September 23, 1960  
September 23, 1960 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

LONDON, England

September 23, 1960

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   Again I am writing you from England.

   I wonder if you realize how fast time is running out on us. Right now the nations of this world are sparring, maneuvering against one another, each struggling for advantage, before the one great final cataclysmic BLAST that could erase all human life from this earth.

   But you and I know that GOD ALMIGHTY is working out a PURPOSE here below! He is not going to allow one or two MADMEN like Mr. Khrushchev to wipe out the humanity which God Himself put on this earth for a purpose!

   Yet our great living Leader, Jesus Christ, did say that this present world—this present order of society which God-defying MAN has established—is now fast coming to an END! The END OF THIS WORLD IS VERY NEAR!

   And that is why Christ has called YOU and me to this tremendous Mission in which we are now engaged. Jesus said: "This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached and published in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the END come" (Mat. 24:14; Mark 13:10). We are very near the END of this world—this order of strife, war, confusion and heartache.

   This Gospel of the KINGDOM of God—the RULE—the GOVERNMENT of God—is the Message God sent to mankind by Jesus Christ. Man hated that Message. They crucified Jesus for preaching it. Because He proclaimed the ADVANCE good news of the world-ruling government of God to bring peace, joy, happiness and salvation to mankind, they said He was trying to overthrow Caesar's government. They said He was a subversive. They wanted no rule but Caesar's.

   They martyred most or all of the Apostles for proclaiming that same GOOD NEWS. Then the world (our western world) rejected that Gospel, but accepted the NAME of Christ, and began forming their own gospel ABOUT Christ. They continued (in the Gentile world) in their pagan beliefs and practices, and gave their religion a new name—"Christianity." But it was NOT the Gospel Christ preached. It was NOT the Gospel Paul preached. It was not the good news of the coming Kingdom or government of GOD, to rule all nations and establish PEACE, prosperity, happiness, and bring salvation to all. It was a counterfeit "Christianity." The WHOLE WORLD, as the Bible prophesied, was DECEIVED into accepting ANOTHER gospel (Rev. 12:9 and II Cor. 11:4).

   Also, they taught a false and counterfeit salvation and false conversion. The multitudes, honest and sincere in their convictions, were deceived!

   But Jesus Christ said that HIS SAME GOSPEL, the good NEWS of the coming world-ruling government (see John 19:37, 36; Rev. 3:21; 2:26-27; I Cor. 6:2; Dan. 2:44; 7:18, 22, 27, etc., etc.), shall be preached and published as a powerful witness to all nations just before the END of this age.

   Jesus Christ was raised from the dead! Christ LIVES today! Christ is the HEAD of this great work! He has called YOU, and He has called me, as CO-WORKERS TOGETHER WITH HIM, to carry out this very purpose. This, then, is the most important activity of this present time! Already Christ's Gospel is being THUNDERED around the world—into all six continents! It is going out over the most powerful radio stations on earth—in English, Spanish, German, Russian, and now—FRENCH!

   As world conditions grow more TENSE—as the nations grow more angry—as they near the time of unleashing the hydrogen bombs with guided missiles, and other diabolical weapons of destruction —this world-wide work of God grows also with accelerated speed in power and scope!

   LISTEN! In my last letter I told you of a new super-power radio voice opening to The WORLD TOMORROW program, on a U. S. governed island in the Caribbean, now broadcasting CHRIST'S Message directly into little Dictator Castro's Cuba three times a week— twice in their native Spanish, and once in English! Also that the most powerful station on the North American continent was opening to us.

   Today Christ's Gospel has already started on this ultra super-power 250,000 watt station, XERF, seven nights a week! On this station it is heard in every state in the United States, except, possibly, Hawaii.

   But here's MORE big news!

   Since my last letter, this very Message of Christ has at last started on the air in the FRENCH language. Until just recently all radio stations in Montreal, which is the metropolis of French-speaking Canada, were closed to any but Roman Catholic religious broadcasting. But at last a suburban 1,000-watt station, heard clearly over that entire populous area, cleared time for The WORLD TOMORROW! Now we are awaiting the opening of the giant doors of Radio Luxembourg and Radio Monte Carlo in the French language to reach FRANCE.

   Also, since my last letter, Radio Luxembourg—one of the two most powerful radio stations on earth—has opened up one additional period per week in the German language, beamed to reach all Germany —even East Germany! As I write to you, I have just come to my typewriter fresh from having listened to our German program, at the time we have had since January, on Radio Luxembourg. It came in strong and clear here in London.

   As a matter of fact, I can now hear The WORLD TOMORROW here in London over both Radio Luxembourg and Radio Monte Carlo, six out of the seven days a week!

   The summer is past. During this summer many HUNDREDS, brought to Christ and real conversion through this great work in all parts of the United States and Canada, have been baptized into Christ by our own baptizing teams. During this summer, one baptizing team, covering all the British Isles, has baptized scores of new converts. During this summer our evangelistic team headed by Roderick C. Meredith has held three dynamic campaigns in England —in Bristol, in Birmingham, and in Manchester—with from 40 to 65 added for God's Kingdom in each campaign. And let me add that this does not mean a mere "accepting Christ," or "professing Christ," or "decision for Christ." It means full REPENTANCE of sin, and full FAITH in Christ as Saviour not only from past sins, but from any continuance in sin! It means a completely CHANGED LIFE! It means complete CONVERSION, a change from the carnal to a spiritual MIND— from a worldly to a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led LIFE. It means being BEGOTTEN by God's Holy Spirit as a child of God.

   When the full import of this kind of REAL conversion is recognized, we see what a BOUNTEOUS HARVEST God has granted to His servants in this great work this past summer! And though it has been winter in Australia, several have been converted and baptized on that continent. Our staff there is constantly expanding. We now have two ordained ministers in Australia to counsel with and help those who request it, beside an ever-growing office staff.

   The PLAIN TRUTH now is printed in three editions. One, of course, in Los Angeles and mailed out from Ambassador College Press in Pasadena. The European edition is printed in London, and mailed from Ambassador College Press in conjunction with the new Ambassador College here. The third edition is printed in Australia, and mailed from our Sydney offices.

   As I write, preparations are rapidly nearing completion to open the NEW Ambassador College here in England on October 14th. The full quota of students has now been accepted—except that we still could accept one or two additional girl students. Apparently it has not been as customary for girls to obtain a college education in England as in America, but it is just as necessary for young women to receive an education as men—when we view life from GOD'S point of view! Nevertheless, we do have a splendid group of girls enrolled, though we still could make room for one or two more.

   As this great work expands—as it MUST constantly expand—so also do the expenses of the work increase. And that, dear Co-Workers, is YOUR very important PART in Christ's work!

   Before other Co-Workers joined me, even as Christ's instrument and with His help, I was able to preach to only about 36 people per night on an average. But as the living Christ added a few Co-Workers to help with their tithes and generous offerings, even at personal sacrifice often, I was able to begin using the powerful facilities of radio as Christ opened the radio doors. At first, just one little station of 100 watts of power. But after a while another station was added. Then another—then more powerful stations—and so, for 26 years this work has grown until today it thunders Christ's Message of salvation and His coming Kingdom to many MILLIONS of people on all six continents every week—more than TEN MILLION WATTS of radio power per week! That is what has been added by Christ's adding of more and more of you Co-Workers continually.

   Yet I have to tell you that NEVER has the pressure of financial need been heavier! It has taken considerable sums of money, most of which has had to come from the United States, to prepare this splendid new college for opening in England. Additional radio stations cost more money. Additional thousands of copies of The PLAIN TRUTH and other booklets cost more money. As a result our business offices in Pasadena, California, at the college in Britain, and in Sydney, Australia, are all in a very tight bind at the moment.

   It is part of my duty as Christ's called and chosen Minister to inform you Co-Workers of this URGENT NEED. You are laying up treasure in God's Kingdom when you make personal sacrifices that this need may be met. But God DOES pour you out a great blessing for it! Over 26 years I have noticed that those whose hearts are zealously in this work—who sacrifice for it and support it—make the most spiritual progress! Won't you hurry along the largest amount God has made possible—even air-mail gets it to us quicker. From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU! It is a very blessed PRIVILEGE to be a Co-Worker WITH CHRIST!

With sincere love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: September 23, 1960
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