January 24, 1952  
January 24, 1952 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 




Box 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

January 24, 1952

Dear Friends and Co-workers:

   Hundreds of you have written me: "I know you never put out an appeal for money unless it is really and seriously NEEDED!"

   That is TRUE! An once again it is NEEDED — desperately!

   God's work is GROWING. It is becoming more and more powerful! It is now carrying the very Message of Jesus Christ to perhaps two or three times as many as ever before — now probably not less than twelve to fifteen million people every week! God is blessing this work as never before! It is producing by far the richest, most abundant harvest of its history.

   We are now back on the air locally in Chicago — station WAIT, at a new time, 1 P.M. every Sunday afternoon. The WORLD TOMORROW is now heard on the following NEW stations:

XEFW — 810 on dial, every night, 9 P.M., and every morning
6:30 A.M. (heard in Eastern states one hour later).
XEDM — 1530 on dial, every night, 8 P.M. Pacific Coast time.
KMAC — San Antonio — 630 on dial, 7 P.M. Sun.
KLEE — Houston — 610 on dial, 10 P.M. Sun, and 12 midnight
Mon. thru Sat.

   For the first time in the 18 years' history of this great and mighty and ever-growing work, an issue of one of our magazines, — either The PLAIN TRUTH, or The GOOD NEWS is coming our REGULARLY, every month. For the first time we have been able to set a definite SCHEDULE for publication, to be as rigidly maintained as that of any big national magazine. The February number is scheduled to be trucked, in its scores of mail sacks, to the post-office on February 5; the March number on February 26th, and each issue for the entire year thereafter not later than the 26th of month preceding date of issue. NEVER have we been able to accomplish this goal before. This is indeed GOOD NEWS!

   Ambassador College is GROWING. The College Bulletin, Catalog Issue, for the 1952-53 college year is now off the press and ready for distribution to those seeking complete information and details about the college, courses offered, credits, requirements, tuition, standards, the new graduate school of theology. We are outgrowing "Mayfair," our fine student residence on the campus, and will have to provide additional student housing by next September, but God will provide it His own way. It is very possible that from one to four buildings, adjoining our campus, may be donated to the college. I don't know that this is the exact WAY God will provide, but I do ask you all to pray most earnestly with me, in firm and living FAITH, that God will provide the need as He wills.

   Yes, the work is growing — things are literally HUMMING with activity here — thousands and thousands of new names are going on the mailing lists to receive the precious Gospel literature — but our Co-Workers, very many of them, are slacking off again in their efforts. In ten more days this could become a fatal crisis! It is an absolutely DESPERATE NEED already! Co-Workers, EVERY ONE, leap to my aid! Send in the very largest sum you possibly can, at any sacrifice, BY RETURN AIR-MAIL in the enclosed envelope, whether is be a check or draft for several thousand dollars or only one or two dollar bills — the widow's mites. There is no time for more words. I must make this brief so it can be printed and mailed AT ONCE. It's VITAL to the life of the work that you keep tithes and offerings coming in REGULARLY — as often as possible!

Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: January 24, 1952
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