September 04, 1952  
September 04, 1952 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Analyses Today's News, with the Prophesies of THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

September 4, 1952

GREETINGS! Co-Workers under Christ:

   Another college year has begun — and with it comes an URGENT EMERGENCY!

   I have to drop everything, and rush this urgent appeal to you IMMEDIATELY. We have this year the largest freshman class of new students we have ever had. Ambassador College is GROWING, as it has, of course from the first — now entering it's sixth year! Already the college is PRODUCING ASTONISHING RESULTS. Those who first entered now are all graduated.

   Look what they are accomplishing! This week a new church is being started in the San Diego. Young ministers from the college or the graduate school will be in San Diego for services every week. That's only the beginning. All summer we have had young ministers trained here at Ambassador College preaching in our churches in Oregon. The project near Gladewater, Texas, is progressing rapidly — the ground is now all cleared, and the architect is beginning to work on plans for the tabernacle. We hope by next summer or fall to have a new church raised up there. We hope in the next few months to establish new churches in the Los Angeles district.

   You have heard the thrilling broadcasts from our men in Europe this summer — you are reading their articles in The GOOD NEWS and The PLAIN TRUTH. They laid plans to soon put the broad- cast ON THE AIR ALL OVER EUROPE. These men between them speak the four languages most commonly spoken — English, French, German and Spanish. Plans are being laid to broadcast to ALL THE FAR EAST — China behind the red iron curtain, Japan, the Philippines, Burma, Indo-China. Two of our baptizing teams have baptized more than 300 precious souls this summer — altogether all of our men and myself have baptized almost 400 so far this year, and apparently the number will pass 400 before the year's end.

   NEVER has this work been blessed with such marvelous results — never has it reaped such a large and precious harvest! Still the laborers are too few. Still the harvest is plenteous and the laborers are TOO FEW — and we need to pray God to send forth MORE laborers for His closing great harvest!

   I'm happy to report that more future laborers are entering the college this week to be trained for future responsibility, some of them with very promising talent that is outstanding.

   But as the college grows, we are caught short of equipment. We haven't enough beds for them to sleep on — we do not have enough study desks for them to study on — we lack much in necessary facilities for this increased number of students. We have to purchase nearly $1,000 worth of additional beds for them to sleep on THIS VERY WEEK, and we do not have the additional funds to cover. The truth is, God is sending us laborers for the harvest faster than you co-workers supply necessary funds to keep them, and the work, going. THAT IS YOUR PART!

   The past week receipt of money has been falling off again. CO-WORKERS, I MUST ASK YOU TO COME TO THE RESCUE BY RETURN MAIL WITH THE LARGEST SUMS YOU POSSIBLY CAN SEND. It's a dire need. It's an IMMEDIATE and URGENT need. This is the greatest work on earth. We need every dollar — the widow' mites, and the larger amounts from those who are able.

   THE BROADCAST GOES BACK ON THE AIR ON XEG AND XELO EVERY NIGHT BEGINNING MONDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 15th! SAME TIME! XEG will go out with about TWICE the power this fall — isn't that wonderful news? We go back on XERB, heard on Pacific Coast, every night beginning September 29 with the change from daylight time back to standard time — 7:00 PM every night. We are already on the air again every morning in the Los Angeles local area. This work is growing — producing a WONDERFUL harvest — and it is right now in DESPERATE NEED. THANK YOU, and GOD BLESS YOU — I know you'll spring to the rescue with all you can send by return mail.

Sincerely, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

P.S. — We are ready to start the building of the tabernacle near Gladewater. Right now, more than ever before, we need special LARGE sums for this purpose. The Gladewater project, up to now, has been in EXCELLENT shape. We were able to purchase both tracts of land for cash, without incurring any mortgages or indebtedness. Brother Hammer is supervising the work, and has had to employ several men in the clearing of the tract, but this is all done and paid for. We have, however, not more than one-tenth enough money on hand in this special fund for the construction of the new tabernacle which must be ready before next spring. THERE'S NO TIME TO LOSE. This work must progress. HELP US KEEP IT ON A PAY-AS-WE- GO BASIS! What a wonderful accomplishment if we can have this all built and prepared by next Passover time, without debt — all paid as we go. This way we get discounts and save money. Right now let's make a great EXTRA EFFORT to go OVER THE TOP on this building fund! If you can only spare an extra widow's mite, send it — every dollar counts. But can't some of you who are able now send special offerings for this fund of one or several hundred dollars, or perhaps even a few thousand dollars? The tabernacle will be the lowest-cost type structure that is practical to erect, yet attractive in appearance. Don't take a single cent away from the regular broadcast and publishing Gospel work for this fund, but send the largest possible SPECIAL offering you are able.

Publication Date: September 04, 1952
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