August 09, 1954  
August 09, 1954 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

GREETINGS! — dear Co-Worker Family,

Dear Co-Workers:

   Called of Christ to be fellow-servants in God's work, as Advance-Messengers, together, preparing the way before the appearing in all Power and Glory of Christ the King, and His World Tomorrow!

   Mrs. Armstrong joins me in sending you, from half way across the Atlantic ocean, grace and peace from God our Father, and Jesus Christ our High Priest.

   Once again we are on the high seas. The great work of God is expanding in England and Europe by leaps and bounds. Our elder son, Richard David (Dick), and Roderick Meredith, have been in London and on the Continent since mid-June. Dick sent word that he had found it was necessary that I come to London before the work can be properly set up there.

   It has become necessary to open European headquarters offices in London, and to begin publication of a European edition of The PLAIN TRUTH. The subscription list in Britain and Europe is already growing into the thousands. It has become impossible to handle such a large mailing from Pasadena — too expensive — and overseas readers have been one or two months late receiving their magazines.

   In order to comply with the laws and establish ourselves so as to be permitted to carry on God's work from London head- quarters, it was necessary that I, as president and managing director of the work, appear personally in London to sign papers and effect legal and official status for transacting business and publishing the magazine. Also we felt it well that I hold short series of meetings in at least two points, London, and either Manchester or Birmingham.

   I have MUCH to say to you — more than I'll have space for in this letter. I am still speaking to you daily and weekly over the air, thru the miracle of radio. Herman Hoeh will speak a few times while I'm gone, but we have selected several of the most important and interesting broadcasts I sent you from Pasadena last fall and winter, all of which were recorded in our studios as they went out on the air, and these will be re-broadcast while I'm in Europe. Did you ever stop to think of the mechanical and technological wonders of our time? Thru this mechanical means I can be two places at once — a third of the way around the earth apart, too. I can be holding public meetings in London, speaking to a large audience over here — and then at the same moment speaking to all of you back in America by radio!

   GOD'S MESSAGE is going around the world, in dynamic POWER!

   Now first, just a few brief side-lights about our voyage that may interest you. We sailed from New York last Friday noon, August 6th, on America's newest and largest passenger ship, the S.S. United States. We have enjoyed relatively calm seas so far, and pray for its continuance. ** A few hours before we left Pasadena, Mr. Huntington Parmelee, head of our advertising agency thru whom we purchase and place all radio-station time in the United States, appeared at the college with surprise "bon-voyage" presents — a light weight travelling iron, which steams as it presses, for Mrs. Armstrong, and the finest leather "jumbo" four- suiter travelling bag for me. ** When we arrived in our state-room after boarding the United States at the pier in New York, we found a vase filled with the most beautiful dark red roses. A greeting card told us they had been sent (by wire) from the students, the office staff, and our children in Pasadena. They are still cheering our room, and we are now more than half way. ** The night we boarded the train at Pasadena there were around a hundred of our students, staff personnel, and children and grandchildren at the depot to see us off. It surely warms our hearts and inspires us to know that there are those who love us.

   On last Saturday evening a steward from the Pursers' office came to our stateroom to invite me to officiate at the Protestant church service on the ship at 11 A.M., Sunday. He had brought with him the program that was to be followed. It was an honor that I was recognized and given first preference to conduct the church service on America's largest passenger ship. Had I been given the opportunity to preach Christ's true gospel to them, I should have accepted. But when I noticed that there was to be no sermon, but only the conducting of a stiff ritual, in which even the prayers I was to pray were all written down by others for me to read off, I was of course obliged politely to decline.

   I looked in on the service for a few moments Sunday morning, though I could not participate — and I noticed some important people of this world in attendance, including U.S. Senator Sparkman of Alabama, who was Democratic candidate for Vice President of the U.S. at the last election. ** Among other celebrities or notorious persons aboard are Lady Ashley, Monty Woolley, Holywood star and character actor, and the disgusting pervert, the former G.I. of whom the Army must be not very proud, who was operated on in Denmark to try to change himself into a girl, now going by the name "Christine." But then, is even a thing like that much worse than all the other rottenness, perversion, and abominations that literally permeate this world?

   CO-WORKERS! We live in a world of spiritual stench, and in frightful times. BUT WE HAVE A MOST SERIOUS AND A DYNAMIC AND TREMENDOUS MISSION TO PERFORM!

   Thank GOD! — The happy, God-obeying WORLD TOMORROW will be here very soon! But meanwhile, we cannot get away from this world. Jesus commands us: "Go ye INTO all the world, and preach the GOOD NEWS!" That is our call and commission! That is our LIFE! That's all we live for, now! We must be up and about our Father's business. Yes — "go ye into all the world." Mrs. Armstrong and I are on the way to Britain and Europe — with God's precious GOOD NEWS for people over there! We hope to go as far as Rome this trip — and some day, but not this trip, to Palestine! WE HAVE A JOB TO DO!

   Meanwhile, this great work PREPARING THE WAY before Christ and HIS KINGDOM that shall bring WORLD PEACE can carry on ONLY as YOU who receive this letter continue to make possible, day by day, week by week!

   It is YOU, dear Co-Workers, who hold this great work up — -keep it afloat, just as this great ship holds us up and keeps us safely afloat on this ocean, TWO MILES above the solid ocean-bed below! They tell us the water is TWO MILES deep here! It would be AWFUL to drown and sink down two mile into this water! But it would be far more tragic if You Co-Workers ever failed to keep GOD'S WORK afloat, even for one week, while we are gone.

   REMEMBER! Our office staff is on the job every day in Pasadena. A competent staff of ministers, and advanced students receiving their final training for the ministry, is working every day in the mail-receiving office, authorized to open all mail. Your tithes and offerings are taken immediately to the business manager's office, and then, after it is double-checked to account for every penny, taken at once, same day, to the bank. Personal letters to me, of course, will be held for my return or forwarded to me airmail in Europe.

* * * * * *

   In my last letter I told you I would reprint a few of these wonderful letters in my next letter. You have enjoyed reading letters from new listeners from the ABC Network, and from all over the world. Now I feel that you will enjoy reading just a few letters from other Co-Workers like yourself, who feel just as you do about God's great work. All of us Co-Workers have a lot in common! So here is how a few other Co-Workers feel:

   A man in Texas writes: "We received your nice long letter, and what a joy it is to our hearts to know so many dear souls over-seas, and all places far and near, are hearing the truth of God's Kingdom, and are believing and accepting it. We pray the Co-Workers will send in all that is needed, that you may keep all your programs on the air. I have only the old age check, that I might help a tiny little bit. How glad we would be if we could send more! We earnestly pray that this great good work will grow, and not slack up. I was 85 the 20th. Can't work any more. With a prayerful heart, we remain — -(Signed)," "P.S. — Am sending $3 tithes. Sorry it can't be more." Co-Workers — how grateful we are for loyal, faithful Co-Workers like these, whose whole hearts are in God's work!

   A woman Co-Worker in Louisiana writes: "In answer to your letter of July 12, I must say my heart was thrilled beyond words when I read those letters from the listeners all over the world, and thought, 'Oh! this work of God just can't stop now.' I would be lost if I could not listen to the broadcasts daily — it seems that I wouldn't have anything left to live for. I thought when I mailed the offering June 14 that I would not be able to send another until August 1, but after reading your letter decided that I would, and would trust God to help me out in case I get in a tight place. I know He will. I could never repay Him for what He has done for me in the last month in the way of spiritual things. He gave me faith to quit taking medicine and trust Him to heal me, and I am doing so much better, and am so happy! My daughter is in the hospital and is not improving. Will you dear people pray for her? She is not a Christian, but wants to be. She was very much impressed by the way the young men conducted the baptismal service when they were here to baptize me. ...If you feel that God would heal her in answer to your prayers according to James 5:14-15, you may send a handkerchief, as you did for me. I know you are busy and need rest. I wonder how you are able to do so much. I am so glad that you have your sons to help you and will soon be able to write personal letters. It will be such a blessing to us. So until you can I'll be patiently waiting and always pray for you, and am praying earnestly for all the needs to be supplied. I know God will continue to bless His work. I'm listening to your son now over XEG. He is a wonderful teacher of God's Word. May God bless all you dear people, and give you a good rest." — My! how a letter like that does warm our hearts, and give us inspiration and faith to keep plunging ahead with our part of the work.

   I know this sister was simply writing for thousands of you dear Co-Workers, who feel just as she does — and I know many of you will feel that she was writing for YOU, as well as herself! She enclosed $30 in tithes and offerings. Some must give less — some can give more — according as God has prospered each one and made possible. This $30 came as a result of her faith — trusting GOD for healing instead of spending it on medicine. Think how much good this lesson in FAITH — living FAITH put to practice — has done her — besides all the good it will do thousands of others who will hear and read the precious TRUTH because her $30 paid for it and made it possible! Whether it's only one or two dollars, or several thousand, it is USED OF GOD FOR GREAT GOOD!

   Another sister in Illinois writes: "I am enclosing five dollars to help in the broadcasts. My heart was thrilled as I read the wonderful letters from those who heard the Message. My husband passed away the sixth of July, and I haven't been feeling so well. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, that I may go forward in helping in God's great work. I thank you so much for sending me the papers."

   CO-WORKERS! I have asked you many times to pray for the work, and its great need. But now I also remind you that your fellow-Co-Workers, whom you do not know personally, yet whose hearts, like yours, are in GOD'S WORK, and are part of this GREAT FAMILY OF OURS, have their own personal problems individually — even as you have yours!

   So now I ask you to always REMEMBER, and PRAY EARNESTLY for your fellow-Co-Workers, that God will comfort them when bereaved, deliver them from trial and trouble, supply their need, bless them in every way. God commands us to PRAY for one another. Other Co-Workers need your prayers. REMEMBER THEM! This will draw YOU closer to God, and help prepare you for His Kingdom!

   Here's a sister in Arkansas, who says: "It really over- flows my heart with joy to read these wonderful letters you have been quoting, from new listeners. I hope to read many more of them in future letters. I am praying continually for The WORLD TOMORROW program. I am sure God will always bless His work." As she received blessing and inspiration from those letters, I'm sure that now her short letter will be the means of giving blessing and inspiration to other thousands of Co-Workers. Her $2 tithe was enclosed.

   Now a brief but moving letter from a brother in Oklahoma: "I am sending you twenty dollars for the Gospel. I read your letter and those letters you got from other countries. As I read them the tears ran down my cheeks. I just couldn't help it. I hope those people come to understand God's Word. I am praying for you that God will keep you on the air. May God bless you."

   Co-Workers, you know I do not try to play on and arouse people's emotions, but preach the plain, simple, true Message of GOD for this world for this time, straight from the shoulder. But it is a very precious and sacred Message! And the overwhelming significance and importance of it — the realization that we can be reconciled to GOD, and actually be made ONE with HIM — begotten now, and then at Christ's coming BORN of Him, as a part of the very GOD FAMILY, becoming GOD as HE is God — this Truth, lost for 18 centuries and now restored by God's grace is so OVERWHELMING that it ought to really stir and move the emotions of the strongest man.

   I have seen really strong men — men of education and accomplishment — break down and shed real tears, UNASHAMED, as a result of comprehending this Truth, and seeing others brought into it, and begotten of God! If there breathes a man with "soul so dead," that he cannot be moved to tears over such JOYOUS revelation from God Almighty, our Creator and Father, then I say that man is dead indeed. May God awaken us ALL to this OVERWHELMING REALIZATION!

   I INTERRUPT! It is now two days later than when I began this letter. Just at this point, Mrs. Armstrong, looking out the portholes of our stateroom, called to me that she saw a lighthouse to the northeast of us. I took the binoculars and ran up on the sundeck for a better view, and could plainly see land. It's the southern shore of ENGLAND — first land we've seen in five days! It is now 6:30 P.M. here and it is only 10:30 A.M. back home, daylight time, and only 11:30 A.M. in the middle-west. Our ship docks at Le Havre, France, at 5:30 tomorrow morning, and then proceeds to Southampton, England, where we expect Dick and Rod to meet us, docking there at 4 P.M.

   A man and his wife from Missouri write: "It is with great pleasure that I again am able to write you ($2 enclosed). I received your letters from those abroad and you may rest assured that I was so happy that I could have a very small part in those people hearing THE PLAIN TRUTH. That in itself makes one want to shout aloud, that beautiful LOVE God has for those that really want to come to the full way of the Creator and LEARN of HIS way, which is so much better than puny man's. And Brother Armstrong, the wife and I are very eager to be able to continue to do our little part, and through PRAYER I am sure that nothing shall stop it. And I pray that the sums of dollars shall come in, — yes, large sums from those what are well able to give to the cause, — the GREAT CAUSE, that the Word may fall upon the eager ears that are so hungrily awaiting the Word of God thru you. I am well pleased that your sons have come through, and are able to lift some of the burden off your shoulders. In closing, Bro. Armstrong, keep praying for wife and I, and may your voice ring clear around the troubled world for many moons to come, is my PRAYER." Every single dollar or two is IMPORTANT in God's work, God can do miracles with a single dollar. And your PRAYERS may result in God touching the heart of one who is able to give thousands. Let each give what he is able — and REMEMBER, it is what God ADDS to your two dollars, or your many thousand dollars, that sends the Message out as a witness, and touches the hearts of those God is calling.

   A Texas sister writes: "I just read your letter and the letters of many others, and it is encouraging to read a heart-to- heart letter from others who have found the truth, especially for someone like me, for there is no way, as yet, for me to fellowship with other believers except through the mail. Enclosed is $20 for God's truth. Will send more, as God provides. A person does not really come to realize how serious losing the broadcast and The PLAIN TRUTH would be, until they come close to losing it. I know there are more sincere and hungry people in the world's confusion, who would have great joy at hearing and understanding the truth, without confusion and contradictions. God's Truth is wonderful!"

   DO YOU BELIEVE THAT, TOO? It is the money you Co-Workers send in that BROADCASTS God's truth, and PUBLISHES it AROUND THE WORLD, as Christ commanded. Someday you'll learn that every dollar in God's work has done more good than a BILLION in government efforts for peace.

   One more short letter from a Co-Worker in Louisiana says: "Enclosed is a small offering, $5, and I pray that it may be of a little help. I enjoy reading letters from those in other countries. It is hard for us here in this free nation of ours, to visualize what it is like to not be able to hear the true Word of God, and worship as we will. May God help them and bless them, is my earnest prayer."

   A man in Nebraska writes: "To read your letter of the recent 'tight squeeze" makes me wish I had a good paying job instead of practically no job at all for the last two years, but I will send you $5 from my fast diminishing bank account. I enjoyed reading the letters from those of other lands. It show us that the true Gospel will at last be preached to all the world. Your son Dick, and Herman Hoeh, are sure both good on the radio. I enjoy hearing your daughter sing. I am, as ever, hoping and PRAYING that God's work may not suffer loss but go forward by leaps and bounds, in Jesus name." Co-Workers, do you realize that MOST of the money that carries on GOD'S WORK today comes at great sacrifice from those of small means? People of wealth seem never to give any of their wealth to God.

   No, nearly all our Co-Workers are just common, plain, and relatively poor people. That's the kind of people that have JOINED YOU, and me, in carrying on the greatest work on earth today. The two, five, thirty, or one or two hundred dollars they send usually comes at great sacrifice. Some have given $1,000 up to $3,000 at one time, but at great sacrifice, for they have not been wealthy, but of just ordinary means. These letters are just picked at random, and are typical of ALL your fellow Co-Workers. That's why every dollar counts. REMEMBER, that "TIGHT SQUEEZE" is not over — and won't be for some months. We must continually try to "dig in a little harder," and put forth increasing effort, to weather this storm.

   Mrs. Armstrong and I have weathered some fairly rough sea these past two days, and she spent one day in bed with sea-sickness — but now we are in the English Channel, and it is smoother going. I went up on the upper decks several times. We were heading into very stiff winds and rough seas, but America's biggest, fastest, and proudest ship did not slacken speed — it just kept ploughing right on thru the choppy waters, wind or no wind — big swells not- withstanding. It gave me the thought — are we going to slacken our efforts and slow down and let GOD'S WORK stop, because we are heading into some rough going for a while? In due time thousands of NEW Co-Workers will join us to carry on God's work more powerfully than ever! A ship at sea doesn't let rough going stop it. Business men can't lay down and quit when they meet hard going. HOW MUCH MORE ought we, carrying the very WORK OF GOD, to put on EXTRA EFFORT right now, and keep God's work going ahead!

   A woman Co-Worker in Texas writes: "I just received your very urgent letter of the desperate need of this all-important work of God. I earnestly pray God will come to the rescue once more, as He has so many times. It sure seems as if we are being tried and tested. ...I have to sacrifice to send what little I do. I try each day to sacrifice a little more, to have a few more cents to send. I know that if I put God's work ahead of my own personal need that He has PROMISED to supply my every need, and I am trusting Him for that, and I am sure a lot of Co-Workers feel the same way. I have been enjoying your son's sermons the past few days, — especially the one last night. It sure hit me, but I needed it very much, and I hope I can be corrected by it. I do want the Bible Correspondence Course as soon as it is ready. ...I enjoyed the letters you sent from all the many listeners all over the world. It made me realize that time is very short, and that we must work harder than ever before, altho it seems my part is so little. But you pray for me, that I will do it well, and overcome by the help of God. $2 enclosed."

   There's a WONDERFUL letter! WHY? Because 1) this sister is willing to take CORRECTION from God's Word, and asks us all to PRAY FOR HER that she may be able to OVERCOME, with God's help; 2) she actually saves even PENNIES, daily, for the WORK OF GOD! Isn't that a wonderful suggestion? Co-Workers, IF YOU WILL ALL FOLLOW HER EXAMPLE, IT WILL MEAN THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS EXTRA EVERY YEAR FOR GOD'S WORK! Why don't YOU start doing it? Yes, even pennies DO HELP — they help BIG, if there are enough of them! 3) She prays for God's work. 4) She sacrifices personal needs for it, TRUSTING GOD, IN FAITH, TO KEEP HIS PROMISE to supply her need. This is LIVING faith — the faith that SAVES.

   Co-Workers, letters like this don't come from unconverted people! God's work is going ahead mightily in tremendous POWER, because so many of you dear Co-Workers are at heart just like this dear sister. How God must love this woman! And how He must love YOU!

   From Arizona, a sister writes: "Thank you for writing another letter at once; and I truly read it in shame. The little I had ready to send I had neglected to get in the box for the mail carrier to pick up. I am as thankful for what I have been given to send as if it was a very large sum. It all comes from God, and prayer is not limited. Mr. Mattson is right — we must face facts. The Door has been opened. We have had joy and thankfulness from the wonderful letters, but surely we have a heavy heart to even think of the work slowing down. We are not just another Church. The letters from all around the world are not ordinary letters. And we must not just pray another prayer. I am ashamed you have to, but please write us when necessary." Dear members of the Co-Worker Family — that letter surely touched my heart! These letters from you dear Co-Workers are not just ordinary letters, either! They are letters from those whose hearts God is moving, and who have a sense of MISSION, and in deepest sincerity, we know we are the servants of GOD, being used by HIM, each of us doing his own part in PREPARING THE WAY BEFORE CHRIST — the advance work of a supernatural movement soon to CHANGE THIS WHOLE WORLD — yes, change it from war, chaos, emptiness, heartache and suffering and frustration, into a new WORLD TOMORROW of PEACE, of vigorous dynamic HEALTH, of bustling righteous activity, of prosperity, GOOD WILL, HAPPINESS, universal JOY and SALVATION FOR ALL!

   Yes, WE, dear Co-Workers, are God's advance agents — and He is using US to HELP CHANGE THE WHOLE WORLD into glorious HAPPINESS! Oh, aren't you glad you're a PART of this great work of God? What a privilege He has bestowed on us to permit us to be His Co-Workers!

   I could go on reprinting hundreds and hundreds of such letters from Co-Workers like yourself. THESE letters come from those of YOUR OWN FAMILY of Co-Workers. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU — you're the most wonderful family on earth — the SALT of the earth — the only LIGHT in the world!

   These are only a small few of the wonderful letters I had brought along from the recent mail. I had sorted out a large number who have been miraculously HEALED — some of cancer — and of other "incurable" diseases! I did so much want to give you some of them — but I cannot take more space this time, and will have to save them, or others like them yet to be received, until a later letter.

   NOW FINALLY! I am finishing this letter in London, England, on August 18th. We landed just a week ago. My! what a sight, and what a thrill it was, as we were nearing the dock at Southampton, to look thru binoculars and see our son Dick, and Rod Meredith standing beside him, on the balcony observation platform over the docks! We have engaged a very nice auditorium in downtown London for meetings, and will also hold meetings in Manchester, England; Glasgow, Scotland; and in Belfast, Ireland. I have an appointment with the executive vice president of the same advertising agency that handled all the advertising that brought out those tremendous crowds for the Billy Graham meetings, for tomorrow morning, with a view to having them act as our advertising agency here. They can arrange for the halls for meetings in Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast, and also I am looking into the possibility of using full page or half page advertisements in English newspapers REGULARLY, printing in them a MESSAGE such as I broadcast over the air — also getting them to tune to Radio Luxembourg, and to write in for The PLAIN TRUTH. This may prove a new and very powerful way to PUBLISH THE GOSPEL to the world. Turn to Mark 13:10. We are to PUBLISH as well as to PREACH (Mat. 24:14) the Gospel to all the world for a witness to all nations.

   All such advertising has to be placed thru an advertising agency. No newspaper here would sell us advertising space direct. We also have to have an advertising agency in the United States for the purchase of time on all radio stations. The advertising agency acts as our agent — they serve only US — yet they are paid by the newspapers or radio stations, and we do not pay a cent for their services.

   God is again OPENING DOORS for us over here in England. Today we received a large batch of letters from our London mail- receiving agents, from listeners from all over England, Scotland, and Ireland from last week's broadcast. There are now several over here to be baptized, and last reports were that our men touring the United States had baptized a very large number so far this summer.

   CO-WORKERS! Remember the work is still in the TIGHT SQUEEZE! By faith I feel sure we are going to squeeze thru — but it's going to take greater effort than ever by ALL YOU CO-WORKERS!

   WE ARE HELPING TO CHANGE THIS WORLD! God has set us as His advance representatives, PREPARING THE WAY FOR THE COMING OF CHRIST to CHANGE this world from suffering and war and poverty and unhappiness, into a world of PEACE, and HAPPINESS, universal PROSPERITY, and JOY! Yes, you have a heavy responsibility laid on you by God Almighty to DO YOUR PART! Your part is IMPORTANT! Time is growing SHORTER!

   REMEMBER! I have to trust God, while I'm over here in His service, to lay it heavily on your heart to send in all you possibly can, as OFTEN as you can, to hold up this work. Otherwise it would crash and stop while I'm here! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! It's wonderful we can work for God IN FAITH! I feel very grateful for the faith God gives me that you'll UPHOLD HIS WORK till I return!

In Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: August 09, 1954
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