July 05, 1960  
July 05, 1960 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

LONDON, July 5, 1960

Dear Friend:

   Again I send you GREETINGS from London. I try to personally write a letter to each one in our vast radio audience who also is reading The PLAIN TRUTH, at least twice a year.

   Right now I am gravely concerned—as YOU need to be— about the new turn in world conditions. You need to KNOW what these alarming happenings really MEAN. Bible Prophecies tell us!

   Our nations right now face by far the most alarming situation since the last war. It is going to severely affect YOU!

   Frankly and candidly—you might as well REALIZE IT!—your very life is in mortal DANGER this minute—unless God Almighty prevents or delays national and world disaster. THIS IS REAL! Any second now, with no more than three minutes warning, our great cities could be blasted out of existence—YOU and yours could be blown to bits, or fatally hit by nuclear radiation or fall-out— unless God prevents! What you must realize is that this is really THREATENED!

    This is no dream nor imagination. I am no alarmist. These are hard, cold, existing FACTS. They are stark REALITY! This sudden turn in events has produced exactly that much DANGER. Few realize WHAT has happened—WHAT it means! But I know also, from Biblical prophecy—in which GOD SPEAKS—that this possible eruption which easily could erase all human life from earth's surface will not explode just yet. THERE IS A REASON! Something must take place first!

   How thankful—how grateful—we ought to be for God's assurances—and for His prophecies filling a third of the entire Bible—laying bare before our eyes the record of future events before they happen!

   You read in newspapers—you hear on radio or television —about one news happening at a time. Usually people fail to connect them together—to see the PATTERN—to understand what is BEHIND these developments—to know WHERE they are leading.

   In my letter a year ago from Copenhagen, I told scores of thousands of our readers about our own world-girdling news- gathering Bureau. I told you how we send our own specially trained men—men schooled both in news-detecting and gathering, and in Biblical prophecy—to all parts of the world.

   I want to tell you more about it. At our World Headquarters in Pasadena, California, in one of the buildings on the Ambassador College campus, is located our own News Bureau, occupying four rooms and staffed with a number of men. There we have the same facilities as daily newspapers and radio or television Network news-rooms. We have the UPI teletype, clicking away 24 hours a day, automatically typing up news coming in over United Press International leased wires. We get the latest news at precisely the same instant the newspapers and radio or TV news departments receive it, anywhere in the world.

   In these rooms our news men receive also such newspapers and news magazines as the London Times, the Manchester Guardian, the New York Times and New York Herald-Tribune, the Chicago Tribune, the Christian Science Monitor—all of which have their own special news analysts, columnists, and editorial features; Time, News-Week, the United States News & World Report, Life, the German news-magazine Der Spiegel; private world-news reports by special Bureaus in London, Washington and New York, subscribed to by banks, newspapers, magazine editors, and business executives who need to keep up with the best knowledge of world conditions—political, economic, and otherwise. Many of these Bureaus maintain large staffs of trained observers and reporters in various parts of the world. Hundreds of our own readers and co-workers all over the world help by sending in clippings and items of news from their local papers or other sources.

   Now I would like you to consider one other fact, and then REALIZE WHAT THIS BUREAU MEANS TO YOU! No news editor—no news analyst—no news broadcaster or reporter can really UNDERSTAND the news he reports, UNLESS he understands Biblical PROPHECY! As Winston Churchill said, THERE IS A PURPOSE BEING WORKED OUT HERE BELOW! These present world happenings are hurling this world rapidly along the course of that purpose toward its CLIMAX! Unless this is known—unless the events PROPHESIED are recognized as they occur—the news man simply does not understand the news.

   As a result, newspapers often feature UNimportant news with tremendous headlines on page one, and bury vital news on the bottom of page 13 with small headlines. Our men are trained to recognize SIGNIFICANT news. They know what to look for. They recognize the meaning of events.

   What THIS MEANS TO YOU, then, is simply this: God has set us as YOUR WATCHMEN (see Ezekiel 33:1-11). One author wrote a book calling the Vatican the world's "Listening Post." But YOUR "Listening Post"—the real number one "Listen-Post" of world news of all this world, is located in the rooms of our News Bureau in Pasadena, California! And, my dear friend, YOU HAD BETTER HEED when we report news and give you warning—or else, read Ezek. 33:3-5; and verses 9-11.

   And right now I have IMPORTANT NEWS—and for you, an important WARNING!

   Now let's UNDERSTAND what has happened. Here is the recent chain of events—all part of one grand sequence pregnant with terrible significance. They have plunged our nations into the greatest DANGER—the most imminent danger—of their history!

   1) Kremlin Boss Khrushchev, just prior to the Summit Conference, told the world they had shot down a U.S. U-2 high- flying reconnaissance plane, "spying" over Russia. He shouted a threat of NUCLEAR WAR unless the U.S. gave assurances of stopping U-2 flights.

   The SIGNIFICANCE of this? Few realize it! The U.S. State Department then announced such flights had been going on over Russia for a long time. "From these flights," finally confided Defense Secretary Thomas S. Gates. Jr. to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, "we get information on airfields, aircraft, missile testing and training, special weapons storage, submarine production, atomic production and aircraft deployment."

   The REAL MEANING? The United States, Britain and allies are now without any means for detecting a Russian build-up for a surprise attack. Russia has an expanding stockpile of inter- continental ballistics missiles. Until now the U.S. knew their bases. This meant that, if Russia started a war—even surprise H-bombing of our cities, U.S. forces could H-bomb their bases and instantly DESTROY Russia's ability to fight.

   And Now? The Soviet will build new bases, camouflage them. The U.S. will not know where they are—will be unable to STRIKE BACK.

   MEANING? Simply this! In nine months or a year, Khrushchev can say to America and Britain: "Turn over all Berlin to me at once, or we will destroy you, and you cannot hit back!" He can threaten, and make us either surrender, or else enter all-out nuclear war in which allied forces would be striking BLINDLY at Russia.

   SERIOUS? This puts the U.S.A. and Britain in the most serious peril of their national history—UNLESS U-2 flights are immediately resumed!

   Now continue the CHAIN of events—all master-minded by Khrushchev:

   2) Knowing the above FACTS, Khrushchev scuttled the Summit Conference at Paris, insulting President Eisenhower as no American President had ever been insulted before. At any time previous to 1912 such INSOLENCE to an American President would have meant WAR!

   3) Next, Khrushchev instantly hurled more personal abuse on President Eisenhower, who had just recently been his gracious host in Washington—withdrawing his invitation for Mr. Eisenhower's return visit—forbidding the President to come to Russia!

   Now all this BEGAN a chain of events rapidly fulfilling vital prophecies. News reporters and analysts cannot, of course, realize the MEANING of this. Let's pause here, in this chain of events, to make the meaning PLAIN.

   Because our nations—America, Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc.—have allowed GERMAN RATIONALISM to permeate our educational institutions—because our peoples have turned their backs on GOD'S LAWS and RIGHT WAYS OF LIFE—because we have accepted and continued in the BABYLONIAN WAY of religious belief and practise, even calling it "Christianity"—the Babylonian way of economics, business, education, society—and have forsaken our GOD, His TRUTH, and HIS WAYS. God has foretold, in His PROPHECIES, that He is going to PUNISH our nations until we repent and TURN TO HIM— that we may find PEACE, real happiness, joy, and abundant living!

   One way God is beginning now to PUNISH us for our own good is recorded in Leviticus 26. Most prophecies have a DUAL application—and this is no exception. It applies to what God did do, 2500 years ago to ancient Israel, but only as a TYPE of what He will do to us NOW. But here is the prophecy RIGHT NOW being fulfilled by these events: "If ye will not yet for all this hearken unto Me, then I will punish you...And I will break the pride of your power" (Lev. 26:18, 19).

   We have been proud nations. The U.S. and British Common- wealth have owned MOST of the world's wealth and developed resources—more than all other nations combined; we dominated the world; when attacked, we thrashed our enemies; we commanded the world's respect.

   Let me cite you an example. When U.S. President Woodrow Wilson was running for re-election in 1916, he had been sending the German Kaiser several notes asking the Kaiser to kindly stop torpedoing and sinking American ships. But there was nothing back of his notes to convince the Kaiser he meant it. The German subs kept on sinking American ships until they finally forced U.S. entry into the first world war in April, 1917.

   During the election campaign in 1916, I stood less than ten feet from former President Theodore Roosevelt while he commented on Mr. Wilson's many notes. This, almost word for word, is what he said:

   "If I were still President, I would have sent the Kaiser a note telling him to stop sinking American ships—just one note! —and the Kaiser would have KNOWN THAT I MEANT IT! I was President for seven and a half years. I did send the Kaiser a note once. At that time a German battleship was steaming toward Manila Bay. I sent the Kaiser a note. The German battleship did not stop. I quickly sent another note—but I didn't send the second note to the Kaiser. I sent it to Admiral Dewey, ordering the U.S. Navy to drive that German battleship back to Germany. The Kaiser learned that I MEANT IT!"

   Until World War I, Americans and British had PRIDE in their POWER! But God said He would break that pride. Now continue the chain of these significant events:

   4) Just one month after Khrushchev slapped American prestige by exposing the U-2 debacle, wrecked the Summit Conference, insulted President Eisenhower in Paris, and then slapped Mr. Eisenhower again, cancelling his visit to Russia, Khrushchev ordered the Reds to slap the crowning insult of humiliation on the U.S. President, in the Far East.

   The Reds launched "Hate America Week." The Japanese government was forced by Red mob violence to ask Mr. Eisenhower to stay out of Japan. This was, in Oriental eyes, the supreme LOSS OF FACE for President Eisenhower and the U.S. Loss of face has far greater meaning to the Oriental mind than to ours. Further, Orientals regard PRESTIGE, or loss of it, on the basis of the PERSON of the nation's leader. Khrushchev and the Chinese Reds, of course, know this. THAT IS WHY KHRUSHCHEV HAS BEEN HEAPING PERSONAL INSULTS ON PRESIDENT EISENHOWER. By so doing, he is completely ruining American prestige in the East. There will, of course, be attempts in America to make light of this; and, since the Japanese treaty was signed, to give our people comfort in thinking this fiasco has worked to our advantage after all.

   But the Communist policy is not to attack the West first or direct—but to conquer Britain and America BY WAY OF CHINA, JAPAN, AND INDIA. They know this "loss of face" they have given our peoples, by humiliating and insulting the U.S. President—and getting away with it—will have a TREMENDOUS effect on turning the minds of Eastern peoples against us and toward Communism.

   5) Then the final humiliation was hurled on Mr. Eisenhower when he visited Chiang Kai-Shek on Formosa. They poured more shells on Quemoy than ever before as a "welcome" and a "farewell."

   Thus a TREMENDOUS blow to "the PRIDE OF OUR POWER" has been struck. Make no mistake about it—even as God does sometimes use evil powers to PUNISH His own people—even as He did by sending pagan Assyria to conquer ancient Israel, and God-rejecting Babylon to take Judah captive—so He is now in process of BREAKING THE PRIDE OF OUR POWER!

   It is true, the U.S.-Japanese Security treaty was signed. It grants the U.S. bases in Japan for ten years. It is true, the Red mobs in Japan represent, as of now, only a small minority— Premier Kishi was backed by a large majority of the Japanese Parliament—and also a large majority of the Japanese people—yet the "loss of FACE" these Red mobs dealt our people was a FAR GREATER victory for the Reds in their march through China, Japan, India, etc., on toward WORLD DOMINATION, than it was for the U.S. in getting the treaty signed.

   Our nations have been suffering one major defeat after another in the Cold War in these recent events. And they have brought the world perilously close to HYDROGEN-BOMB WAR!

   The U.S. now has bases in Japan—if they can be held—for ten years. BUT U.S. bases ringed around Russia are being threatened—now uncertain in Korea; under real pressure in Okinawa; condition WEAK in the Philippines; threatened in Pakistan on both sides of northern India; UNSTABLE in Turkey (and Biblical prophecy says Turkey will, later, cause us a major defeat by double-crossing Britain and the U.S.); CUT BACK in Libya; CLOSING DOWN in Morocco; REDUCED in France; GONE in Iceland.

   Biblical prophecies tell us OUR ALLIES are going to forsake us. Our nations have relied on foreign allies rather than on God. In World War II we made Russia an ally. Now we are trying to make allies of Germany and Japan! God forbade this! We shall be punished!

   The U.S. used to have a MONROE DOCTRINE. Where is it now? Right on the American door-step little banty-rooster Castro has set up a COMMUNIST RUSSIAN-DIRECTED DICTATORSHIP—and he, too, hurls insults across only 90 miles of water against the U.S.

   I wonder what would have happened, had such events started taking place in Teddy Roosevelt's day? Anyway, we are now nearing GOD'S DAY—the great and terrible DAY OF THE LORD, during which GOD will have to intervene to save humanity—during which CHRIST will return to earth in SUPREME ALMIGHTY DIVINE POWER TO RULE ALL NATIONS!

   But first, our own peoples have to be PUNISHED, to turn them back into GOD'S WAY—that they may be permanently happy, at peace, prosperous and well. But God never sends such catastrophic national punishment without first WARNING the people. Also, God will not intervene in the government He has allowed MEN to devise and establish—to upset, destroy, and then REPLACE them with His own divine government directly ruled by CHRIST in the happy, peaceful and joyful WORLD TOMORROW, without first PROCLAIMING this Good News to all the world as a witness.

   Therefore God will HOLD BACK the devastating winds of nuclear war UNTIL He has completed this Great Mission through this very work in which He is using us. The cold war will not yet erupt into nation-destroying nuclear war. But Communist threats and violence will so frighten neighboring nations in Europe that they will UNITE for common protection, forming a THIRD Great Power bloc in the world. Up to now, western Europe has relied on United States power to hold back the Red avalanche. NOW THE PRIDE OF OUR POWER IS BEING BROKEN. Other nations are fast losing faith in it.

   Reds are now shouting, for the first time, "The United States is clearly defeated. It is already wobbly as a world power." As soon as western European nations begin to really believe that, they will UNITE. And when they do, says GOD in His prophecies, they will turn first on OUR PEOPLES! My job, now, is to WARN YOU, my dear friends—and to warn the whole world. THIS IS REAL. And this is by authority of Jesus Christ!

   Yes, THAT is the real meaning of The WORLD TOMORROW broadcast. We shout and THUNDER God's Message from Chiang Kai-Shek's super-power radio station into Red China! We send this GOOD NEWS of GOD'S coming government and His way of salvation crashing across the Iron Curtain into Russia twice weekly—in both Russian and English languages—over the world's most powerful radio station—the only one the Russians have not jammed! We shout it by super-power radio from Okinawa, from the Philippines, from South, Central, West, and North Africa. We thunder it into Germany and all Western Europe in the German language; into South America and Spain in the Spanish language; into all Europe, Britain and North America in English. We broadcast it six nights a week on stations all over America. We publish it in DOUBLE-PAGE space in several editions of Reader's Digest, with the largest circulation on earth; and we send it in The PLAIN TRUTH, with 250,000 copies in U.S., British, and Australian editions, world wide!

   This is the very work of God. It goes forth by the POWER of God through His chosen human servants. It is literally LEAPING FORWARD in rapidly accelerating power, growing and multiplying in power and scope. In past letters I have told you how it started— from virtually nothing, like the proverbial grain of mustard seed.

   A year ago I told some of you about being providentially led to the properties and facilities for founding a second Ambassador College here in Britain—not only for educating young men and women in the arts, and the knowledge of HOW to live—but also to train many in Britain for important posts in this great and growing work.

   When I arrived here in England I was literally ASTONISHED at the progress being made. The college is to open in the middle of October. The magnificently landscaped and spacious grounds have been brought back from a state of neglect into their original beauty. It is breath-taking—beyond description. The former head gardener, now head gardener for the Duchess of Kent at her palace, recently visited our grounds. He wept literal tears of joy on seeing the grounds restored to their former magnificence.

   The stately 33-room stone and stucco main building, now renamed MEMORIAL HALL in memory of my son Richard David Armstrong, who pioneered the work in Britain, has had a beautiful face- lifting. The stone cleaners are just finishing the cleaning up of all stone, and repairing of the few deteriorated spots; the painters have finished painting that portion of the exterior which is not stone; the interior has been completely repainted and decorated; the new Music Hall is rapidly being refurbished, with three studios and auditorium; the dormitory buildings and office building are being remodeled, painted and decorated. It is blossoming forth as one of the most beautiful places in Britain, or all the world—at least so we think! Some use the term "Garden of Eden."

   Applications from prospective students are rolling in by scores. It is a big undertaking to prepare for the opening of a new college—but a happy one. The new college is already incorporated as a British institution.

   Finally, may I tell you again what heart-felt gratitude I feel for your interest. These are the most sobering days in which men have ever lived. We are VERY near to the return of our Lord and Saviour—and coming KING, Jesus Christ. It is the MOST important thing in our lives that we continue to WATCH world events as they fulfill these final prophecies, and that we keep close to God and PRAY ALWAYS!

   Once again may I urge you, if you are not already enrolled, to enroll at once as a student in the Ambassador BIBLE Correspondence Course. It is, I feel, by far the most thorough course in Bible understanding there is. It will really OPEN UP the Bible—make it understandable—make it the MOST INTERESTING BOOK of all! And let me also remind you of our more recent free booklets: "The Book of Revelation UNVEILED at Last!"—"A TRUE History of the TRUE Church," which will astound you!—the booklet "Ending Your Financial Worries"—and then those two BASIC booklets: "The U.S, and British Commonwealth in Prophecy" and "1975 in Prophecy," which is a SUMMARY of all prophecies from now, in plain simple language.

   Remember, all our literature is FREE. There will be no "follow up"—no request for money. I think I have explained before that this great work is financed entirely by the tithes and free- will offerings of those who have voluntarily, without solicitation from us, desired to contribute or become co-workers with me and with Christ in this work. They enable us to send out the true Gospel of Christ FREE, without request for contributions, except to those who have of their own free will become co-workers. And THIS is not a request—except that I do sincerely want to request you to write in for one or more of these FREE booklets—to enroll for study in the Correspondence Course, and to continue to listen to the broadcast and to read The PLAIN TRUTH. For that purpose a self-addressed envelope is enclosed. THANK YOU!

With love, most sincerely, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: July 05, 1960
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