September 23, 1949  
September 23, 1949 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Analyses Today's News, with the Prophesies of THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

September 23, 1949

Dear Co-Workers in Christ:

   The most important — I believe the most interesting — number of The PLAIN TRUTH ever published is now ready for the printers, with that astonishing article, "UNDER COVER IN EUROPE;" and also "The NUMBER OF THE BEAST — 666," showing on whom it is branded; "WHAT IS THE SOUL?" "Shall I Join a Church?" "Did CHRIST, who was actually GOD in human flesh, DIE, or did only His BODY die?" and others.

   Co-Workers, I have had so much on my hands to do it has been a real task to get this number written. But now once again THE PLAIN TRUTH IS HELD UP WAITING ON OUR CO-WORKERS! There is no money on hand to pay for its printing!

   All this year God has INCREASINGLY blessed this work — more each month than the month before; yet, all this year, a larger number of co-workers each month seem to become lax or careless, and each month our Co-Workers, as a whole, ARE LETTING GOD'S PRECIOUS WORK DOWN, each month more than the month before. Co-Workers, THIS OUGHT NOT TO BE, and it cannot continue, OR THIS WORK MUST STOP! It is only because a portion of our Co-Workers have continued to stand so loyally back of God's work and a great sacrifice have continued month after month to be faithful and honest with GOD'S TITHE, and GENEROUS with their offerings — some of you perhaps even more than you really should — that this wonderful work is still alive and growing, now! God bless you! BUT NOW WE ARE AT THE VERY END, AND WILL GO OFF THE AIR IN TWO WEEKS, UNLESS SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS COME BY RETURN MAIL.

   NEVER has this work been so blessed of God! NEVER has it borne such rich and abundant fruit for God's Kingdom! NEVER has it advanced and grown as during this year. And yet NEVER have our Co-Workers continued, month by month, to let down more and more in sending in the money so desperately needed to carry it on.

   AMBASSADOR COLLEGE has simply leaped ahead in progress. First of all, I have now, at least three years sooner than I ever expected, men whom I know to be called of God, truly converted, consecrated, trained, and competent men, fully qualified, now. This summer I sent out two of them on a Coast to Coast baptizing tour. SEVENTY-EIGHT precious souls were baptized by them on their tour — people converted by the broadcast, The PLAIN TRUTH, and literature from our office — yes, really CONVERTED — their lives completely CHANGED! Several others have come from different parts of the country to Pasadena to be baptized in our beautiful out-door baptistery here on our campus. But, most important, there are STILL FOUR HUNDRED OTHERS AWAITING BAPTISM whom we have not yet been able to reach. Co-Workers, THINK OF THAT GREAT HARVEST OF SOULS! How much is salvation worth to you? How many dollars is eternal life for just one soul worth? More than billions! Yet HUNDREDS are being brought to salvation thru Christ, WHILE OUR CO-WORKERS LAG AND NEGLECT TO SEND IN THE NEEDED DOLLARS!

   This year AMBASSADOR COLLEGE is off to a fine start. There are two new professors, and while still probably the smallest Liberal Arts college in America, student enrollment is nearly doubled that of last year. We have students from Wisconsin, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Oregon, Arkansas, Illinois, Texas and California. We now have acquired FULL POSSESSION of our newly- acquired very fine student-residence building, nearly doubling the size of our most beautiful campus, and our students now are in residence on the campus. New courses have been added in public speaking, radio production, etc., with the finest radio and recording equipment. This newly-acquired very fine property is income-producing, and the income from it PAYS FOR IT. That is just one of the many blessings from God.

   The BROADCASTING WORK is EXPANDING LARGER THAN EVER BEFORE. A few weeks ago we added our local Pasadena station, KAGH, which broadcasts the Message every morning in the year, 1300 on the dial, at 7:30. A week ago we added one of the powerful CHICAGO stations, WAIT, 820 on the dial, 10 o'clock Central Daylight time, every Sunday morning. We hope to add other stations in two weeks.

   The radio broadcast work is GROWING as never before. The college is GROWING, and bearing fruit as never before. The PLAIN TRUTH circulation is GROWING as never before. Precious souls are being converted and baptized AS NEVER BEFORE — by the HUNDREDS! The people of this whole nation are being AROUSED as never before.

   When this is true, brethren and Co-Workers, in Jesus' name tell me, WHY SHOULD OUR CO-WORKERS SHIRK AND FAIL GOD'S WORK, AS NEVER BEFORE? WHY?

   Right now we are coming head-on to an END of this work, unless our Co-Workers BEGIN NOW TO RESPOND AS NEVER BEFORE!

   We have been getting behind the past few weeks in payment of radio bills. OUR POLICY IS TO PAY IN ADVANCE, and unless we catch up and pay that way, we WILL BE SHUT OFF THE AIR OCTOBER 1st! We have to pay up the balance at XEG, and send a big advance-check by Oct. 1st, OR GO OFF THE AIR! Other stations the same!

   BRETHREN, CO-WORKERS, are you going to be spiritually drowsy and sleepy and lukewarm and careless, and permit the voice which has been WARNING THE NATION, proclaiming the TRUE Gospel to the world, led HUNDREDS to Christ and real conversion, — will you permit the voice to be STILLED — shut off the air — AND JUST WHEN THE SEASON IS AGAIN HERE WHEN AT LEAST FOUR TIMES AS MANY PEOPLE BEGIN TO HEAR THE PRECIOUS MESSAGE?

   The college needs more books for the library. It needs more equipment for the science department. There are bills to be paid — GOD'S WORK MUST BE KEPT FREE FROM DEBT!

   And — The PLAIN TRUTH is now WAITING ON YOU! I can't sent it to the printers until you Co-Workers send in more money. I have done my part — I am giving my last ounce of strength and energy to this great task for God. ARE YOU DOING YOUR PART? Will Christ say to you, when He comes, "WELL DONE, thou good and faithful servant?"

   WE MUST HAVE SEVERAL THOUSAND EXTRA DOLLARS BY IMMEDIATE AIR-MAIL! THIS NEED IS DESPERATE. Frankly, dear Co-Workers, I am at my wit's end as to how to say this so you'll realize HOW DESPERATE this situation is! I have done my best, and now I shall just PRAY and trust God to make the desperation of this situation strike down deep into your hearts so the response will now be as over-whelming as the need. PLEASE, SEND THE VERY LARGEST SUMS YOU CAN, EVEN UP TO A FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS — but if the widow's two mites are all you CAN send, remember every single dollar is more necessary than any time this year. God does not expect any to give what they have not got — but He DOES expect every one to give AS HE IS ABLE, and as God prospers him, and if we were more generous with God, then God would see that we prosper more! And, now, WILL YOU PRAY WITH ME? This great work must never stop, or even slow up. GOD IS WORKING IN AND THRU IT. IN JESUS' NAME PUT YOUR MONEY — AS WELL AS GOD'S TITHE — WHERE GOD HIMSELF IS WORKING — WHERE THE TRUE GOSPEL IS BEING PREACHED — WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE BEING TOLD THEIR SINS — WHERE HUNDREDS OF PRECIOUS SOULS ARE BEING CONVERTED, THEIR LIVES TOTALLY CHANGED BY THE POWER OF GOD'S SPIRIT!

Please RUSH — it's vital — and AIR-MAIL! God bless you!
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: September 23, 1949
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