April 22, 1959  
April 22, 1959 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

BOX 111, Pasadena, California

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

April 22,1959

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   You and I are faced, right now, with the most serious problem ever to confront any of us. This is more important than our own lives.

   It's too big for us, alone. We're going to have to have a lot of help from God. But we are going to have to wake up to the real seriousness of it—we're going to have to put it before everything else in our lives—we're going to have to be willing to sacrifice and give up, and put forth our most determined efforts— and we're going to have to BESEECH GOD and PRAY more earnestly than ever before!

   Here's the problem: World conditions are speeding up, faster and faster. Time is running out. We are being hurled, at constantly accelerated pace, toward the END OF THIS WORLD! God Almighty has called us together—as the BODY OF CHRIST—to WARN this world, and to proclaim the true Gospel of Jesus Christ IN ALL THE WORLD, as a witness to ALL NATIONS—and we MUST finish this work before the end comes!

   NOBODY ELSE has proclaimed this Message to the world for 18ę centuries! Nobody else is proclaiming it today! It is by far the most serious—the most vital and IMPORTANT work in the world today.

   But LISTEN! As time is being cut short—as we see world conditions hurling this world faster and faster to its END—Jesus Christ our living Head is OPENING NEW DOORS for us to carry His Gospel at a corresponding accelerated pace. Opportunities never before possible are opening up!

   Then where is the problem, you ask? The PROBLEM is how to afford to march through these doors Christ is opening!


   It is almost unbelievable. It's breath-taking! It's staggering! For 25 years we have been proclaiming over the air God's prophecy that a TEN-NATION "United States of Europe" will resurrect the Roman Empire to plunge this world to its doom, and end with the Second Coming of CHRIST!

   January first of this fateful year TEN NATIONS in Europe joined in a sensational currency reform movement—the immediate fore-runner of the new ROMAN EMPIRE!

   A few days later, Russia shot a new Planet into orbit AROUND THE SUN! It was announced that both Russia and the U.S. now have the ICBM—intercontinental ballistic missiles that can hurl hydrogen bombs! There is NO DEFENSE!

   Then came announcement the Russians have started assembly- line production or guided missiles! That is frightening news! Next, news that TEN TIMES the number of nuclear bombs are stock- piled that would be required to wipe all human life from off the earth! Then news of a horrifying biological substance—ę pound of which can erase all humanity! Then on the heels of that, announcement of a NERVE-GAS that can kill every human being!

   With all these horror advances, WAR DANGER has been greater than at any time in ten years. The Berlin crisis comes to a climax in just one more month! We've told you it will not mean war at this time—but it is SPEEDING UP the mad race toward the END OF THIS WORLD!

   MEANWHILE, Jesus Christ has been keeping pace in the speeding up of HIS WORK on earth. After two 19-year time-cycles, His original apostles were prevented from preaching His dynamic Gospel to the world. Pagans took over, appropriated the NAME of Christ, labeled it on their PAGAN religion, and the police of the Roman government slammed shut all doors thru which the TRUE Gospel might be carried. But Christ Himself said that, JUST BEFORE THE END—just two 19-year time-cycles before the end—"this Gospel of the KINGDOM shall be preached in all the world, for a witness unto ALL NATIONS, and then shall the END come!!!"

   His same Gospel IS being preached around the world! Christ has chosen you and me together, as the true BODY OF CHRIST, empowered by His Spirit, to finish this work on earth! It began the first week in January, 1934. At the end of one 19-year time-cycle it was being thundered coast to coast, nation-wide. Then, the first week in January, 1953, (exactly 19 years to the very week) Christ OPENED A GIGANTIC DOOR—Radio Luxembourg, then the most powerful non-government radio station on earth—thru which we began shouting His Gospel to Europe and Britain!

   Today, more than 6 years into that second 19-year cycle, more and more doors have been opened before us. The Gospel is now going with the LOUD VOICE of RADIO over every continent—but not yet into ALL NATIONS. We still have a tremendously big job to do!

   Two or three weeks ago I said, spontaneously while broad- casting, that we were now broadcasting into every major nation on earth. Then I came to realize I had overlooked JAPAN. Japan is a major nation. Immediately I called our New York representatives of overseas radio stations, and inquired about Japan.

   THAT DOOR IS OPENING! And, just as, a little more than a month ago, a tremendous door—400,000-watt Radio Monte Carlo—swung open to carry Christ's Gospel into RUSSIA in the Russian language, so now I authorized the agency to broadcast these same messages in the Japanese language immediately, ON A JAPANESE NETWORK IN JAPAN!

   Since January first, many additional radio stations have opened their doors to us. CHRIST IS SPEEDING UP HIS WORK! He is speeding it up at a pace equal to the speeding up of world conditions.

   The PROBLEM IS—WE MUST PROVIDE INCREASED FUNDS TO CONTINUE ON THIS INCREASED PROGRAM! This is a most serious problem! We dare not turn back! THIS is the very WORK OF GOD! Christ is using NO ONE ELSE in shouting HIS Gospel to the world just as He said He would do. NO ONE ELSE PROCLAIMS THIS GOSPEL!

   Yet we are FAR from having reached all nations! Our biggest work is yet ahead of us. It all has to be financed from America! The business office is in an alarming bind right now!

   Co-Workers, PRAY as never before that God will send MORE CO-WORKERS into our family being used us God's instrument for His work. Let each of us try to put into God's glorious work a LITTLE MORE than we have been. It is a serious CRISIS! But if we PRAY, and believe, and are willing to sacrifice, GOD WILL ENABLE US TO SOLVE THIS TREMENDOUS PROBLEM! Remember, we have the POWER OF GOD with us, but we must, each one, do his own utmost!

Gratefully, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: April 22, 1959
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