April 26, 1954  
April 26, 1954 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

April 26, 1954

Dear Co-Workers:

   The desperate life-and-death struggle to keep alive this greatly enlarged work of God continues.

   RIGHT NOW the fate of the work of God is being decided! It is being determined by WHAT YOU DO, these next two weeks!

   Right now we are at the turning point — one way or the other! It's the supreme crisis — and the answer is either the LIFE, or the death, of this tremendous program into which God has plunged us!

   The work is not saved yet! Several times it has looked like we could not carry on another day. I have hung grimly on — thru faith and constant prayer!

   REMEMBER THIS! God stepped up this great work last fall to almost twice the former scope and power. The last Message of God to the world is now going ALL AROUND THE WORLD, except Australia, South Africa, and South America. Letters are coming in from listeners hearing the Message in INDIA, far-flung Malaya, from Singapore — half way around the world — even from New Zealand and Japan — from Alaska, Hawaii, the islands of the far-away south Pacific; from all parts of Europe and the British Isles.

   Again I want to let you "look over my shoulder" and read many of the letters from new listeners in the north-eastern part of the United States — the most congested population areas, which we never reached before, where more than HALF the entire population of the United States lives; but first I want you to realize the situation.

   So READ THIS CAREFULLY! Co-Workers, this is not "just another religious broadcast." This is not "just another religious movement." The world has been full of those — all in this modern confusion. THIS is the very WORK OF GOD FOR THIS TIME!

   What's the difference? Co-Workers, it's most important that you realize this fully! It's exactly the SAME difference that always has marked a sharp line of demarkation between the work of GOD, thru His prophets, His Son, His Apostles and chosen servants, on the one hand, and the religious denominations, movements, societies, and orders of this world on the other!

   It's the difference that started in the Garden of Eden — the difference between GOD'S LAWS which are good for man, and MAN'S WAY, which seems good to him, but brings every unhappiness, suffering, and sorrow! It's the difference between the AUTHORITY and the GOVERNMENT OF GOD (which God allows man voluntarily to accept or reject), and the government and ways of man.

   This difference was shown in the days of ancient Israel. They had rejected God, set up the two golden calves, deposed God's priests and installed in office the priests of the pagan idolatrous god BAAL. Then God sent ELIJAH to show that The ETERNAL is the living, RULING GOD, who made the fire come down from heaven! Elijah restored the LAW and the AUTHORITY of GOD as SUPREME RULER! How different was GOD'S WORK of that day thru Elijah from the work and message of Baal's prophets?

   How DIFFERENT was the work of God thru John the Baptist and thru Christ, from that of the established religious movements of that day? The Pharisees and Pseudocyst and other religious groups had departed FAR from the religion GOD had given them thru Moses. They had adopted their own traditions and customs. They turned the sacrifices and rituals of the Law of Moses into a paganized PENANCE by which they believed they EARNED justification from sin. They made GOD'S LAW of no effect by their human TRADITIONS. This was the religion called "Judaism."

   In such a world, what was the work and Message of God thru John the Baptist? His was the Message of REPENTANCE — but what is repentance? It means to CHANGE THE MIND by TURNING FROM disobedience! John cried out for people to REPENT of rebellion against the LAW OF GOD — the AUTHORITY OF GOD!

   God has never had but the ONE MESSAGE! God is SUPREME RULER OF THE UNIVERSE! Sin is the transgression of GOD'S LAWS! Christ died only because we have rebelled against the rule of God, transgressed HIS LAWS. Redemption is restoration of the AUTHORITY OF GOD in our lives, so that we may be begotten and later born into the KINGDOM of God — the GOD FAMILY — the GOVERNMENT of God!

   HOW DIFFERENT was the Message of Jesus? He taught THE WAY of THE LAW of God — the AUTHORITY of the living GOD — REPENTANCE of transgression of that government of God. The organized religions of His day had their church forms, which were the "traditions of MEN," (Judaism), as opposed to the LAWS of GOD!

   How different was the Message of the APOSTLES? Were they just "another one of the religious movements?" "REPENT!" shouted the inspired Peter, and "BELIEVE!" "He that saith, 'I know Him,' and keepeth not His Commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him," said John. "For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, is GUILTY of all," said James. Paul assailed Judaism (traditions of men), but thundered out REPENTANCE toward God and FAITH toward Jesus Christ (Acts 20:21 — preaching the KINGDOM OF GOD, as did they all!

   Then began the great apostasy — the falling away from the truth which all prophecy foretold. They began preaching ABOUT a different Jesus — a Jesus who "did away with His Father's law," — a puny man with long hair and a beard (when GOD'S WORD says plainly it is a SHAME for a man to have long hair — I Cor. 11:14). And now for more than 1850 years this world has proclaimed and believed IN this long-haired, shameful, false "Christ," and a false salvation without OBEDIENCE TO GOD, — while it has LOST ALL knowledge of the TRUE JESUS CHRIST who "kept His Father's Commandments," — who set us an example that we, too, should keep them — who said the way to be saved and receive eternal life was to "KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS," — who taught that we can be BORN INTO the God Kingdom, which is the GOD-RULED family!

   Today, in a world ruled by BABYLON — filled with hundreds of differing churches which all have two things in common: they UPHOLD and are part of THIS WORLD of human government, greed, and vanity, and they REJECT the authority of GOD, while professing the NAME "Jesus Christ" — in this dying world. GOD SENDS US AS HIS MESSENGERS, ONCE AGAIN TO RESTORE THE LAW OF GOD — THE AUTHORITY OF GOD — THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD, and the TRUE JESUS CHRIST, just before His Second Coming!

   Jesus Himself SAID that in these last days, just before "The DAY OF THE LORD," that "this Gospel OF THE KINGDOM shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto ALL NATIONS, and then shall the END (of this world) come." (Mat. 24:14).

   We are not just another "church." Not just another "movement." This is not just "another religious broadcast." THIS IS THE VERY WORK OF GOD FOR THIS TIME, preparing the way for the COMING OF CHRIST TO RESTORE THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD! And YOU are one GOD has called as a Co-Worker in HIS WORK!

   Now here are more letters FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD: Here, again, is just a glimpse into the great "fruit" borne by God's power thru our labors:

   From Negri Sembilan, Malaya: "Dear Sir: I was listening to your programme on the 17th instant, about the 'Trip to the Moon,' and found it very interesting. I therefore would be very much pleased if you would please send me a copy of 'The PLAIN TRUTH.' Thanking you in anticipation. Yours faithfully. ..." Look on the map. Malaya is just south of where the terrible fighting is now going on between the Communists and the French forces — it is the territory the Communists are now trying to take. It is clear around on the other side of the world.

   From Bombay, India: "Dear Sir: Last night I heard your very interesting talk over Radio Ceylon. The things you said are the things which are going to happen very soon. The plain truth is that this world is heading for destruction unless something happens. I would be very grateful to you if you could send me your magazine, 'The PLAIN TRUTH.' Thanking you in anticipation. Yours sincerely."

   From a Hindu Mystic, from Masulipatas, India: "Gentlemen: Will you kindly send me a FREE copy of Plain Troop (he did not understand the magazine name properly) as advertised by you in Ceylon Radio. I will be very happy if you kindly dispatch the same at your earliest convenience, and oblige. To you, my very many thanks. Ever truly yours, . ."

   From a woman in far-away Singapore, on the other side of the world: "Dear Sir: On Thursday evening, (17th March) I heard Mr. Armstrong broadcast a most interesting sermon from Radio Ceylon on the subject of man's projected flight to the moon. In it he mentioned that a free copy of 'The Plain Truth' could be obtained from you, and I would be grateful to receive a copy. Please convey my thanks to Mr. Armstrong for his excellent sermon. Yours faithfully."

   Here is a letter mailed at Liverpool, England, with this, and nothing more, written on the envelope: "Mr. Herbert Thompson, BBC Preacher late at night I am not sure of the address, Radio Luxembourg programme, Enclosed letter to LONDON," and at left upper corner, "Post-office: Would you kindly forward to him, Thank you." My name is not Thompson. I am not a BBC Preacher, and there is no preaching on the BBC late at night. Yet the London post-office got that letter delivered to me in Pasadena, California! WE SALUTE THE EFFICIENCY OF THE LONDON POST OFFICE. (The probable answer is that several men who work in the post office are regular listeners, and knew the address.) Here is the letter that was inside: "I will be grateful if you will kindly send me the Prophetic News so I can study it for myself. I think God is using you as an instrument for His purpose. As He has gifted you with a pronounced and assuring voice which is a great gift; so convincing; I am sure you will have the means of doing untold good by this particular gift from above. I am enjoying your broadcast. Hoping there will be many converted. I am age 80. Thank you. Yours respectfully."

   There are SO MANY more good letters from England. They are now receiving The PLAIN TRUTH, many having received the second or third copy, and are very enthusiastic. If there is space, I will reprint a few more in this letter, later, but first I want you to read some of the thousands of letters coming in from NEW listeners in those parts of the United States we never reached before, now hearing the Message over ABC Network. Here are a few!

   From Maine: "Dear Mr. Armstrong: I listen every Sunday to your program on WABI, and you are doing a wonderful work for the Lord. I would like to be on your mailing list for The PLAIN TRUTH. I would like so much to learn more about the Word of God. I am studying my Bible, and there are so many things that I do not understand. Thank You. Sincerely." There are now many thousands of new listeners, like this one, now becoming intensely interested in studying, and coming to UNDERSTAND, the Bible.

   From Toronto, Ont., Canada: "Dear Brother in Christ: Just a line to let you know I heard your broadcast last night (Sunday), over WKBW, Buffalo, N.Y., for the first time, and I really got a blessing out of it, for it was humble and all GOD'S word, not man's. I readily agree with you; — if people would only take their Bibles and read God's Word — man can make a mistake, God never makes a mistake. I would love to have your lessons of the Bible Study Correspondence Course you spoke of last night. While I do read and understand a lot, I know I can benefit by your literature, and will try and send a gift next letter. Thanking you in advance, and wishing you God's best to carry on The Gospel that's God's Command, Sincerely yours." Now this is one of thousands of letters from NEW LISTENERS who have just heard the first broadcast. This shows how even one broadcast makes steady listeners of them — and this one will soon join you — like thousands more — as a Co-Worker. Our job is to HOLD ON until enough of these NEW Co-Workers join us to pay all expenses!

   Here is a letter from a woman in Atlanta Georgia, who has been listening now for several weeks, has already been getting The PLAIN TRUTH, and is soon going to join us as a co-worker — There are thousands more like her: "Dear Bro. Armstrong: I received your booklet and your magazine, and I am just thrilled over both of them. I have heard you several times, now, over WEAS (Atlanta), and I like your books and I appreciate them to the highest, and when I get so I can send you a little donation, I will. I am sick, but I appreciate your sending them to me." (Perhaps she will learn to trust GOD for healing and save doctor bills.) "Remember me in your prayers," she adds.

   Here is a family, way up in Maine, that has been brought out of Paganism into God's TRUTH. Here is an example of the POWER OF GOD in these broadcasts and the literature, changing human lives! YOUR DOLLARS paid for the broadcasts that did this! This letter written by the husband: "Dear Sir: I wish to thank you very much for sending The PLAIN TRUTH magazine. My wife and I enjoy reading it very much. We also enjoy hearing your wonderful broadcasts every Sunday. Both my wife and I were brought up in the Catholic teachings, and we thank God that He has drawn us away from this Pagan religion. And now that we know the TRUTH we wonder how anybody can accept such a foolish and ridiculous religion. We have a very, very small income, but since hearing your talk on tithing we have vowed to give our "tenth" from now on. We have always held back, but thanks to your recent broadcast on the subject we actually look forward with joyful hearts to give for the Lord's wonderful work. Please continue to send your fine magazine and we pray that God will richly bless your marvelous efforts." Not only changed lives, but faithful tithe-payers to HELP reach still others, in this home! God is going to make this man's income larger!

   Now here's a letter from a woman in Indiana, who has gone thru all the woods of confusion, picking up crooked sticks, as it were, in her eager search for the TRUTH — and who now finally has found the glorious LIGHT to her path that will lead her out of confusion, and into TRUTH and ETERNAL LIFE — and all because YOU sent in those dollars to pay for the broadcasts on these new stations! Here is her interesting letter: "Mr. Armstrong: I heard your talk on 'Faith' last night on the Cincinnati station, WLW, and received so much from the talk. I have been seeking for almost eight years that which will bring me closer to God, and peace of mind, — seems the studies have helped me, and I refer to 'Unity Studies,' — (something like Christian Science) — But still, it just doesn't do for me what I would like it to. But when I heard your talk it made things plainer to me, how to go about these things in a simple way, and make my life better. When you said we can have the faith Christ did, it impressed me very much. I feel that thru you I will attain that for which I have been seeking. Will you please send me the April 'Plain Truth"? Thanking you, and God's Blessings." Let us all PRAY that this woman will follow the light, and surrender herself fully to God!

   Here is a sample of thousands, who, upon listening the first time, are impressed and interested, and will be REGULAR LISTENERS. From up north in Bay City, Michigan: "Please mail magazine. We listened to your program last Sunday, over WBCM, Bay City, Mich. Your sermon was appreciated and very interesting, and will listen again next Sunday. Yours truly."

   From North Miami, Florida: "Dear Sir: I am a regular listener every Sunday over WQAM, Miami, Florida, and indeed enjoy every word of your discourses. Also your daughter's beautiful singing; as one cannot hear too much of God's Holy Word I would appreciate your sending me The PLAIN TRUTH. Thanking you, I am, ..."

   From New York City: "Dear Dr. Armstrong: I should very much like to subscribe to 'The Plain Truth." I heard your broadcast for the first time this morning (station WABC, New York), and was given the answer to a question that has long upset me. To realize that it is Christ's faith, and not our own faith that saves us, seems quite logical now. I had always approached the problem of how to get faith in entirely the wrong way. I did not understand if you mentioned a subscription rate to 'The Plain Truth." Sincerely, ..."

   From Pawtucket, Rhode Island: "Dear Sir: I wish to thank you for The PLAIN TRUTH magazine you sent me by request. I listen to you most every Sunday P.M. on Station WPJB, and am very interested. I read the little paper all day yesterday, and found I could get a lot of understanding and comfort from doing so. Oh, yes, I read my Bible a lot, but wonder a lot about religions — there are so many of them. So I don't go to any church. Thank you again for your paper. I will send you a bill when I can get out. I have a lame foot from an accident. Yours very truly, ..."

   From McKeesport, Pennsylvania: "Dear Mr. Armstrong: We listen to your radio program over WCAE (Pittsburgh) each Sunday. Have received a lot of help and inspiration from your sermons. Please send me your paper, 'The Plain Truth,' also would like to take your Bible Study course. The faith I was raised in we never read or used a Bible, but since I found my Saviour a year and a half ago, I read it every day, and I know your Bible course will help me to understand it better. Thanking you, and God bless you. Yours in Christ, ..."

   From a state university in Florida: "Dear Mr. Armstrong: I wish to say 'thank you' for that inspiring message that you gave on the radio last Sunday. It was one that I shall long remember. Kindly send me 'The Plain Truth,' and enroll me in the free correspondence course on the Study of the Bible. Yours truly, ..."

   From Charleston, W. Va.: "Dear Sir: Having listened to your wonderful messages the last two Sundays (for the first times), I wish to state that I have been uplifted in spirit, and greatly blessed; and am eager to learn more and understand the Plain Truth. Being only one of so many Christians (poor in worldly goods), but rich in Christ, I am joyfully awaiting His Second Coming; and spend much of my time reading Revelation, always in a spirit of humbleness; but I have never heard the explanation of the seven seals as you have given it in your message, so I am eager to read your little book. If ever there was a time when this generation should pause, in their pursuit of worldly pleasures, it is now, and read the Word of God, and thereby escape the wrath to come. Sincerely yours, ..." (This woman is the daughter of a well-known Greek and Hebrew scholar, author of one of the translations of the new Testament.)

   From Buffalo, N.Y.: "Dear Sir: I think your program, which I hear on WKBW, Buffalo, is the most inspiring program I have ever heard. I am only 15, but I like your program because you give the Scriptures. I can't wait to get my first issue of 'The Plain Truth:' — that is why I am sending this letter air-mail. I am going to tell all my friends about your program in the hopes that they will come to know more about the Lord, as I have, through your program." Sounds like a future Ambassador College student, doesn't he? Thank God, even the YOUNG people find God's true Message interesting, inspiring, and alive!

   And that's all we have space for this time! These are just a few, out of THOUSANDS, living in those congested-population areas WE NEVER REACHED BEFORE!

   Co-Workers! Can't you understand, after reading these letters, why I simply CAN"T cancel this great network program? It has greatly increased our expenses. But you can see it is CHANGING LIVES, converting them into the Kingdom of God — and NEW CO-WORKERS ARE BEING DEVELOPED! If we can just hold on a few more months, these new listeners will increase the income of the work enough to pay all this added expense.


   We started the network, last October, running several thousand dollars a month BEHIND! Gradually, each month we ran a little less behind, until in March we almost broke even with expenses. THIS is the month — April — when we MUST receive several thousand dollars MORE than expenses, or cancel THE NETWORK! They won't wait! We have to start paying back that current indebtedness!

    LISTEN CAREFULLY! It is the last half of the month when LESS money is received! Fewer people send in money the last half of the month. Amounts are much smaller. We seem to receive very few of the $35, $50, and $100 checks the last half of the month — almost NONE of the $1,000, or $3,000 checks.

   I know that many of you receive your income the early part of the month, but HERE IS THE BIG PROBLEM! THE FATE OF GOD'S WORK RESTS ON THIS: Unless many HUNDREDS of you, who have heretofore sent little or nothing, will now STIR YOURSELVES, and send in the largest sums possible, whether a single dollar or two, or a few thousand — and unless EVERY ONE of you regular Co-Workers will take this to heart, RIGHT NOW, and PRAY with me as you never prayed before, that God will, somehow, provide a MIRACLE, and cause the money received to INCREASE, instead of going down to a half or a third the daily quota, as it has done in past months, then, before I can send you another letter, we shall have been forced to CANCEL the Network stations — more than 100 radio stations SHOUTING GOD'S LAST MESSAGE WITH SUCH INSPIRING POWER!

   Let me make this plain! We cannot legally cancel the network until the end of our first year, now. IF we have to cancel because of lack of funds, we do it illegally — and that means DISGRACE, and we could never get on any other large stations!

   PLEASE UNDERSTAND! Everything now depends on the REST OF THIS MONTH OF APRIL, and then a big month for May. We can't even last out the rest of this month, UNLESS FAR MORE THAN USUAL FOR THIS TIME OF MONTH COMES IN. Much as I dislike to accept loans, I will do it to save the work — if you have from $500 to several thousand you cannot give, but could loan for a year or more, it seems we must go again to this last resort to save this greatly enlarged work!

   PRAY NOW AS NEVER BEFORE! Maybe YOU don't have a large sum, but YOUR EARNEST, PREVAILING, BELIEVING PRAYERS will cause God to stir and move those who do have! If you can send in only an extra dollar or two, DO IT! God bless you, dear co-workers — it looks impossible, but somehow, by faith in God, I know we are going to prevail and come thru! I do THANK you, far deeper than words can say, for your loyalty and prayers!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: April 26, 1954
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