August 25, 1959  
August 25, 1959 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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August 25, 1959

Dear Brethren of GOD'S Church:

   GOOD NEWS! At the very last minute, we finally did get the contract thru for our new steel-booth housing district on the Gladewater Festival grounds, in Texas.

   Ten days ago I went to Houston, Texas for a conference with the president of the manufacturing company we had been negotiating with. They were simply not large enough a company to finance this project for us in the way we had to get it done.

   But meanwhile, a few days before, another manufacturer's agent, from Tulsa, had heard about us and contacted us. Immediately we telephoned him to come to the big Tabernacle near Gladewater for conference with Mr. Hammer and me. He arrived. We arranged a deal. He was able to manage the financing. His company is the largest in this field. Their steel houses are better than the ones we had been considering. They also cost a little more—but they are worth it.

   This representative was here in Pasadena nearly all day yesterday. We finally closed the deal for some TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS' WORTH of these houses. We will have only 250— not the 300 we originally planned, since these are a little higher priced. There will be 200 of the smaller ones—10 by 12 feet. These will be equipped with three double-deck cots, sleeping six people. The 50 larger size are 10 by 18 feet, and have 5 double-deck bunks or cots, sleeping ten people.

   All have windows, and 6-foot-wide front porches. All are insulated. All have mattresses. But YOU must bring all your own bedding. We furnish the buildings, cots and mattresses only.

   All of you who have sent in the rental money in advance for your booth-houses will have them—unless adverse weather or some unforeseen circumstance prevents getting them all erected in time. We are going to try to furnish them with extra labor to rush these. There will be a very FEW booths available to those who did not send in rent money in advance, but first choice will go to those who already made a reservation. PRAY with me that these will be ready on time. It is a race against time.

   Meanwhile, the big addition to the huge new tabernacle is going right along. You will be surprised to see the tabernacle half again larger than last year. I must rush this to you. Write in for any additional information you need.

In haste, and with love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

P.S. Mr. Hammer has requested that all those who p]an to camp on the grounds should write him immediately, at Box 543, Gladewater, Texas.

Publication Date: August 25, 1959
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