June 01, 1949  
June 01, 1949 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 


Box 111
Pasadena, California

June 1, 1949

Dear Friends and Co-Workers:

   GREETINGS! At last The PLAIN TRUTH is ready to go to press.

   I have some wonderful news for you. It will come as a big surprise to most of you — and I'm sure, a very happy one. Some very wonderful and fine things have happened, and are developing, for the college, and for the great work of proclaiming Christ's Gospel to all the world, sending the last warning Message to all America, and the salvation of thousands of precious souls.

   God is blessing this work beyond anything we even imagined or hoped for one or two years ago. I have a big and happy surprise for you about the college and its future. But there isn't space to tell you in this letter. Just as soon as The PLAIN TRUTH if off the press and mailed to you, I will try to send you a new BULLETIN of several pages, profusely illustrated — so you can SEE in pictures what I have to tell you. Great progress is being made. Plans also are being made now soon to send out the WORLD TOMORROW program over additional super-power radio stations. We hope soon to have it on one of the great 50,000-watt New York City stations, in addition to at least two other powerful stations covering the Middle-West, and I am preparing now soon to have the program going out every night in the year over one of the better Los Angeles stations covering this great and fast-growing Southern California section better than at present.

   The other day a very active churchman from Alabama visited us and Ambassador College. He has been investigating and making contacts all the way across the country and he told me he finds that ministers everywhere are almost universally listening to "The WORLD TOMORROW" program, hundreds of them being helped by it.

   All over the United States hundreds, converted thru this great work of God, are awaiting baptism, and in just the next week or two we plan to start sending out at least two of the four men who are soon to tour the country, visiting and baptizing these people. Already AMBASSADOR COLLEGE is bearing precious fruit — for two of our students are now ready to start out in this wonderful work. I only regret, that I cannot be hundreds of places at once and visit all these dear people myself, but the very purpose of the college is to train and prepare some of those whom God has called to assist me actively in this way, and God has provided us with consecrated and well-qualified men. I am tentatively planning (the Lord willing) a speaking tour myself along about next February or March, but I cannot leave personally until then.

   In my last letter I explained the battle I have been having to get myself into the best physical efficiency for the heavy responsibilities I must carry. It has been a slow and patience-trying struggle. It has taken longer than I hoped. I have done my best, and now am approaching tip-top shape. The PLAIN TRUTH is at last written, and now I believe I am in shape to once again KEEP IT COMING EVERY MONTH. I shall do my very best. It seems many of our co-workers let down on their part in this work when The PLAIN TRUTH is delayed and once again THE WORK IS SUFFERING, AND FACING A CRISIS. So I simply have to send you this letter, to let you know that this most interesting issue of The PLAIN TRUTH is now WAITING ON YOU!

   I have finished my part — but our co-workers once again, many of them, are letting down on their part, and we do not now have enough funds coming in to pay for the printing and mailing. We have received one large offering for this specific purpose, but we need a great deal more. We can GIVE The PLAIN TRUTH only as our Co-Workers GIVE for that purpose. We cannot put a price on the precious GOSPEL. It cannot be sold like merchandise.

   I believe you will be THRILLED with this issue. I believe it is the best and most interesting ever published. There are articles on the dynamic change that has taken place in Europe — the significance of the Cardinal Mindszenty episode, — the significance of the fact a FIGHTING POPE has suddenly emerged at the Vatican — the real MEANING of the NEW GERMANY now being born! All these things mean something that will happen soon to YOU and YOURS, as well as our whole nation! There are articles on Water Baptism, The IMAGE of the "Beast," What to do in case of fevers, colds, diseases, sicknesses — an article on fasting and diet; Should you join a Church? Tithing; Where Does the Money Go, and how is it handled, when sent in for this work; The SEVEN KEYS to Understanding the Bible — certainly an eye-opening article different from anything you ever read.

   We are now in the difficult summer months when some of you nay not be able to hear the broadcast as clearly as during winter, but remember, the full half-hour message is going out every night over the most powerful standard-wave station in North America, beside all the other big stations, and hundreds of thousands still hear the message every night.

   It takes thousands of dollars every month to carry on this great work, reaching MILLIONS of people all over North America, converting and changing thousands of lives, reaping a precious and great harvest of souls. IT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT ACTIVITY ON THIS EARTH TODAY! God is blessing it now as never before. It is bearing tremendous fruit for His Kingdom. And this precious work of God is again in need! Now I am asking God to just lay this need, and this burden SO HEAVILY upon your heart that you'll be stirred and aroused to send in immediately the very LARGEST sum for His work you can possibly send — whether that be only the two widow's mites, or a generous offering of several thousand dollars. And PLEASE KEEP PRAYING EARNESTLY for this work, and for me personally. Join me in prayer, and in AGREEING with me that God will lay it on the hearts of co-workers Coast to Coast to send upon us a veritable downpour of generous offerings. And GOD BLESS YOU!

Urgently, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 01, 1949
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