December 11, 1956  
December 11, 1956 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

December 11, 1956

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers:

   I think you ought to know more of what goes on here at the dynamic nerve-center of God's Work! I would like you to know more of the inside facts — the operations and activities of this headquarters of GOD'S WORK.

   It's important, and I'm sure it will be very interesting, for you to know more of how this work is organized — what its active staff and personnel look like — where they work — how they work. As you know, the headquarters is located here on the beautiful campus of Ambassador College in Pasadena. Here is where the future ministers and executives of the work are being trained.

   Even better, in many ways, than a personal visit to the campus will be the new, larger, finer, 1957 college yearbook, The Envoy. Yes, another thrilling yearbook is well under way, and the advance designs, layouts and illustrations which the committee has shown me indicate it will excel any we have produced so far.

   A personal visit to Ambassador College is an exciting and most enjoyable experience — but on a single visit it is not possible for one to share in all the clubs, field trips, concerts, assemblies, forums, and the many and varied activities of the college over an entire year. These are all recorded and pictured in The Envoy.

   Through this book you share in the experiences of the students, professors, ministers, and the entire staff. Ambassador College is constantly GROWING — even as God's work is expanding around the world. We now have the largest enrollment so far — 106 undergraduate students. The campus has more than doubled in size since last year's Envoy. You will want to keep up with this growth by ordering your Envoy every year. You'll see more than 40 new students pictured in the 1957 Envoy. You'll see pictures of the fabulous adjacent Hulett C. Merritt estate, now added to our already magnificently-landscaped campus. The formal Italian sunken gardens on the South Orange Grove Avenue side, once restored, are the equal of anything at Versailles or any place in the world. The semi-formal stately cyprus columns and lofty deodar trees and majestically-contoured lawns on the Terrace Drive side form a two- block-long continuation of our present campus grounds. Nothing on earth surpasses it in beauty, and few have seen anything to equal it. Beyond question, God has placed in our hands the most beautiful grounds in Southern California, if not in all America! It will take at least another year to restore the recently-acquired Merritt-estate grounds to their former beauty, but our staff is hard at work on it, and the 1957 Envoy will show many pictures as it is now.

   This is your opportunity to become acquainted with the dedicated young men and women being here trained to take responsibility in God's Great Commission, in which YOU are a Co-Worker!

   As you know, The Envoy is the pictorial yearbook of Ambassador College! It will be beautifully and permanently bound, with scores of pages of interesting pictures depicting in vivid detail every phase of life, work, play and fellowship here at Ambassador. There will be action pictures, candid shots, human interest pictures, and class-room pictures.

   At a price barely covering the production cost, you can obtain this superb volume to enjoy in your own home — to treasure and keep through the years to come.

   There could never have been a yearbook without YOU! Ambassador started out as the smallest college in America. It would have been impossible, financially, to print an annual for students and professors alone. This situation gave birth to a plan that has been followed since — our yearbook is produced with both the college and church members in mind. It is as much your book as the students'.

   Although the book this year will be enlarged and improved, it comes to you at the same low price of $5. So PLEASE HURRY your order, for the Envoy staff must know very soon the total number needed from the printers. So rush your subscription, PLEASE!

   You can send the $5 by return mail — OR, one single dollar will hold your book until June 1, — OR you can reserve your book without any money now until February 1, merely by asking us to put your name on the list. The 1957 Envoys are due to be mailed out in early June.

   I hope that EVERY MEMBER will subscribe for the Envoy this year, so that all or you may be brought into more close and personal relationship with this busy nerve-center of God's work!

   Make all checks or money-orders payable to "The Envoy," NOT to me personally — and send your order or reservation to The Envoy, Box 111, Pasadena, California. A self addressed envelope is enclosed. Use it, TODAY! THANK YOU!

Sincerely in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: December 11, 1956
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