February 13, 1959  
February 13, 1959 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

February 13, 1959

Dear Co-Workers with CHRIST:

   "WAR DANGER GREATEST IN 10 YEARS!"—so says a newspaper headline under date, February 10.

   Add to this other items of news, beginning with January 1st this year—and see how world conditions are speeding up toward the GRAND SMASH CLIMAX of this present world! Here are the other BIG News headlines:

   January 1st, New Year's day, the BIG headlines said a NEW ERA had dawned in Europe. TEN NATIONS in Europe had joined in a sensational currency reform—in connection with the new European COMMON MARKET program forging European nations into a SINGLE ECONOMIC GROUP. For 25 years I have been proclaiming over the air a coming union of TEN NATIONS in Europe, resurrecting the ROMAN EMPIRE—the prophesied BEAST of Revelation, which is to endure but a short time, and end by fighting CHRIST at His Second Coming! We are getting NEAR to Christ's coming!

   A few days later, the Russians shot off a man-made new PLANET, now swinging in its orbit around the SUN! Both the Russians and the United States now possess ICBMs—guided MISSILES that can hurl HYDROGEN-Bomb war-heads from either nation and drop them directly on the target of any city in the other nation in 30 minutes' flight time. There would be only 3 to 5 minutes' warning! THERE IS NO DEFENSE!

   A little later came the news that the Russians are beginning production of the missiles with assembly-line volume! Then came news that the combined Russian and U.S. stock-piles of atomic and hydrogen bombs are now 45,000—TEN TIMES the number required to devastate the ENTIRE EARTH! Four thousand such bombs could blast human and animal life from this planet!

   Next came news of a frightfully deadly biological substance, « pound of which could totally unpopulate the entire world! It can be produced cheaply. Several big nations know its secret and are now working on it.

   Then news of a NERVE-GAS which can kill every person on earth. A Pentagon official said: "We're scared to death even to mention germ warfare."

   Now news that over the Berlin crisis we are nearer WAR than any time in ten years! It is like the irresistible FORCE (Russia) coming against the IMMOVABLE OBJECT (America and the allies) in Berlin. Khrushchev has issued an ultimatum. Unless the allies get out of Berlin by May 27th there will be WAR! He has threatened that MILLIONS will be killed. Then, most recent news—Secretary Dulles says the allies WILL NOT BUDGE from West Berlin! In his own words, "risking WAR rather than being taken out of Berlin."

   Dear Co-Workers, CAN YOU SEE that events are SPEEDING UP VIOLENTLY—that we are now FAST nearing the END of this world—the END of the time allotted for OUR MISSION?

   God Almighty has called YOU, with me, to the most important mission on earth in these final perilous days! 1900 years ago Jesus Christ came to earth with a Message from GOD to man. He taught that Message to His Disciples, whom He ordained Apostles. For two 19-year time-cycles they were allowed to proclaim that vital Gospel Message to the world of that day. But apostacy set in. Men turned AWAY from the TRUTH and unto FABLES (II Tim 4:l-4). After 69 A.D., the true Gospel Jesus brought was never again proclaimed in any organized manner to the world.

   Instead, Gentiles came into the Church, bringing with them their PAGAN beliefs and customs. They began to call their PAGAN religion "Christianity." They continued to accept and go by the NAME of Christ. They continued to preach a gospel of their own ABOUT Christ. But HIS VITAL MESSAGE they snuffed out! All this, Jesus and the New Testament writers foretold!

   But, Jesus said, just BEFORE the END OF THIS WORLD—just BEFORE the Second Coming of Christ, the knowledge of HIS GOSPEL MESSAGE WAS to be RESTORED. Thru human instruments of His calling and choosing, Jesus said: "This Gospel of the KINGDOM (of GOD) shall be preached (and published, Mark 13:10) in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and THEN shall the END (of this world) come" (Matt. 24:14).

   Co-Workers, YOU and I are the very ones He has called and chosen as His instruments in this most important mission of our time! God OPENED THE DOORS of radio and the printing press before me the very first week in 1934—25 years ago! It started very small. But God blessed HIS WORK—caused it to grow and grow, in spite of every persecution and opposition. He added Co-Workers to work with me. HE ADDED YOU! Today we are in the SEVENTH YEAR of our SECOND 19-year TIME-CYCLE which God has allotted for this MASS-PROCLAIMING of THIS MESSAGE FROM GOD! If God does not cut the time short, we may have another 12 years to complete this GREAT COMMISSION.

   BUT—speaking of this terrible world-chaos now INTENSIFYING rapidly, Jesus said man would develop to the place where he would WIPE ALL LIFE FROM THE EARTH, U N L E S S God Almighty intervenes with supernatural power to CUT SHORT these days. And, said Jesus (Matt 24:22), "For the ELECT'S SAKE, those days SHALL BE CUT SHORT!"

   Does that mean we have far LESS than the remaining 12 years of our allotted two 19-year time cycles? lT MAY! LET ME TELL YOU, IT IS LATER THAN WE THINK!

   Now THINK! What will any of your present PLEASURES, or acquisitions, or possessions, or money, mean to you IF, in two, three, or even 12 more years, the prophesied INVASION by the Nazi-Fascist European Empire blasts out of existence our main CITIES—killing ONE-THIRD of all Americans; and the drought- famine and disease epidemics kill anothor THIRD of all our people, and the remaining THIRD are taken captive as SLAVES, exactly as prophesied (Ezek. 5:12, and 6:6)?

   But, GOD HAS PROMISED ABSOLUTE PROTECTION AND SECURITY to those of us who are CARRYING HIS MESSAGE to the world and are FAITHFUL, WATCHING world news, keeping CLOSE and YIELDED to God, and PRAYING ALWAYS (Rev. 3:7-10; Luke 21:36).

   I do not mean by that to suggest any of you ought to sell your home, or all your possessions. You NEED a home—we all do, in order that we may CARRY ON GOD'S WORK. I do not mean anything foolish—but I do mean that nearly ALL of us are spending money for things we DO NOT NEED, which COULD be put into this great work of GOD—if we are sufficiently yielded to God and His will, and our hearts first of all on the things above—and the mission to which Christ has called us!

   Here we are, in the middle of February—SHORTEST MONTH OF THE YEAR. While WORLD events are speeding up with rapid acceleration, the income from you Co-Workers to keep GOD'S WORK also growing in power and scope and accelerating sufficiently to keep pace, IS DROPPING DOWN ALARMINGLY!

   Co-Workers, THIS CANNOT CONTINUE! We must tighten our belts a little more. WE MUST CONTRIBUTE MORE GENEROUSLY—all who are ABLE—than we have been! God—and the great WORK OF GOD—is WAITING ON YOU! Beside our honest and faithful TITHES, which belong to God, we must be MORE GENEROUS with liberal OFFERINGS besides!

   We have the protection, the guidance, the BLESSING, of the Eternal GOD! His work must come FIRST! Let us re-dedicate our lives to His task! Let us PRAY fervently, as never before, with serious, broken and contrite hearts! God's work needs the largest possible offering within YOUR means by return air-mail! And we must keep it up! Send tithes and offerings MORE OFTEN, if possible! GOD BLESS YOU! I know you will do your utmost and PRAY that God will move on others likewise!

With LOVE, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: February 13, 1959
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