September 30, 1954  
September 30, 1954 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

September 30, 1954

Dear Co-Workers:

   This letter is a matter of LIFE or DEATH — far more important than any human life — the very life or death of GOD'S GREAT WORK!

   Read this carefully and prayerfully. I am on the Atlantic racing home. I have just received word by long distance that the work is in an ACUTE CRISIS. I do not know at the moment whether we are still on the air.

   I received a long distance call from our advertising agent. His office is alarmed over the situation. He placed a call for the vice-president of the ABC Network. I do not know the result of his conversation with the vice-president.

   Later the same day a call came thru from our business manager at Pasadena. We are four weeks behind in payments with the ABC Network and unable to pay the fifth week's expenses. I instructed him to contact the vice-president and urge him to keep us on the air, and to tell him that I would rush home immediately and cable this letter to all you co-workers concerning the ACUTE CRISIS.

   That is the last I have heard.

   I am confident that you will come to the rescue!

   In the last bulletin I have reprinted many letters from listeners the world over and from you co-workers. I must now quote from two letters I have received since the long distance phone calls. In the first letter, Mr. Mattson, our business manager, wrote: "The income during the past week dropped off alarmingly. I am holding back all salaries. The ABC Network may have to be dropped."

   The second from my son and executive secretary, Ted: "I am sending a financial report from the business office. I guess you received our cable about the crisis. Yesterday I read some figures on the expenses of the work to the students here at the College. Many are fasting. I am sure most are praying very hard for the work. Things are really coming to the crossroads. We either stop or continue forward. I know the reason — lack of prayer and not taking prayer seriously enough. I told the students that they may find themselves packing bags and going home! I believe that the co-workers don't really realize the situation. They have read the wonderful letters and heard of the wonderful response from Europe. They have heard that we are still squeezing through and are going to make it. Instead of inspiring faith and sacrifice and perseverance, it seems that this wonderful news puts many of them to sleep of the real danger!"

   Co-workers, WHAT CAN I SAY? Are we like the people of Moses' day? When God called Moses away from the people on a mission to Mt. Sinai, the people said: "As for Moses, we know not what is become of him." They FORSOOK God.

   Seven years ago when I was called to Europe in God's work, many co-workers forsook God! YOU must realize God's work is and must be WORLD WIDE. On the other hand, the people responded so generously to Moses' appeal for funds that Moses was forced to send out a proclamation restraining them from sending more. How about TODAY? Shall we desert God or respond generously — and take responsibility on our shoulders and really place ourselves under the burden of prayer in real earnest — as the personal responsibility of each one?

   If, by the grace of God, we are still on the air, we can squeeze thru this final bottleneck of crisis — but only by real prayer and sacrifice. Many new co-workers have already begun to join us from among the network listeners. But YOU must not grow weary of well doing in this SUPREME TEST of faith and patience. THIS IS NO "WOLF! WOLF!" CRY!

   It is heartbreaking to have to write so urgently, but the circumstances are forced upon me. By the authority of Christ I must call for overwhelming response as NEVER BEFORE. DO YOUR PART TO THE UTMOST AND PRAY INTENSELY that God will move the hearts of others to send what you cannot. May God bless you — I know YOU WILL!

Sincerely in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: September 30, 1954
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