September 18, 1954  
September 18, 1954 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

September 18, 1954

Dear Co-Workers at Home:

   GREETINGS! again from England, in Jesus' name: Our work over here, for this present trip, nears its end. We sail, one week from next Thursday, on the S.S. America, for New York and home.

   Oh, how I wish you could have been with us over here, and have seen, with your own eyes, what a wonderful work God is starting thru you Co-Workers and us over here in this great British nation, and in Europe! I knew the interest over here was great — but now I have really EXPERIENCED it. We have now met hundreds of our regular radio audience and constant readers of The PLAIN TRUTH. We have come into personal contact with their warmth, their eagerness for the TRUTH of God, their deep interest and zeal.

   Our public meetings over here are now half over. No effort was made to attract large public crowds, other than just those who are interested listeners to The WORLD TOMORROW program over super- power Radio Luxembourg, and who read The PLAIN TRUTH and the other literature. Although we have made a connection with the same advertising agency that handled the great campaign for the Billy Graham meetings, I felt that this was not yet the time for us to make any such effort for a vast public crowd — not until we have established over here the organization, the staff of ministers, to follow it up and convert the interest aroused into real conversions and continued Christian living on the part of those who come. The Billy Graham meetings draw the largest crowds of modern times, — but of course there was only the emotional appeal to "accept Christ as personal Saviour," and the meetings were left without any follow-up. The great enthusiasm and interest then generated has entirely died down. So we carried no big advertising to attract the public — just very small newspaper notices, and personal letters to those in or near these four cities who were on our mailing list, and two announcements on the program over Radio Luxembourg.

   Nevertheless, the attendance and the interest has been astonishing. Especially the interest. Our halls have been well filled so far. At Belfast, North Ireland, last Tuesday night, the main floor of the large 1,500-seat hall was more than three-fourths filled. And Oh, what warm interest these people showed! Several had come long distances. One man told me he had come from Dublin, in south Ireland. One crippled man, in a wheel chair, had been pushed by his wife three miles to a bus line, then 35 miles to Belfast, and then from the bus to the hall all in the rain! It was a historic meeting, for I feel sure it was the first time that the WARNING of impending captivity and destruction of Great Britain and America had ever been publicly proclaimed in the British Isles. We were in the land — Ulster — perhaps the very spot, where the ancient prophet Jeremiah had come with the Princess to the throne of David 2600 years ago. After the meeting the people crowded around us asking Bible questions. After the janitor forced us to leave the Hall, several still clung around us out on the sidewalk, asking for explanation of various Bible passages, until nearly midnight.

   On Thursday night, at Glasgow Scotland, we had a smaller Hall and corresponding smaller crowd, but somehow it seemed to us even a still warmer, deeper, more sincere interest if that were possible. Perhaps a letter from a brother in Edinburgh, mailed to me in care of the St. Andrews Hall, where I spoke in Glasgow, will give you some idea of the interest and the feeling of these people of Scotland toward the Work of God in these closing days: I will copy his letter for you:

   "Dear Brother Armstrong: I received your kind letter and invitation to come and see you when your are speaking in Glasgow. I believe it is the chance of a lifetime, and after long and careful consideration of every point and angle, it will be impossible for me to do so. I am working up till 6 o'clock every evening packing china and glassware for Canada, America, Australia and all over the world. By the time I get to a bus, 6:30 or 7 PM, and it takes two hours on the journey, your meeting will be nearing its end. Then I would have to rush immediately for the last bus, 9:15, back to Edinburgh. No doubt God will in His divine wisdom arrange our happy meeting another time. I feel it is all my loss not to meet the one inspired prophet for our time, the one only of whom it can be truly said, 'Never man spake like this.' No one else speaks with such power, or can reveal with such accuracy the workings of God, and the tremendous events taking place before our very eyes. The Lord will bless you mightily in the use of your gifts and revelations. My prayers will go with you and our dear family, everywhere! Someday you may come to Edinburgh, and I will be waiting to thank you very much." Just one correction I must make in his letter: Jesus Christ spoke these same things, and so did all the apostles and true evangelists of that early TRUE Church, before the great apostasy set in. But this letter will perhaps show you, better than I could in my words, how these people over here in the British Isles seem to feel about God's Message, which they know they have never heard before! To them it is the most WONDERFUL, precious thing that ever happened in their lives! They are in that first flush of LOVE and ENTHUSIASM for God's TRUTH!

   Last night we had a completely packed Hall with extra chairs brought in here in Manchester. And the interest and enthusiasm seemed to mount to still greater pitch. There was enthusiastic applause when I first appeared — a most unusual thing at a religious or church meeting, but their enthusiasm carried them away and they forgot conventions, and spontaneously applauded. Their faces glowed, wreathed in smiles. Their eyes simply sparkled with enthusiasm, interest, deep love! You simply can't know or realize what an EXPERIENCE it was for us to see and feel such warmth and interest. Present was a musician and voice teacher, who rushed up to me before the meeting to tell me how he enjoyed Beverly's singing on the program, and how lovely a voice she has. Several asked if she were with me so they could hear her sing in person. One woman came to us after the meeting and said they had named her little grand-daughter, born three months ago, after Beverly.

   These audiences have been terribly sobered by the Message of warning I have felt impelled by God to deliver to them. They fully realize its tragic seriousness. They have seen and FELT world war, here. But they show appreciation and gratitude hard to believe for God's Word, and His revelations of what's coming, and offer of personal protection and security thru it all.

   Next week we hold three meetings in London — then a quick three-day trip by plane to Rome and back, and then we board the America for home!

   Co-Workers, I have now to call on every one of you to PRAY, deeply and earnestly, that God will send us by next year a larger number of consecrated, called, highly intelligent, able young men with qualities of leadership, to be trained in Ambassador College for His ministry. THE HARVEST TRULY IS PLENTIOUS — BUT THE LABORERS ARE TOO FEW! We need more Co-Worker laborers too, in order to finance the MULTIPLIED greater work that lies ahead to be done. God is now moving RAPIDLY to expand His work to this great British nation, and to Europe, and to ALL THE WORLD.

   My eyes have surely been opened by this visit to Britain and to Europe! I had no conception of the vast work that God is opening to be done thru us over here. It's a far greater work than I had ever realized — or than YOU have even dreamed! Plans are being laid. The foundation is being carefully and wisely laid with God's guidance. Proper papers and permits from the British government are being issued to allow us to open offices, and conduct the work from London. A banking connection has been made, so that now we have one of Britain's strong banks as a reference. An advertising agency connection has been made. Tentative plans are laid for preaching the Gospel to all Britain thru newspapers. One London morning paper has a circulation of almost five million copies daily — largest on earth. It is delivered and read in all parts of Britain same day. Putting the Gospel Message into the form of a newspaper ad is surely something NEW — never done before. But it will reach even far more people than we do over Radio Luxembourg! Soon — surely inside a year — we must establish Churches, and supply them with trained God-called ministers from Ambassador College, in Belfast, Glasgow, Manchester, and London — and also soon in Dublin, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and other centers of population over here. BUT WE DO NOT YET HAVE ENOUGH MEN OF THE REQUIRED ABILITY! We must pray as never before that God will send more laborers of His calling for this tremendous responsibility!

   We spent two weeks, since my last letter, in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland and Belgium. What we saw there was a staggering revelation! The French seem still discouraged, more interested in easy life, good time, flare for style, wine women and song, than in either rebuilding their nation and their economy, or in finding God and His ways. We went thru some of the great battle-scenes of both World War I and World War II. We went into trenches and fox-holes of Belleau Wood of World War I, and saw the large American military cemetery there. We were then on United States soil again, for France has ceded that ground to the United States. We went thru the Maginot Line — or what little is left of it. We went thru the Nazi Siegfried Line for many miles, but allied forces had blasted nearly all the pill-boxes and fortifications out of any possible usage. We visited the large American military cemetery near Luxembourg. Five thousand neat white crosses in orderly rows stood as a stark, solemn message of the folly and uselessness of war. There were OUR boys — perhaps sons of some of you co-workers — their lives snuffed out in war that can never bring any peace or anything good — just awaiting the RESURRECTION day. At the head of all these solemn white crosses was that of General Patton — an ordinary cross like all the others. We saw the ruins remaining from the bombing of small towns and great cities. Oh, what useless hellishness is WAR. Co-Workers, OUR job is to proclaim the GOOD NEWS of the WORLD TOMORROW — a whole world at last lying in PEACE, with prosperity and happiness for all! The WAR was fought in vain — those billions spent in vain — but God's tithe and your offerings placed in GOD'S work are laying the foundation for WORLD PEACE. The work God is using us in doing is the advance-movement, the preparation, of the great movement of GOD that will CHANGE THE WORLD, and bring happiness and LOVE to all!

   You have no idea, now, how great GOOD every dollar placed in this work is actually doing. WITH every dollar, GOD PLACES HIS POWER, HIS SPIRIT, HIS ACCOMPLISHMENT! This work is the only work that is NOT in vain!

   In Germany our eyes were opened! I've told you the Germans are coming back far faster than after World War I. But now I'VE SEEN IT! The Germans are a vigorous, HARD-WORKING people, with just one common goal — to restore Germany to world power — to put Germany back where once again she can set out to conquer the world! German cities the size of Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Dallas, St. Louis or Seattle — from half destroyed to 90% destroyed by bombs, now almost completely re-built. No longer looking like old-world cities — but ULTRA-modern brand new cities with large new 6 to 10- story office and store buildings, giant new factories, mile after mile of brand new 3,4, and 5-story apartment buildings. No city in America is so modern, so NEW. These Germans have done it all in 9 short years!

   Today, German industrial output is 77% greater than their pre-war peak, before Hitler started the war! Think of that — almost DOUBLE! We toured through the Ruhr — the "Pittsburgh" of Germany, their great industrial district — on a Sunday, and saw their vast smoke-stacks belching forth billows of black smoke on Sunday afternoon. We went all around the former great Krupp munitions works at Essen — still lying a desolate rusted, weed- infested mass of ruins, TOTALLY destroyed by allied bombs. They have not been allowed to rebuild their munitions works. But their coal mines are producing at an all-time peak. Their great steel mills running full blast even on Sunday! I got a snap-shot of one, which I hope will be good enough to show you in The PLAIN TRUTH after we return.

   Today the Germans are out to capture the world markets, and they are becoming rich and powerful. Their exports right now are SIX TIMES pre-war — that's not a mis-print — I said six times greater than Hitler achieved! It's unbelievable — fantastic — but IT'S A HARD COLD FACT THAT IS LEADING DIRECTLY TOWARD THE NEXT PROPHESIED WAR! Our job is to WARN our people and the world before it comes! The Germans right now are building ships faster than any other nation, even Russia! West Germany is now the second largest ship-building nation in the world. Their oil industry has reached an all-time record output. In chemicals, textiles, synthetic rubber, coal, machine tools, it's a breath-taking story of BOOM, and swift expansion. Nothing can prevent Germany from completely dominating Europe. Soon there will be the prophesied United Europe — the resurrected Roman Empire — with Germans in complete domination. IT'S PROPHESIED! It is hurling on toward the destruction of America and Britain.

   There's a lot more to it than this — but I'll have to tell you in articles and in broadcasts. The situation is ALARMING. It's LATER THAN WE THOUGHT! I tell you TIME IS SHORT. We must work while it's day — the night is coming when we can't work, in God's cause. We must work HARDER! Sacrifice MORE! Nothing else counts now. ALL ELSE will be destroyed soon!

   But God will hold off all this just barely long enough for HIS WORK to be finished — that is, His PRELIMINARY work preparing the way for the Second coming of Christ as KING of kings and LORD of lords, to rule the earth. We have time, but from now on we must tighten our belts and intensify our efforts!

   A great work is being started now over here in Britain. Many precious souls are being saved. MILLIONS are being warned — and are yet to be!

   Dick Armstrong and Roderick Meredith are here with Mrs. Armstrong and me. Also our American advertising agent, John Huntington Parmelee of Beverly Hills, flew over here to be with us thru these meetings. We are staying over, here in Manchester, for two days before returning to London. There are several radio listeners in towns and cities in this district who want to be baptized, and in the next few days we hope to visit and baptize them. After we are established over here, I feel sure now that these British people will become enthusiastic Co-Workers, and finance largely or wholly the work for Britain. But meanwhile you dear Co-Workers of America must stand more loyally with us than ever — we MUST now have an increase in regular daily and weekly income for God's work.

   Beginning October 1st the cost of broadcasting on all our great super-power Mexican border stations will DOUBLE. Remember we have been on half-cost rate thru the summer, but we go back up to the full rate in October. We simply can't meet it, unless our Co-Workers begin sending a large increase in tithes and offerings!

   We have met some wonderful people over here, obedient to the same GOD, and of His same family with us! We LOVE THEM! But oh, how GOOD it will seem to once more see America! The people here, and in Europe, do not get to enjoy the material comforts and blessings we do in America. You, dear Co-Workers, are financially blessed above all people on earth. The trouble is, we spend money on ourselves these people over here can't spend — we enjoy things they must go without. NOW LET US GO WITHOUT JUST A FEW MATERIAL THINGS, AND PUT THAT MONEY INTO BRINGING THESE PEOPLE OVER HERE, AS WELL AS ALL AMERICA AND ALL THE WORLD, THE GOOD THINGS OF CHRIST'S GOSPEL!

   The very WORK OF GOD is now waiting on YOUR liberal offerings, and God's tithe He has entrusted to you, but which belongs to Him! GOD BLESS YOU ALL — I know you'll PRAY now for the work more than ever before — RALLY to this great need, and INCREASE what you have been sending if that is possible.

In love, in faith, and in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong


Publication Date: September 18, 1954
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