases within these two weeks sufficiently, then we shall continue on with XELO the NEXT two weeks, and also start our first two weeks of EVERY-NIGHT broad- casting on XEG. If enough money keeps coming to pay for it, the program will keep right on until — LISTEN! — UNTIL NEXT APRIL — clear thru the winter! and early SPRING!

   I know all you Co-Workers will want this frank and candid statement of the situation. NEVER have we had such an opportunity! NEVER did this old world NEED the Message as NOW! NEVER was this world in such a CRISIS HOUR! An NEVER have we faced such a sober financial responsibility! I have written all contracts for this time, subject to almost immediate cancellation! I know you won't let me down, or fail our God in this great crisis! It mean much MORE than the material things of this world you probably had planned on getting for yourself. We have to sacrifice and GIVE UP things we want very badly sometimes, if we are to serve our God in these very LAST DAYS! Most of us have been laboring together in Christ's vineyard for one to ten years. You can't know what an inspiration it is to me to know from OUR long experience together as Co-Workers for Christ, that our Co-Workers will rise with me to this emergency, put forth a supreme EXTRA EFFORT, sacrifice as never before, and PRAY as never before — and together, with God's help, we shall carry forth in this greatest campaign of our experience!

Now FIT For My Part!

   I have realized fully the tremendous drain on my own energy and strength such a heavy program will exact.

   Few of our readers and listeners, in all probability, realize the very large amount of reading, study and research after the FACTS of world conditions as they are fulfilling prophecy, as well as of continuous Bible study, that is required to create just one broadcast on The WORLD TOMORROW program. Often whole books, three or four magazine articles, several "columns" are read thru, in order to locate and assemble together just two or three paragraphs of script for a radio program. But this is what makes the programs scintillating with INTEREST — makes them authentic, convincing. Thousands and thousands of non-Christians, non-church- goers, yes, even atheists are being shaken in their unbelief, caused to turn to the Bible and seek God.

   Let me illustrate another vital drain on my personal strength. Today I was reading some in Pierre Van Paasson's book, "The Forgotten Ally," revealing hitherto unpublished facts about the Jewish-Arab strife and the Palestine situation. A publishers note in the flap of the outside paper cover speaks of this book as one "written in the white heat of passion that characterizes Van Paasson in the search for truth and justice."

   As I read that, I wondered how many of our Co-Workers realize that if we are to be successful in gaining the attention of the public, arousing conviction, and winning souls for Christ, it requires just that inner burning passion for our cause! The average listener, when he happens to tune to our program, is not even INTERESTED, perhaps, in God or in the Bible, or his eternal salvation — let alone being in "a white heat of passion" for it. Now, if I, as a speaker, feel no more deeply a concern for his welfare than he does — if I am down in my heart and innermost being as calm and dispassionate as he, except perhaps for a MENTAL understanding he lacks and sense of duty for getting my job done and out of the way, then, I ask you, how am I going to arouse that spark of interest in him, that will lead him to Christ and an altogether new and changed life, and ultimately into the Kingdom?

   Perhaps nine-tenths of whatever feeling of earnestness, or deep heart-felt concern for one's listeners and THEIR eternal welfare a speaker may actually have in his heart is LOST before the words enter the mind of the listener. That is, the listener will probably actually receive, and FEEL, not more than a TENTH of the interest and serious burden for this thing that the speaker himself possesses. Unless a man BELIEVE in his Message with all his heart and soul, way down DEEP, and with a burning passion that kindles enthusiasm, earnestness, and a convicting POWER — and unless as a result of this inner belief and overpowering BURDEN on his soul for others he is inspired to a spontaneous vigor, earnestness, and power in his very voice that will carry right thru to the emotions of his hearers, then he will interest but FEW, and probably actually win NONE.

   It's the same whether spoken, or written. Most radio stations require that every word spoken on the air be first written in script. But unless one FEELS his Message, and literally BURNS into his writing the very white-hot flame of earnestness and conviction, it won't be there in the voice when the same words are spoken later into the microphone. What few of you probably realize is that I literally burn up more vital energy, vitality and physical nervous strength in the three or four hours of concentrated WRITING of a radio script, than I would in EIGHT hours of hard, physical, manual labor with my hands and body. If the weather is the least bit warm, I am dripping with sweat when I finish — tired, depleted of strength and energy. The same with articles for The PLAIN TRUTH. If such writing is to be useful in really REACHING and HELPING people, I have to throw, as it seems, literally TONS of vital energy into the task. Then, in the broad- cast itself, I throw my whole being and energy into it. I actually believe I am nearly always far more interested in any subject, far more deeply concerned about it, than most any of my listeners — and incidently, perhaps I do ENJOY one of my own sermons or broadcasts more than my audience — that is enjoy the TRUTHS actually flowing from God's Word! But it expends much vital ENERGY! It requires absolutely top physical condition.

   It's this long and constant drain on physical and nervous vitality, with lack of sufficient physical exercise, loss of sleep, plus inability always to get proper food and diet when away from home so much, that had enervated me and made necessary this period of fasting, and rest at the beach.

   The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit — not as a reservoir, but a CHANNEL thru which God's Spirit flows. But an enervated, worn-out, below-par body is never a fit temple for God's Spirit. One is not qualified for a work such as this to which God has called me, unless quickened — energized — by the very POWER of God's Spirit. But the physical and mental must be at top efficiency before this OUTSIDE current of power from God can flow in, and thru, a human being. So I needed, vitally, this period of fasting and prayer — for increased physical vitality, as well as spiritual power.

   Now I'm fit, revived, once again, and READY! I have been revived, after such a regime before, but this time I have gone farther and planned a definite schedule for myself which involves ample physical exercise and fresh air, ample rest and sleep as I go along. Instead of wearing down again, this time I should constantly INCREASE in stamina and vitality for the work! The fact of installing the private broadcast line right into my office in Eugene will enable me to remain home most of the time, and adhere to a definite daily routine. Yes, SIX broadcasts a week instead of one, of the nature and type which go out on "The WORLD TOMORROW" program, made necessary that I first be fit and ready, physically and mentally as well as spiritually, for my part. I AM NOW FIT AND READY.

   Many of our good Co-Workers did not seem to understand. Some have had the idea I was in bad health, perhaps something chronically wrong. I hope these few words may correct that erroneous impression. The above explains the sole debility I was under. I have not been ill or sick in the usual sense of the term, nor even in bad health in the usual sense of the word. Nothing wrong of either a chronic or acute nature. I have a very strong constitution, am almost never sick or ill. The temporary staleness, tiredness, worn nerves, are now all restored, and I feel I'm in top shape for the vigorous campaign now starting.

   These past several months I have not been able to keep up with personal correspondence, or even to complete the writing of The PLAIN TRUTH. However, in order to keep good things going out of our office to our listeners and Co-Workers, I have been announcing regularly in the broadcasts, SPECIAL literature which we have been printing and sending out from week to week, for all who would write in a special request.


   Letters coming in daily show a growing interest in the purchase and operation of a super-power radio station of our own, to be located just south of the border, in Mexico, and as near the middle of the North American continent, east and west, as possible.

   Many questions are being asked. In due time a complete prospectus will be prepared, available for mailing to all our Co- Workers who are interested in having a part in his great cause.

   I had intended to quote from many of the letters coming in, and answer many of the questions being asked, in this BULLETIN. But I see space forbids. I will try to send you another BULLETIN, if possible, within the next two weeks or so, quoting from those letters, answering many questions.

The Immediate Job to be Done NOW!

   However, even though interest is increasing, and the move for the purchase of the most powerful radio voice, possible, in the whole world, is gaining momentum, there is a PRESENT TASK immediately before us, preparatory to this larger undertaking to follow, and to the job of this hour we must turn our undivided attention and wholehearted efforts now.

   So, the ZERO-HOUR is HERE! This great winter campaign is NOW STARTING — probably will be actually ON THE AIR, every night, by the time this BULLETIN reaches you!

   It will multiply the power of GOOD of this great work five to ten times over! But, it will multiply the expenses of the work at least THREE TIMES, within the next few weeks! And that, dear Co-Workers, is YOUR responsibility. I must call on you now to respond with liberal tithes and offerings as you never have before.

   The PLAIN TRUTH will be rolling off the press now very soon. I'm fit and ready now, and war-time delays are partially if not yet altogether in the past. The PLAIN TRUTH will be coming out more often, and, I hope, within just another two or three months, regularly at least every two months, and soon EVERY MONTH! If possible, I hope to have the wonderful new BIBLE STUDY COURSE actually started before this winter campaign of every-night broad- casting is over. Yes, we have an ambitious campaign planned — and now ALREADY LAUNCHED AND UNDER WAY!

   Never did this world face such an awesome, threatening, fore-boding situation as now. Statesmen are frankly bewildered — and, whether they admit it or not publicly, FRIGHTENED!

   There is but ONE WAY, now, to world peace — to prevent annihilation of humanity by the horribly-destructive atomic power and frightful new weapons for using it! WE KNOW THAT WAY! It must be shouted, yes T H U N D E R E D, with a tremendous power only GOD can impart, over these super-power facilities and the printing press, to the nation, and the world!

   We must do it WHILE WE MAY! Let me remind you again, the NIGHT is coming, when no man can work! Soon will come the FAMINE of hearing God's Word preached. It's OUR RESPONSIBILITY — N O W! Co-Workers, I have to appeal to you now — this greatly-multiplied program is NOW GOING OUT — we need the widow's mites IN LARGE NUMBER now as never before — from many who may not be able to send in more, and have sent nothing for some time! We need, and MUST have, in addition, larger offerings from all who possibly can, from one, on up to several hundred dollars. And if ever there was a time when GOD'S WORK needs one or two of you who are able to make a real sacrifice and place into His active work special gifts of one or several thousand dollars, that time is NOW!

   I have given MY ALL! I am putting into it MY VERY BEST! The REST, dear friends, God must supply THRU YOU! The fate of this work depends upon the response of this urgent appeal! I rest it now in YOUR HANDS — and GOD BLESS YOU!


   FREE, on request: Special booklets and mimeographed articles: "The PLAIN TRUTH About CHRISTMAS!" Where did it come from? What does the Bible say about it? After the birth of the Christ-Child (not on the day of His birth) the wise men presented to Him GIFTS — not to inaugurate a NEW CUSTOM of exchanging gifts, but in conformity of an age-old custom of always bringing a present whenever ushered into he presence of a KING. They did not exchange gifts among themselves. They presented their gifts to CHRIST! Today, without thinking, people have fallen into the habit of trading gifts back and forth among themselves, while the month of December is the one month when they seem to give less to CHRIST than any other! This year, WHY NOT HONOR HIM, BY THE LARGEST GIFT YOU EVER GAVE HIM, FOR HIS WORK?

   Other articles: "The PALESTINE Issue." "The THREAT to World Peace." "PREDESTINATION." " The MILLENNIUM — in Heaven, or on Earth?" etc.

* * * * * *

RADIO LOG: Entire Pacific Coast: XERB, 1090 on dial, 6:30 PM Sundays. Pacific Northwest: KVI, Seattle-Tacoma, 570 on dial, 9:30 AM, Sundays. KXL, Portland, 750 on dial, 6:30 AM; KVAN, Vancouver-Portland, 910 on dial, 10 AM. Southern California, KMTR, Hollywood, 570 on dial, 9:30 AM. Middle-West, Mexico to Canada, XEG, 150 on dial, 8 PM, Sunday evenings, Central Standard time. Mountain States and entire U.S. and Canada, XELO, 800 on dial, 8 PM, Mountain time.

Publication Date: November 20, 1945
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