March 28, 1955  
March 28, 1955 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



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March 28, 1955

To the Brethren in Wyoming and in Colorado:

   GREETINGS! in Jesus' name: I am happy to announce a Passover service at which Richard D. Armstrong will officiate, at the home of:

Mrs. Cecil B. Mattix
655 North Cedar St.
Laramie, Wyoming

   I'm sorry for the necessity of this hurried last-minute announcement. We here at headquarters did not think about the fact there were so many who could assemble at one place, but who would not be able to go to Gladewater, and had made no plans for a service there. Just an hour ago I learned that some thirty of you brethren there, without consulting God's ministers or letting us know of your actions, had taken it upon yourselves to do exactly what we had shown you in two articles in The Good News, (issues of June and July, 1954) you must NOT do — hold services yourselves without a Pastor. I am much grieved to think any of you brethren would thus DISOBEY GOD, and His government in His Church, and His INSTRUCTIONS in THE BIBLE, both by example and command, as made very plain to you in these articles. Also this had been explained and made very plain more than once at the Tabernacle at Gladewater. It had happened once before in this very district. Brethren, it is my solemn duty as God's called and chosen minister thru whom He works and governs His Church, to rebuke those who took any initiative in this matter, or even those who, like sheep, were willing to go along in THIS WAY that is contrary to the WAY OF GOD, and which has been clearly explained to all. This sort of thing lays an added burden on the shoulders of those whose lives are devoted to SERVING YOU, feeding you with the true spiritual food, leading you in the way that you ought to go. It illustrates once again WHY it was necessary for God in His wisdom, to set GOVERNMENT in His church — AUTHORITY, which must be enforced!

   I realize, of course, this was done only with the best intentions, even tho it is inexcusable. Therefore I have moved swiftly to STOP this unscriptural and wrong way of holding the solemn Passover that certainly would have taken away all the blessing of it from those attending, and to arrange to send an ordained minister of evangelist rank to take charge and officiate. The service will, therefore, be held as planned, but under proper supervision and authority.

   Dick is arranging to remain in Laramie for the feast on Wednesday night, and for an all day meeting on Thursday, the annual holy day, for all of you who are able to remain over for those services, or to come back.

   These are mighty solemn and trying days, brethren. We are all being tried now as never before. We face the biggest problem since the work started, here at headquarters. Television is ensnaring the time and the minds and the interest of so many of OUR CO-WORKERS that the future of the work is in its gravest danger. NEVER have we needed your loyalty, your prayers, and your co-operation and encouragement as now. We are trying to do all we can for YOU. We have put the program on KOA, the biggest station in your section, and hope later to go on it EVERY NIGHT. And we, in return, need YOUR most loyal and faithful co-operation and encouragement. Eternity is at state for all of us! This is a time for us all to STAND TOGETHER, and to be OBEDIENT to every Word of God, in THE WAY He has outlined for us. We should have established a regular church for you people locally long before this, had not certain complications arisen that prevented. We are still striving to work toward this end. I hope you brethren will remain loyal, and HUMBLE, and PATIENT, until this can be affected — for otherwise you will defeat your own purpose and NEVER have a real Church of God in your locality. God bless you all.

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

P. S. Be sure to bring a towel and if possible a wash basin for the foot-washing service.

The Passover will be held at 7:30 P.M. Tuesday, April 5. There will also be a meeting for the feast on Wednesday evening, April 6, and meetings the next morning.

Publication Date: March 28, 1955
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