February 03, 1949  
February 03, 1949 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 

Pasadena, California
February 03, 1949

Dear Friend: GREETINGS!

   I've been wondering if you had lost me on the radio. Some time back I sent you the literature you requested — but I haven't heard from you for quite awhile.

   I'm back on the air full time again on the most powerful station in all North America — XEG. In fact, SEVEN nights a week now, instead of six — EVERY NIGHT, at 8 o'clock Central Standard Time.

   I don't believe you've been getting The PLAIN TRUTH for some time, either. For years we were unable to publish it regularly. Now The PLAIN TRUTH is coming out every month! And say! I know you won't want to miss this January-February number! I want you to read it EVERY MONTH thru 1949. FREE! NO SUBSCRIPTION PRICE!

   Now LISTEN! This is IMPORTANT! Are you sure you fully grasp the real meaning of what is happening to the world just now? Not many are awake to it! Most people just drift along in their daily routine — just as if the world had always been like this. But SOMETHING TERRIBLE is happening to the world! Something different — the people of fifty, a hundred, three thousand years ago, never saw or dreamed of conditions like we have today. Never before was the WHOLE WORLD upset, in war and fear of war, in famine, disease, poverty, unrest, strife, fear, — CHAOS! NEVER!

   Yes, a TERRIBLE THING IS HAPPENING. It is a world revolution! Do you realize HOW RAPIDLY these terrific events are moving — yes, moving relentlessly and SWIFTLY right toward YOU and yours? Soon, and suddenly — VIOLENTLY! — this world conflagration will change your entire life. The IMPORTANT THING is that you know how to escape the trouble, and PROTECT YOURSELF, AND YOURS! You can, and you need not fear or worry — if you know what to do!

   Things seem prosperous here. But the United States is the ONLY nation left on earth where there is any degree of prosperity — where people have enough to eat, to wear — where they can afford luxuries, entertainments, and have full freedom. But already a poverty-ridden world is sapping our strength!

   WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? WHERE IS IT LEADING? To keep you well informed on what's happening, and GOING to happen — what's back of it all — the real meaning — I have gone to New York, Washington, San Francisco — to London, Geneva, Paris. I have talked to world leaders. I have obtained vital information in the Foreign Office, the Colonial Office in London — Committee Rooms of the House Un-American Activities Committee in Washington. I have learned inside facts first hand.

   In a full hour interview, privately, in his apartment, I learned from Constanin Fotich, pre-Tito Ambassador from Yugoslavia, what has happened in that unhappy country. I had a long personal interview with the Foreign Minister from Syria. Former leaders from Poland, Latvia, Esthonia, Lithuania, have told me personally how their countries were overthrown, crushed under the iron boot of Russia, their people's farms, stores, and businesses taken from them, their citizens made slaves! The world doesn't realize what crimes Russia has committed! I have learned the inside TRUTH from official sources first hand. I know well, and have had long personal interviews with Sheik Haffiz Wabba, in charge of PALESTINE affairs for the Arabs, and from interviews with him in San Francisco and in London I know the Arab views on PALESTINE. Then to learn the Jewish view first hand, I spent nearly an entire afternoon in New York with the executive secretary of the world Zionist Federation. In Washington, D. C., some weeks ago, I made arrangements with an editor of one of the great weekly news magazines having correspondents in all parts of the world, to send me by special telegraphic report vital world happenings fulfilling prophecy, not reported in magazines or newspapers — to be broadcast the very following night on my WORLD TOMORROW program, Coast to Coast!

   So you see MUCH of the most significant happenings FULFILLING PROPHECY can be read only in The PLAIN TRUTH, — heard only on The WORLD TOMORROW program! Newspaper men and radio commentators DO NOT KNOW OR UNDERSTAND PROPHECY — and consequently cannot under- stand the REAL MEANING of world events! Few, if any ministers or speakers on PROPHECY understand world news, or have these vital personal contacts and sources of inside information, or the twenty years' professional experience as a magazine and newspaper writer which provides the unique background of this work.

   LOOK AT THE WORLD TODAY! In China, the battle rages. The Reds are about to capture all China. Nothing short of a billion dollars from the U.S. and sending American troops to fight Reds in China can save China now. We cannot do that and save Europe too. We can't do it without war with Russia — WORLD WAR III! That's why Madame Chiang Kai-shek's desperate mission to Washington has failed!

   LOOK at Europe! We find ourselves now trying to revive and help a Germany to RESIST RUSSIA which might have destroyed Russia six short years ago if we had not then helped Russia to destroy Germany! Do you think our politicians in Washington KNOW what they are doing — KNOW what is prophesied — where their flip-flop foreign policies are leading us? Underground in Germany, and throughout Europe, a mysterious and dynamic movement is rising which will ASTOUND and ROCK THE WORK in a few short years! Yet official Washington is blissfully asleep to what is really happening! You can know the truth and follow this breath-taking fulfillment of prophecy IF YOU READ THE PLAIN TRUTH AND LISTEN TO "THE WORLD TOMORROW."

   For these terrible, yet exciting last days Almighty God has raised up this work to shout to the world the last solemn warning from GOD ALMIGHTY before the final GREAT TRIBULATION, and TERRIBLE DAY OF THE LORD with its frightful plagues. This is GOD'S work, and therefore it is conducted GOD'S WAY — different from any other work, activity, or movement I know. IT HAS NOTHING TO SELL. We proclaim the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it's a FREE Gospel of a FREE salvation — it cannot be sold like so much merchandise. It's without money, and without price. THE PLAIN TRUTH is FREE, no subscription price. There is no price on any of our literature, of course you know that it takes money — lots of money — to carry on a work of this great national and international scope. It is costing us several thousand dollars every month just to buy time on the most powerful radio stations alone, — and it also now is costing into thousands of dollars every month to print and mail out The PLAIN TRUTH to such a large national and international mailing list. But these powerful modern facilities are carrying God's true last-day message to an accumulative audience of more than five million precious souls each week.

   And so, although it does cost a great deal of money, we are happy that God has so guided and empowered this work; and given us experience in conducting it so efficiently that every dollar placed in this work carries His vital message to two thousand precious souls! THINK OF IT! Every dollar carries the most vital precious message in the world to more than two thousand souls. In order that the message may go free, without money and without price, God's work is financed GOD'S WAY, by the tithes and liberal offerings of His own people, who willingly and voluntarily GIVE, so that we in turn may give the Gospel.

   We are now bringing our large nation-wide mailing list up to date for 1949. I WANT YOUR NAME on this new 1949 mailing list to receive The PLAIN TRUTH every month thru 1949. So be sure to fill in the coupon below — plainly, please, — and I'll send you this vital, INTERESTING, entirely unique magazine beginning with the January number, IF YOU HURRY.

   BEFORE YOU DO ANOTHER THING — Yes, before you even lay this letter down, fill in the coupon below, place it in the enclosed reply-envelope, and MAIL IT AT ONCE — do it right now, and then you won't get something else on you mind and neglect it.

Sincerely, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

The WORLD TOMORROW: Heard East of the Rockies every night XEG,
1050, center of the dial, 8PM Central Standard Time PACIFIC COAST:
XERB, 1090 on the dial, 9PM Sunday nights. KXL, Portland, 750 on
the dial, 7:30 AM Saturday. KVAN, 910 on the dial, 5PM Sundays.
Seattle: KVI, 570 on the dial, 10:30 PM, and KXA, 770, 9:30 AM,

To HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG, Box 111, Pasadena, Calif.

C O U P O N: Yes, I'll be glad to receive The Plain Truth thru
1949. (No subscription price)


(Note: This letter is the same as January 13, 1949, reason unknown.)

Publication Date: February 03, 1949
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