September 03, 1947  
September 03, 1947 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Pasadena, California,

September 3, 1947

Dear Brethren:

   GREETINGS! in Jesus' name: It is now less than a month before the FEAST OF TABERNACLES! There isn't much time left, and I don't seem to be able to get time to write the full and complete GOOD-NEWS LETTER I wanted to send you, so will rush out this brief letter without further delay.

   We have had the busiest two months of our lives, nearly all of which has had to be spent here in Pasadena, getting every- thing in readiness to start AMBASSADOR COLLEGE on October 8 — two days after the Feast of Tabernacles ends.

   Just as God started the children of Israel out of Egypt with miracles from Him, and then let them come suddenly to the Red Sea, so He started us out with miracles in a marvelous way, in a property for the college which far surpasses what most of you suppose — (if the expressions of those who have come here and seen it is a criterion) — and then let us come suddenly to our "Red Sea". We have had to stand still and let God perform another miracle, as He did for the Israelites at the Red Sea. The reconstruction work on the main college building has now been in progress more than two weeks, and is going forward at a rapid pace. The grounds are being renewed — new lawn, new shrubs, hedges, etc., — and all the permanent fixtures, the fountains, pools, retaining walls, trellises, arbors, etc., repainted made like new again. We still do not have enough money on hand or pledged to finish the great task — but we have enough to carry us two or three more weeks, and by faith I know God will provide the remainder in due time.

   Brethren, I am really grieved and sorry that some of you are standing back in this most critical crisis hour the work God has committed to us has ever faced, apathetic, skeptical — deciding that, instead of DOING YOUR PART and HELPING to the very utmost, you will stand back and see whether God pulls us thru or lets the work down. Most, I know, are standing loyal, backing this work God has started with constant earnest prevailing prayer, and generous offerings, as well as their tithes. God bless you for your faith and confidence in HIM and in that which He has started, and has PROMISED He will never stop. GOD HAS NOT LET US DOWN! This project HAS NOT FAILED! Crews of electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc., are working rapidly. The College is GOING AHEAD! And if all stand loyal, and intercede with real earnest heart- rending PRAYER, it will continue going ahead until, on October 8, it becomes a glorious reality!

   The Word of God says the "without VISION the people perish." The work of God, like faith, and like the KINGDOM of God, of which it is the forerunner, begins like a mustard seed in the smallest possible manner. But it GROWS and GROWS until it expands around the WHOLE EARTH and becomes the BIGGEST. This is the POWER OF GOD operating in and thru His servants who are yielded to Him, guided by Him who TRUST Him, and do with all their might the work He gives them to do. We are mere instruments of God. It is the very POWER OF GOD which causes this work to grow great, and constantly greater. Christ never commissioned His ministers to do merely a LITTLE work in one little local community. Instead, He commanded, "GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD and preach the Gospel to ALL NATIONS." His own 1st-century apostles DID THAT! He prophesied APOSTASY — all nations DECEIVED — the true light all be snuffed out. Most of prophecy was CLOSED until this time of the end. But now, at this end-time, Jesus said, "This Gospel of the KINGDOM shall be preached in ALL THE WORLD for a witness unto ALL NATIONS, and then shall the end come." We are at that time. It must go to ALL THE WORLD!

   A few who have been skeptical haven't been able to see why God needed a College. Why couldn't I have continued on ALONE with the radio work? The answer is that I am limited. I NEED HELP — trained, qualified, honest, CALLED servants — and there have been none! God had Moses train many others to assist him. David trained many assistance. Jesus specially called, and trained personally Himself in three and a half years of educational training, His apostles. He also called and specially trained 70 men for a special mission. The Apostle Paul, called and commissioned by Christ for a special mission, selected and trained HIS OWN ASSISTANTS — Silas, Timothy, Titus, etc., and then sent them out in the ministry. This is the BIBLE WAY, in both Old and New Testaments! Some of you know how I have tried, time and again over almost a 20-year period, to find others already trained and prepared to work with me in the ministry God has so marvelously blessed — and you know the disappointments, the disillusionments, the discouragements we have met. Jesus did not set us any such example. He did not find other ministers already trained — He had to select and educate and train His own ministers Himself before He sent them out. The same with Paul. It's the same today. This is GOD'S WAY — the BIBLE way. The other way we have tried, and it failed — God didn't bless it. God has shown us by miracles that this is HIS WAY. He isn't letting Ambassador College stop! It is NECESSARY for the closing work of God. God is showing HE IS IN IT! I know ALL our brethren will be IN IT, to the very limit, too.

   Now we draw close to THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES. As in the past two years, it will be held at beautiful Belknap Springs, out away from this nervous, noisy world, secluded among God's own awe- inspiring mountains, beside one of the most beautiful rippling mountain streams, and one of the best fishing streams in the world.

   The dates: Beginning sunset, September 28 — that's Sunday evening — closing with sunset, on Monday, October 6th.

   There will probably be a special chartered bus again leaving Eugene around 2:P.M. Sunday afternoon, September 28. Some have already reserved the same accommodations they had last year. If you reserve a cottage, bring your own bedding. But those occupying the hotel rooms need no bedding — all is furnished. If any who were not there last year should desire a cottage, better rush your reservation in IMMEDIATELY, as there is only a chance that there will be any, for the reason that the same people usually reserve the same cabins every year. If you had a cabin last year, we will hold it for you again this year, providing you write in for your reservation within reasonable time. So BE SURE TO NOTIFY our office, Box 111, Eugene, Ore., as soon as possible.

   Those who raise produce will assist a great deal, as in former years, by bringing a supply of vegetables, fruits, etc., if you have them.

   All meals will be served in the dining room, cafeteria style, as heretofore, and at COST. The last two years we made a blanket charge of $1 per adult person per day. Two years ago we came out with a nice amount to spare for the radio work. Last year we just about broke even. I haven't checked food costs there locally yet this year, but the charge will not be larger than last year unless food costs have risen enough to make it necessary, and then only in proportion to the increased cost to us.

   Last year was pronounced by all the most profitable, enjoyable Feast of Tabernacles yet. God willing, we hope to make it even better this year. It's really THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFE- TIME, to get away from the hum-drum, the care, the routine of every-day life — to GET AWAY from the same old environment, — to get out in God's great, majestic and awe-inspiring mountains, close to His quiet and peaceful nature, and spend eight happy, inspiring, joyful days in worship of Him, in fellowship with His people, in learning thrilling, important new truths from His Word — eight days of rest and relaxation from THIS WORLD — eight days of invigorating, soul-renewing, GROWING in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Yes, GOD COMMANDS our presence there! You'll read Zech 14:17-19 the punishment on those who do not attend AFTER JESUS COMES. So, let none make excuse! Our very salvation might be at stake. We are in PERILOUS TIMES. We cannot afford to neglect these ordinances of God so near the coming of Christ. God bless you all — I'll be looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.

   Don't forget, Feast of Trumpets, Sept. 15, and Day of Atonement, Sept. 24.

Sincerely, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

P.S. The rates and conditions for this year will remain the same as heretofore. Hotel — one person, one bed, $2.50 per night. Two persons, one bed, $3.00 per night. Cabin, one bed, $2.50, two beds, $3.00 per night.

Publication Date: September 03, 1947
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