September 12, 1956  
September 12, 1956 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

September 12, 1956

Dear Co-Worker Family:

   We have SO MUCH to rejoice over! Our hearts should be bursting with gratitude! God is blessing His work beyond anything we dared dream. There is SO MUCH to inspire us to greater effort — and also, paradoxically, so much to alarm and give us grave concern to propel us to greater effort!

   It's all very evident, now! We have already come to and passed the CROSS-ROADS, and God's work now is launched on a far more important highway! We have reached a new plateau, as it were! In every way, it suddenly has become a bigger, greater, more powerful and widespread work. And all this means it is operating on correspondingly greater expense, and requires constantly increasing INCOME!

   For some years now we have been off the air in Eugene, Oregon, where "The WORLD TOMORROW" program first went on the air, the first Sunday in 1934. There was only one little station of 100 watts of power in Eugene, then. Today there are four radio stations in Eugene. The program is just now going back on the air in Eugene EVERY NIGHT at 7:30, on its most powerful and best station, KUGN, 5,000 watts.

   Just recently we have gone on the super-power WABC in New York City six nights a week. Never before have they permitted any week-night broadcasting of religious programs. The manager of that great station called me long distance the other day to tell me that, since our program went on, the station's rating has gone up at the time we are on the air. They had baseball before. They felt baseball would attract the largest possible audience. But "The WORLD TOMORROW" has attracted a BIGGER audience.

   A daily newspaper city editor travelled half way across the continent to see me and ask questions, a week ago. He said, "Mr. Armstrong, I wonder if you are aware that "The WORLD TOMORROW" packs a TREMENDOUS wallop! — that it literally impels people to THINK, whether they want to or not. It disturbs — it upsets people — it shakes them out of their lethargy, and makes them FACE the serious facts of life and existence, and world conditions, and their salvation, whether they want to or not!"

   And now comes word from New York that BECAUSE "The WORLD TOMORROW" is being listened to by so many more people IN AUSTRALIA than any other religious program, the BIG-CITY Network is now being opened to us! The Network we now use in Australia includes only one smaller station in Sydney, and several small-city stations in rural areas. But now the largest stations in Sydney, Melbourne, and all the other larger cities are being made available. When we are able to use all these stations, we will be reaching more than 85% of the entire population of that continent.

   I told you about two months ago the time has come when we must send out teams of evangelists to hold nightly evangelistic campaigns. The first of these campaigns has just concluded in Fresno, California. The five weeks' meetings there were conducted by my elder son Richard D. Armstrong, and Roderick C. Meredith, Associate Editor of The PLAIN TRUTH. There was a good interest, and a number of conversations. God blessed their efforts with spiritual fruit for His Kingdom. The second such campaign will start in a few weeks in either Colorado or Kansas. It will be conducted by Evangelist Raymond C. Cole, and Gerald Waterhouse. Then Dick Armstrong and Mr. Meredith will start a series of evangelistic campaigns in England in February.

   The new college year is started. Ambassador College began with 4 students, nine years ago. The second year we had 7, the third year 12, the fourth year 22. This year we had 46 new students, our largest incoming class so far, and 106 undergraduate students, not counting graduate-school students.

   It's like a miracle, in this way: What if these new properties, of which I wrote you some two months ago, had not come to us at this precise time. We would not have had room for these students, and would not have had employment to offer them so they could work their way thru college. But this addition of some 8 or 10 acres of magnificently landscaped grounds provides this employment opportunity. Had these fabulous new properties come to us a year sooner, we should have had no need for them, and should have been unable to take proper care of the grounds. Had not this largest influx of new students come to Ambassador College this fall, we could not have occupied this large addition to our campus even this year. GOD WORKED ALL THINGS TOGETHER JUST AS, AND WHEN, NEEDED. Had not this large addition of students come to us this year, the great new campaigns for which God is OPENING THE DOORS could not be planned and carried out in the near future. Yes, it's all certainly PROVIDENTIAL!

   This is GOD'S WORK. The Living HEAD and Chief Director of this entire work is JESUS CHRIST. He is now moving fast to step up the pace of this glorious work.

   Co-Workers, it's Christ's CHALLENGE to us!

   It's important — necessary — that we get started soon on DAILY T.V. Yet sufficient funds are not even in sight, as yet!

   Here we are, nearing that dreaded last half of the month again, when so often our hearts sink as we see the income of funds for the work dropping off. We can once more be in a DANGEROUS situation, unless, during these next two weeks you Co-Workers put forth EXTRA EFFORT, make extra sacrifices to send in not only your full tithe, but EXTRA amounts in the offerings.

   This time, let's leap to the rescue before the situation becomes critical. God bless you for your loyalty. But it IS a blessing for which we ought to be mighty GRATEFUL to be able to HAVE PART with CHRIST in GOD'S WORK! Let's THANK HIM and PRAISE HIS NAME in gratitude. God is GOOD to us!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: September 12, 1956
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