June 04, 1959  
June 04, 1959 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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June 4, 1959

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   I hoped I'd never again have to do this. But this letter HAS to be an S.O.S.!

   This letter has to be SHORT. It has to be right to the POINT!! We are threatened with having to GO OFF THE AIR ON AT LEAST THREE of our most powerful radio stations, at least for the summer!

   TWO major radio stations—the giant super-power 150,000- watt XEG, and the west-coast 50,000-watt XERB have seriously asked us to GO OFF THE AIR for the summer, because we have had to lag behind in paying for the broadcasting!

   This will deprive many hundreds of thousands of regular listeners of hearing the program. We have more listeners on XEG than any other station on earth! Other hundreds of thousands who hear us on WLAC will be unable to hear the program until fall because of the early time—7:00 P.M. (Central Standard Time), which is still daylight from now until fall. Many of these could hear us on XEG (8:30 P.M. Central Standard Time). But if we have to go off of XEG, then MOST of our listeners from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi will be unable to hear the program at all, until next fall!

   EVEN MORE IMPORTANT, if possible, many hundreds who have been brought to repentance, and to salvation thru CHRIST, and now await baptism, may have to be passed up!

   THINK OF IT! This is by far the biggest spiritual harvest year in the history of this work! More than TWO THOUSAND have requested baptism! In order to visit and baptize this great number, we have made plans to send out FIVE BAPTIZING TEAMS this summer, covering the entire United States, coast to coast, and Canada to the Gulf!

   Now, even these tours are threatened! We may have to curtail some of them. We may have to deprive HUNDREDS of precious lives from being baptized and receiving God's Holy Spirit! These baptizing teams have planned tours averaging 12,000 miles by automobile for each team. These ministers and advanced students actually risk their lives in this gruelling summer work of baptizing. My own son, Richard David, did sacrifice his on one of these tours last summer. These men sacrifice sleep, and work from early morning to late night on these tours.

   CAN'T WE WHOM GOD HAS CALLED AND CHOSEN AS HIS CO-WORKERS SACRIFICE A FEW THINGS we planned to spend money for, in order that those tours may go out? Mrs. Armstrong and I have put in all we had. Must precious lives be lost for eternity because we become lax and careless and fail to put God's work FIRST?

   I've written you of how world conditions are stepping up at ALARMING accelerated pace toward world destruction! I've told you how God has kept pace, in this HIS work, by opening NEW DOORS for proclaiming HIS GOSPEL before the END of this world!

   And NOW comes a long-distance overseas telephone call from our overseas advertising agent in London, followed by letters and telegrams, telling of a television network DOOR opening in London for us to go on British television nationally! This would even be FREE TIME! We are shipping by air express immediately several of our television programs on film for their consideration. They want to put me and my son Garner Ted Armstrong on TV in London live on a series of Sunday night programs. It is a young people's program. Our agent tells me it is a very lively, snappy program. The young people pepper the minister with questions. Ted and I have reservations for a flight overseas on June 10th. But shall we have to pass up this tentative great opportunity because of lack of funds?

   LISTEN, dear Co-Workers! Jesus Christ, the living HEAD of His Church—His Body by which He carries on His work, restores His TRUTH, preaches His GOSPEL, warns this world, before the END of the world and Christ's Second Coming—this same LIVING Christ has chosen YOU as a co-worker in the finishing of HIS WORK! The responsibility is on YOU as well as me.

   We simply HAVE to have, now, a substantial increase in tithes and generous offerings for God's work. IT MUST KEEP COMING WEEK BY WEEK, MONTH BY MONTH. We must dig down a little deeper! We must sacrifice a little more!

   First of all, we must have AN UNPRECEDENTED BIG RESPONSE IMMEDIATELY BY RETURN MAIL! The situation in our business office is just that desperate! We not only need whatever is the largest amount every one of you can send, whether two dollars or two thousand—we now need, desperately, LARGE THOUSAND DOLLAR OR MULTIPLE THOUSAND DOLLAR AMOUNTS—and if the few of you who possibly can send in such large amounts feel you cannot GIVE it freely at this time, then I must ask you to LOAN it to the work of God, on whatever terms and for whatever time you can.

   But just this imperative immediate return-mail burst of money alone is not enough. We must all try to send a little more every week or every month—and, if possible, to send it a little oftener.

   REMEMBER—God has made tithing a definite LAW. If our baptizing teams are enabled to make these tours, and are able to baptize 2,000 new converts into Christ, it means tithes and offerings coming in regularly from that number, or heads of families in that number. The very fact that more and more radio listeners are being won to Christ and brought into HIS BODY as active co-workers means more of us who are co-workers. In this way God's work grows and increases financially. This, in turn, means more money for more powerful broadcasting, which means MORE PRECIOUS LIVES CONVERTED FOR GOD'S KINGDOM! It all works out to GOD'S HONOR AND GLORY!

   SEND THE LARGEST AMOUNT YOU CAN. Send it IMMEDIATELY, or the very first day possible. SEND IT AIR-MAIL! And then, please go to a private place and get down on your knees and JOIN ME IN EARNEST, BELIEVING, PREVAILING PRAYER that this crisis need will be met! And God WILL bless you!!!

Urgently, gratefully, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 04, 1959
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