February 12, 1952  
February 12, 1952 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 




Box 111, Pasadena, California

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February 12, 1952

Dear Friend and Loyal Co-worker:

   Again, I'm happy to acknowledge with thanks and deep appreciation the tithe (and/or offering) you most recently sent in for God's great work.

   Even as God permits us to be tried and tested for our strengthening, so He permits His mighty work which He is carrying to the world in its supreme crisis thru us to be put to the test. Right now this mighty work is facing the most critical test of the eighteen years of its existence.

   For some four years the work of broadcasting and publishing the Gospel to America and the world was forced to mark time, while so much of our energies went into the founding and establishing of Ambassador College. We suffered birth-pangs that this college might be born, and survive its infancy — pain and suffering which no other human can know or understand. But the college survived, and grew. Small as it still is, our professors — experienced educators — tell me that our growth has been more rapid and steady than that of many other colleges when they started. We are all very happy over its success — success granted, and really produced, by the Eternal our God.

   But last summer I knew we had reached the time when the great Gospel work must go out in constantly increasing and multiplying POWER. On sheer faith, but knowing I was guided by God and following His will, I contracted for radio time on additional super-power stations. This past fall and winter more than twice as many people have been hearing God's last warning Message. Now, with additional stations added during the very middle of the winter, The WORLD TOMORROW goes daily and weekly into every nook and corner of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It is broad- cast regularly over the three most powerful stations covering the entire U.S.A., — the only three 150,000-watt stations right at the border covering all America — stations three times as powerful as the largest big-city United States stations! It is broadcast regularly — daily — over another three 50,000-watt stations, equal to the most powerful United States radio stations. Then it is being broadcast regularly — daily or weekly, — over six powerful stations in key cities in the United States — Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio.

   That is TREMENDOUS power! It makes the WORLD TOMORROW one of the most listened-to — perhaps the MOST listened-to — program in the nation today. Three different systems of checking up and measuring indicate a weekly audience of not less than ten or twelve million people! People are being stirred — aroused — awakened — as never before in this nation! It's the most powerful true Gospel program since the days of Christ and the Apostles! But now we face the BIG TEST, as we near the end of the mid-winter season, — the BIG TEST whether this great enlarged program can stay on the air. It COSTS MORE MONEY. A let-up of just one week might prove fatal. I want YOU to know how VERY important your own personal sacrifice and financial help, and encouragement, and prayers for the preservation of this work are. GOD BLESS YOU for what you have done! It's shaking the nation! THOUSANDS are being converted — CHANGED! I know you'll PRAY, and SACRIFICE thru this testing period, that we may survive it.

Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: February 12, 1952
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