May 01, 1952  
May 01, 1952 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

May 1, 1952

Dear Co-Workers in Christ:

   WHAT'S WRONG? Why are thousands of you Co-Workers letting God's great work down? Two weeks ago I sent out a long letter which should have made every heart consecrated to God leap for joy. It told of God's blessings to His work — of the expansion of the work, not only, now at last, to carry the very GOSPEL Jesus preached to Britain and all Europe, but also the very beginning, at last, of the project at Gladewater, Texas, to provide a place of meeting and assembling of God's people converted thru this great work.

   There has been a certain interest on the part of a FEW in the Gladewater project, but there has been only SILENCE from thousands of you Co-Workers whose responsibility it is to keep this work financially afloat, and growing and expanding in power.

   NOW THE ENTIRE WORK FACES IMMEDIATE DISASTER. Suddenly the whole great work is plunged into the most serious crisis in years. The May number of the GOOD NEWS was all printed and ready for delivery from the printing plant ten days ago. We paid two-thirds of the printing cost in advance, and our arrangement with the printers is to pay the final third on a C. O. D. basis, on delivery. But thousands of Co-Workers have let us down. There is no money to pay that last third, and we have had to let those scores of thousands of copies of The GOOD NEWS lie there at the printing plant ten days. The June number is due to go to press in four days. I had planned to send you an issue of The PLAIN TRUTH, instead, this time, and have it almost ready for the printers — but lack of funds makes it impossible.

   This is the greatest, most important work on earth. It has DOUBLED in size, power, and good accomplished since last September. But now for ten days money has dropped off. Already we are thousands of dollars behind. In another week, unless your response is IMMEDIATE, and large enough to make up this deficit of thousands of dollars, we shall have to GO OFF THE AIR. I have to tell you, dear Co-Workers, IT'S JUST THAT SERIOUS! I hope none of you misunderstood what I wrote about the meeting and project for the future at Gladewater. We are not starting a denomination. We are merely providing for what God COMMANDS — a place where those converted thru this great work and who have and LIVE God's truth may not longer have to forsake assembling themselves together. We are not taking money out of the Gospel work for it. I asked for separate contributions over and above regular tithes and offerings, on the part of those INTERESTED in this project. So far, in spite of the enthusiastic letters from some, the amount of this special fund is only a fraction of the need. I can report to you now that Mr. Hammer has tied up, and put in escrow, one of the adjoining properties we had to purchase, and a deal is pending on the other. He has himself advanced money on it. The two men going to Europe this summer are putting their own savings into it, paying nearly all of their own transportation. Some of you have sent in generous SPECIAL offerings, in some cases from those who had not been co-workers but want to help in this start toward preaching the Gospel to Europe. But THE WORK ITSELF takes thousands of dollars every month, and will be STOPPED DEAD, and quickly, unless you Co- Workers — ALL OF YOU — respond IMMEDIATELY as never before, with the largest amounts each of you can send — whether that be just the widow's two mites, or a check for several thousand dollars. Every widow' mite counts — send in a downpour of them — but the hundreds and thousands count MORE and are needed from the FEW who are able. I have to rest this in your hands, commit it to God, and trust Him to ROUSE YOU ALL to an immediate and a tremendous response! Just when the work is growing in power, producing its greatest harvest, receiving GOD'S richest blessings, is certainly no time to let down. DO AS THE ANCIENT ISRAELITES DID WHEN MOSES SENT OUT AN S.O.S. FOR THE NEED OF THAT TIME — THE PEOPLE RESPONDED SO GENEROUSLY AND UNIVERSALLY HE HAD TO SEND OUT A SECOND PROCLAMATION ASKING THEM TO LET UP — more was coming in than they could use! Co-Workers, let's wake up — let's shake off this complacency, indifference and delay — EVERYONE GET BACK OF THIS BIG PUSH WITH ALL YOU POSSIBLY CAN SEND. God bless you, I know you won't let the great work die!

Sincerely, IN JESUS' NAME,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: May 01, 1952
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