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Brethren & Co-Worker Letters
April 25, 1949  
April 25, 1949 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Box 111
Pasadena, California

April 25, 1949

Dear Inner Family of Co-Workers:

   Our business manager just a moment ago came into my office and informed me God's work is running head-on into another desperate crisis. Unless generous help comes immediately, the very life of the work will be threatened with sudden death by next week.

   This realization falls like a crushing weight on my shoulders. I had hoped we could avert any such crisis all this year. You remember that all last year was a harrowing trial of financial difficulty, until we came to the final December crisis, when our Co-Workers responded so nobly and generously and put the work once again on its feet. I had been through such an ordeal personally that I had to pray earnestly for God to spare me from such further nerve-shattering pressure at least for some time and give me a rest from it, or I should not have been able to carry on at the helm of this great work. God had graciously given me a third of a year's rest from such difficulties — and during this time He has marvelously blessed this work and advanced it and granted it a precious harvest of souls.

   I believe the real reason for the dropping off in tithes and offerings for the expenses of the work is the fact that I have not yet been able to get out the March-April number of The PLAIN TRUTH, or even to send you the Co-Workers' BULLETIN I have wanted to send, showing the surprising things God has done for the advancement of His work since the first of the year, with pictures illustrating the fine announcement I have for you.

   So may I briefly explain WHY you haven't received these? You know the crushing strain I had undergone last year had simply brought me, personally, and physically, to a point of enervation where I was unable to throw off a cold and attack of flu, and I simply had to stop and go away for a complete rest and a fast to cleanse my system of accumulated toxins and poisons. But you know I'm only human, and I make mistakes once in a while, the same as you — and I am not above admitting it. After many years' experience in fasting and diets, what I did may seem inexcusable, — I didn't realize what I was doing until too late. Here's what I did: instead of the usual orange juice fast as I have used before, and supervised for many others, I spared myself some of the hunger pangs this time by taking more orange juice. Instead of one glass at a time, I took two. Instead of taking it three or four times a day as I should, and always had before, I took another two glasses every two hours and sometimes after only an hour and a half. And Mrs. Armstrong, bless her heart, in trying to make it easier for me, and spare me from hunger-pangs, kept squeezing more and more orange juice, just so lovingly — and I kept taking it! Well, after 24 days of that, and after breaking that so-called fast, instead of feeling so wonderful, so clear-headed, and full of energy and power as I always had after a fast before, I felt tired, worn out, and as if in a mental fog — and I just simply have not been able to get going and get my work done. I should have KNOWN that one can over do anything, and even a good thing taken to excess becomes injurious. What I did was to take more citrus juice than the system can absorb, and neutralize and destroy a good portion of the calcium in my body. Now I am having to build back up by eating plenty of protein and calcium-containing foods. I'm noticing daily improvement, and regaining strength rapidly — I'll be all right in a little while — but without realizing it I did a foolish thing, and the work has had to suffer, and I have been unable to finish writing The PLAIN TRUTH, or prepare the BULLETIN which will bring you a real surprise in the development of this work. Co-Workers, let my experience teach you the importance of MODERATION in ALL things.

   Meanwhile, THE WORK IS IN GREAT NEED AND APPROACHING GRAVE DANGER. I never send you such an appeal unless the need is REAL and URGENT. I know you'll hold up my hands, and come generously to the rescue. Once again, will some of you who are able send in a thousand, or several thousand dollars? If you can send a few hundred, send that — and all the rest of you who simply cannot send larger amounts, please once again supply this desperate need by literal DOWNPOUR of widow's mites — nearly all of you can send at least two dollars each. I'm going to trust God to see that you do — and as often as He makes possible.

Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: April 25, 1949
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