April 04, 1954  
April 04, 1954 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

April 4, 1954

Dear Co-Workers:

   This is a matter of life and death! Even now it may be too late, but I'm rushing this on Sunday — even a day's delay would be fatal. READ EVERY WORD before you lay this down!

   It's far more than the life and death of any person — we face this minute the death of God's all-important work. But it has looked hopeless before, and God rescued us! Thousands of co- workers seemed to misunderstand my last letter, and decided we didn't need their prayers or money any more. I opened that letter: "Thank God! — we're still on the air." because I was thankful beyond words to God and to you Co-Workers that you had kept God's work going — SO FAR. But it seems few of you read the next paragraph, that we now approached the very crisis bottle-neck of this whole tight squeeze we are in. I wanted to encourage you — I was grateful — thankful!

   Here's the situation this minute: Unless THOUSANDS of widow's mites, from thousands of you, and MANY good sized sums from $25 or $50 up to several thousand dollars each arrive yet this week I have to cancel the net-work this very week! The president of the advertising agency, to whom we have to pay all these bills, came to see me last night, wanting me to cancel. I prevailed on him to wait just a few more days.

   I told you more and more NEW co-workers from among our NEW listeners would keep joining us month by month. THEY ARE! We are actually GAINING — yet right now, as we have ALMOST stopped going behind with monthly payments, we are about to be cut off suddenly! We went behind several thousand dollars during November and December, getting this great ABC net-work started. January we went behind another $15,000 — receiving that much LESS than January expenses; February we went behind only $10,000, and March only $1,950 — almost breaking even — BUT EACH MONTH ADDING THAT MUCH CURRENT INDEBTEDNESS. And now, just as we are about to overtake this falling behind, and to be able to meet current expenses and pay off part each month on this accumulated deficit, they are PRESSING US, and IMPATIENT, and unwilling to carry on any further!

   CO-WORKERS! Victory is almost in sight — if we can only keep on INCREASING the amount of money we put into God's work month by month just a few more months, THOUSANDS will soon be converted — brought into God's Kingdom forever — if we hold on a few more months. Are we to quit and lose out now, after having spent close to $75,000 on this great net-work, reaching the areas WE NEVER REACHED BEFORE where 55% of all United States people live? THINK OF IT! OVER HALF OF OUR ENTIRE POPULATION!

   Are we to condemn these hundreds of thousands of new listeners for eternity — are we to now have thrown that $75,000 down a rat-hole — to LOSE the thousands of NEW co-workers we shall soon have to HELP us finance God's great work — by quitting now?

   I say NO! A thousand times NO!!

   I call on you — every one — in the name of Jesus Christ, to PRAY WITH ME, as never before — and KEEP ON praying, earnestly and BELIEVINGLY, week after week and month after month — and to put into God's precious work ALL YOU POSSIBLY CAN whether the widow's mites, or a really large sum! If you have a sum of $500 up to a few thousand you are not able to give, but could loan for a year or more, we can transfer that amount of debt from radio creditors to you — but give it if you can.

   These hydrogen bomb revelations ought to make us realize NOTHING is important now but to shout God's WARNING to the world, and become active in HIS WORK, and PRAY, and keep so close to God we are UNDER HIS PROTECTION in the FRIGHTFUL days ahead! Our money and all material possessions will soon be blasted out of existence, anyway. There is no security but GOD! His work of WARNING the world, and proclaiming HIS KINGDOM is more important than our lives, or anything we have or own, right now!

   I call on you now to PRAY as never before, that we shall not be forced to quit, just when victory is in sight! And KEEP IT UP — -week after week — month after month. WE CAN'T STOP!

Yours in hope, in faith,and in the name of Jesus Christ,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: April 04, 1954
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