November 13, 1951  
November 13, 1951 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Loma D Armstrong 



November 13, 1951

Dear Friends:

   I must tell you the news.

   Mrs. Mann and I went to Los Angeles to a wholesale house this afternoon and bought sheets, pillow slips, towels, three bed spreads, three mattress covers, and bath mats.

   All of us send our thanks for your generous gift to help buy these supplies for the students' home. We appreciate it very much and all the students do also.

   While I'm writing I also want to add, my thanks to that of Mr. Armstrong's and the rest of the staff here for the wonderful way you have helped to carry on the Gospel work over the Radio. We have millions of new listeners and since going on the new stations and since the daily broadcasts over XERB and XELO many have written in telling how much they are learning about the Bible and God's Message to mankind, and how much help it is to them.

   You can rejoice in this too because its the help of the Co-Workers that has made this possible so again I say thanks! for everything.

Loma D. Armstrong

Publication Date: November 13, 1951
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