September 19, 1957  
September 19, 1957 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



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September 19,1957

Dear Brethren of GOD'S Church:

   I am forced to begin this letter with some bad news. The big new TABERNACLE BUILDING on our grounds near Big Sandy, Texas, has been put off for another year!

   Brethren, I was FORCED to make this decision recently, even though we SO DESPERATELY NEED this new building! The FLOOD of special offerings for the building fund that we so URGENTLY needed slacked off to a small trickle, and then just a few little drops! We simply could not meet the test in time!

   As I told you in my last Co-Worker's Bulletin, the work is leaping ahead in many ways. God is adding big, powerful, new radio stations — opening new doors to take the truth to other continents. It is because of the steadily-increasing GROWTH God is granting that I COULD NOT take any more money out of the work for the building of the tabernacle at this time!

   I was faced with a vital decision. Either we would have two unfinished SHELLS of buildings standing on the grounds, with NO WINDOWS, DOORS OR FIXTURES in the new building — NONE of the stone that is so vital to the appearance of the structure — or we would continue another year with the old building. I consulted several of our ministers. God seemed to unanimously guide the opinions of all of us. I simply had to call Mr. Behlen and call off the building of the new tabernacle — FOR THIS YEAR!

   HERE'S WHAT THAT MEANS! We are faced with the LARGEST influx of newly converted people ever attending the Feast of Tabernacles. Last year, we had already begun to "flow out the seams" of the present building. This year, it will be even MORE CROWDED than EVER BEFORE. But there was nothing else to do. We're going to have to "rough it" in our present building for one more year. Maybe this will be GOOD for us. Perhaps this is God's way of showing us we must put more ZEAL AND ENERGY INTO HIS WORK — BEGIN TO TAKE THESE PROJECTS MUCH MORE SERIOUSLY THAN EVER BEFORE!

   We are going to try every way possible to increase the feeding and serving efficiency of the kitchen this year. We are organizing a group of deacons and other volunteer men to handle the parking, ushering, seating, cleaning-up work, serving, repair work and other physical duties necessary — so we may have more real ORDER and efficiency in this way.


   I am going to have to CALL on you — especially those in the local churches, and the older Church members, to be willing to give your seats in the main auditorium to the newer" babes" in Christ — sharing with them, realizing that for many it will be their very first Feast of Tabernacles. It means we are going to have to meet this test WITHOUT grumbling and murmuring!


   The feast begins this year on Wednesday evening, the 9th of October. You should arrive early enough to be settled in your tents, trailers, motels or hotels before sunset on the 9th.

   The first service will be held shortly after sunset on the 9th. This meeting is vitally important — it is held on God's Holy Day and all should be present.

   The morning services will begin promptly at 10:00 AM, on Thursday, October 10th. Since Thursday is a Holy Day, we will also have an afternoon service, beginning at 2:30 PM. There will be no evening service on Thursday.

   RESERVATIONS: Many of the brethren have arranged reservations in advance, by holding them in the same places since the last Feast. Others, using tents or trailers, will have no problems. For those who are new, however, you must obtain your own reservations! There are many motels and hotels in and around Gladewater, Longview, Greggton and Tyler, Texas. This year, the best chances for reservations will be very likely around Tyler, some 25 miles to the South of the tabernacle grounds. If you do not as yet have reservations, try to make them IMMEDIATELY, or else plan to arrive a full day or two early, to find a space to stay after you arrive. This may be a very risky procedure, however — since we will have the largest crowd in history this year, and most places may already be taken.

   CAMPING FACILITIES: Space is provided for those wishing to bring either tents or trailers. However, as in all other aspects, we will be terribly crowded in the camping area this year. Campers MUST cooperate to the fullest extent with those in authority who will direct you to the site you should pitch your tent or park your trailer. DO NOT PARK YOUR TRAILER OR PITCH YOUR TENT UNLESS OR UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED AN AREA by Mr. Roy Hammer or Mr. Buck Hammer! This is very important! We have gone to a great deal of expense to provide more water on the grounds this year, but camping must be done in order so as to utilize our facilities best. God is NOT the author of CONFUSION! (I Cor. 14:33.)

   MEALS: Meals will be served at the tabernacle as they have been before. The meals are sold at cost to you — there is no margin of profit whatsoever. The nominal fee of $2.25 per day for each adult is charged. This includes all children 15 years of age and older! For children from 6 years to 12 years, inclusive, a charge of $1.25 per day is required. Unless it is announced from the pulpit, we are going to try to allow all younger children from babies up to 5 years of age to eat free of charge. Payment of meals should be made at the time you register with the Tabernacle office.

   REGISTRATION: As soon as possible after your arrival, please REGISTER with the office located in the southwest corner of the tabernacle building. This is extremely necessary — or we will have no knowledge of HOW MANY MEALS to prepare. You may leave your name and other pertinent information there on Wednesday afternoon prior to sunset, or at any time except on Holy Days and Sabbaths after Friday morning. YOU MUST REGISTER REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU PLAN TO EAT AT THE TABERNACLE OR NOT.

   DIRECTIONS: The Tabernacle grounds are just off Highway 80, 2 miles east of Big Sandy, Texas, and 8 miles west of Gladewater. Big Sandy is a small town about 100 miles to the east of Dallas. A new entrance has been constructed of brick where our own private road leads to the tabernacle grounds. There is a gasoline station, restaurant and a few auto courts just beside the entrance, called "Tuck's." Simply follow Highway 80, east from Big Sandy, or west from Gladewater until you see our sign, "Radio Church of God Tabernacle."

   FINALLY, brethren, let me exhort every one of you to COME TO THE TABERNACLE! If you have not been obedient in saving the second tithe this year, perhaps you cannot come. But God has COMMANDED our presence, and has given us a financial plan making it possible for us to attend. These great annual Feast Days of God are a VERY important part of our spiritual growth! There are inspired sermons from the ministers — real solid spiritual "meat" that you cannot get anywhere else!

   These wonderful, joyful preaching services, coupled with the Bible studies, visiting, recreation and physical feasting make the Feast of Tabernacles MANY TIMES OVER as enjoyable as the commercialized, pagan, abominable feasts of Satan, such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

   Make every effort to be there. But, brethren, I must call upon you, as your Pastor and the servant of Jesus Christ, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL! WATCH your driving — BE ALERT for others who may be drunk, or careless! None of us are leading charmed lives. We have had the very sorrowful news of others who have been injured in automobile accidents while enroute to or from the Feast!

   DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN THIS YEAR! Please don't make me have to announce YOUR name, from the pulpit, as having been involved in a serious automobile accident — perhaps dead or injured — just from sheer human carelessness!

   I'm looking forward to the greatest Feast of Tabernacles since Apostolic Days! I hope to see YOU there — rejoicing with all of us! May God bless and keep you safe until we meet together as He has commanded!

Sincerely, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: September 19, 1957
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