July 31, 1959  
July 31, 1959 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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July 31, 1959

Dear Brethren of GOD'S Church:

   Again GREETINGS! Here is another month ended—we had to send another $18,000 payment to the Behlen Manufacturing Company eleven days ago for the July payment—yet all of the members of the Church of God in the United States, now several thousand of us, have only SENT IN ONLY $11,190 for the whole month up to the 30th.

   Meanwhile, WORK IS PROCEEDING RIGHT AHEAD on the 50% enlargement of the giant Tabernacle at Gladewater, Texas.

   THINK OF IT! We have now completely paid for the present Tabernacle which we used for the Festival last Fall. It cost a little over $350,000. We started paying for it in June of last year. In just 13 months—one month over a year—WE PAID THEM THIS ENTIRE AMOUNT! Of course we members started sending in the money a few months before June of last year.

   But isn't that something to praise God for? There has never had to be a mortgage on the property. Because of our splendid record of meeting every payment on time promptly, the Behlen Company did not require the mortgage we had previously agreed to give them. Because of this and their confidence in me, personally, and on my PERSONAL SIGNATURE making me PERSONALLY liable for the entire amount, THEY HAVE SIGNED THE CONTRACT for the big addition, to cost $172,000, without requiring a mortgage!

   But—we must go on paying the $18,000 monthly payments! I am held personally liable for that $18,000 EVERY MONTH! We cannot meet it, Brethren, when you send in only $11,000 a month! After my last letter, two months ago, you all responded and sent in $20,000 in the month. But when I didn't prod you this month, because I was in Europe, many of you let down.

   BRETHREN, WE ARE GOD'S CHILDREN, AND THIS IS A TEST OF CHARACTER! We have shown we CAN do it! We MUST put in this $18,000 EXTRA over and above tithes and regular offerings, for the special TABERNACLE FUND every month! I am going to pray and ask God to LAY THIS RESPONSIBILITY ON YOUR HEART SO HEAVILY you cannot neglect it! I have made myself personally liable! You are not going to let me down, or let personal disgrace come on me, and bring discredit on GOD'S Church are you? OF COURSE NOT! I HAVE FAITH IN GOD—THAT HE WILL PROSPER AND PROVIDE FOR YOU, AND LAY THIS BURDEN ON YOU IN SUCH POWER YOU WILL RESPOND.

   Thank you, and God bless you! The steel is all fabricated. Work is now proceeding. I am mailing the signed contract to the Behlen Company TODAY! Let's respond ABUNDANTLY, CHEERFULLY, again!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

P.S. —After it appeared that we were unable to arrange for financing the construction of the new steel booth-houses on our camp grounds at the Tabernacle, the whole thing has suddenly revived. The construction company (not Behlen) now believe they can arrange to finance and carry us on this housing project, and say they can yet get them all constructed and finished before this year's Festival.

   I will know for certain in the next week or two, and will let you know. The money that many of you have sent in as advance rental (to apply on purchase price) is in the bank. If we can go ahead with the project, it will be applied on the purchase, and you will have your steel booths to live in as planned. If not, your money will be returned to you in plenty of time for you to use it for your expenses in providing your own housing during the feast.

Publication Date: July 31, 1959
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