April 18, 1961  
April 18, 1961 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

Written from Ambassador College in England

April 18, 1961

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   Mrs. Armstrong and I are back at the college in England for a short while again.

   Do you realize the significance of recent events?

   WHY are the Jewish people in the nation they have named Israel staging this Nazi Eichmann trial in Jerusalem? Not because they are thirsting for his blood—but because the world has forgotten Nazi atrocities of 16 and 18 years ago, and they planned to get it back on front pages by staging a dramatic trial.

   WHY did the Russians time the flight of Major Yuri A. Gagarin on man's first flight into outer space just when they did? They did it to snatch the first-page headlines away from the Eichmann trial!

    How many other Soviet spacemen may have tried it earlier and perished we shall never know. The Kremlin does not publish news of their experiments—UNLESS or UNTIL SUCCESSFUL. They are good propagandists. The United States tells the whole world when a new attempt is to be made—and then if it fails, we become a laughing-stock! Nevertheless, the Russians did shoot Gagarin into orbit JUST as the Jerusalem trial was getting under way. All over Europe—all over Asia and Africa—two billion humans went wild at the achievement. To them it made the United States look second rate in science and engineering, when actually America is first. Now Khrushchev will be cockier than ever.

   In today's Paris edition of the New York Times this space- man story still gets the first three columns at top of page one. The Eichmann trial is a single-column story on page 5. It made page one in the New York Herald-Tribune (Paris edition)—but only a small headline at the bottom of the page, while at the top Gagarin says the Soviets are now preparing space ships for trips to the moon—and he hopes to be the one to make the flight.

   Bombings of Cuba—probably the beginning of the END of Castro—get the biggest headlines.

   The Jerusalem trial is playing a part in events leading to the resurrection of the mighty ROMAN EMPIRE, in the form of a U.S. of Europe. So is Mr. Adenauer's visit to America. In a few more years the whole world will be rocked back on its heels in astonishment. Right in the MIDDLE—between Russia and the West— will rise a THIRD POWER BLOC with more people, a mightier military and nuclear force—than either the U.S. or Russia. For more than 27 years, now, I have been telling the world it is coming. JUST A FEW MORE YEARS—probably now less than 10! You won't have long to wait. TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

   This is going to plunge the world into WORLD WAR THREE! Soon, unless GOD ALMIGHTY intervenes, war-mad men would erase human life from the earth with the terrifying powers of mass destruction now ready.

   ALSO, unless God intervenes, men will go to the moon, Mars, other planets—probably inside 10 or 15 years.

   IS GOD GOING TO ALLOW EITHER OF THOSE THINGS TO HAPPEN! God is the CREATOR of man—of the earth—of outer space. He RULES His creation. The governments and scientists working feverishly to conquer outer space have forgotten that. You and I haven't!

   God Almighty still lives. Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead. He remained alive. He is ALIVE TODAY—and God the Father has delegated to Him ALL POWER over all the UNIVERSE (Hebrews 1:1-4). It was He who gave man dominion—but over what? Notice Genesis 1:27-28. God created man. God commissioned man to subdue tho earth. He commissioned: "have dominion over ... the SEA, and over the AIR, and over ... the EARTH." The Universe is GOD'S. He turned over dominion of the solid earth, the seas, and the AIR to MAN. But not outer space!

   When once before man was contriving to "get to heaven"—up into outer space—by beginning the construction of a gigantic tower, God said: "This they begin to do: and nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do"—unless God prevented, which He did by scattering men and dividing their languages (Gen. 11:6).

   That slowed man up—delayed them some 4,000 years. But today knowledge is fast increasing. Communication is restored world-wide. It' is a small world. Recently I flew around it in a few hours. ONCE AGAIN MEN ARE CONTRIVING TO INVADE GOD'S DOMAIN OF OUTER SPACE.

   IS GOD GOING TO ALLOW IT? He Himself said, that unless God prevents man, no thing of this sort would be restrained from him. How does God act in such a circumstance? He freely gave man dominion of the AIR—but outer space is in GOD'S DOMINION—there is a " N O T R E S P A S S I N G " sign where outer space begins.

   We learn how God acts by how He has already acted. He placed Adam and Eve in the Garden that was in Eden. It was indescribably beautiful. God gave Adam and Eve dominion over all but one small spot—just ONE TREE. There was, in effect, a no trespassing sign around that tree. God had not given them dominion over that—He reserved that for Himself. DID HE ALLOW ADAM AND EVE TO INVADE THAT SPACE, and take of that tree? Yes He did—but immediately they were whisked out of there, and they were forced to suffer the consequences!

   God DID NOT ALLOW them to CONTINUE in possession of that forbidden territory! Already God has allowed both Russia and the United States to send up satellites, with dogs and monkeys, and now even a man. But soon, now—ten or fifteen years—unless God intervenes, MAN will actually invade Mars and other planets! God has endowed man with great powers—but man is not guiding and controlling those powers in the right direction!


   Two terrifying human accomplishments are converging to a simultaneous CLIMAX. One, in ten or fifteen years some mad-man in power in some major nation will set off the fuse of world war that would blast all human life from this planet earth. The other, in ten or fifteen years man will be conquering and controlling outer space—Mars, other planets! JUST BEFORE these two supreme events take place, GOD WILL STOP IT ALL! He will first send supernatural PLAGUES to PUNISH MEN FOR THEIR EVIL. Then He will send Jesus Christ as KING of kings and LORD of lords to RULE this earth and all mankind with a NEW GOVERNMENT—the Government of GOD! If you have any doubts that we are just approximately THAT CLOSE to the END of this present world, and the coming of CHRIST, and the peaceful, happy WORLD TOMORROW, all you have to do is LOOK AT WORLD EVENTS—look at progress toward wiping out human existence, and toward space conquest—man's CONQUEST against the very REALM OF GOD! All prophecy points toward it!

   Remember—we do not set DATES! But to say these things are going to reach a climax within some ten to fifteen years is not going out on any limb—it is no wild guess—it is a safe, sound and conservative certainty!

   Look over my shoulder and read a letter I have just received from a major in the USAF Strategic Air Command: "I am the pilot of a B-47 bomber in the Strategic Air Command. My family and I heard your broadcast, and we want you to know that we agree with your message. By virtue of my job I have access to top secret information that cannot, of course, be divulged. So perhaps I have a better understanding and belief of the end times that we live in. It may be even nearer than you expect, and it does appear to be very near, even now."

   This man has top secret information. He KNOWS this END of present world affairs is near—IT MAY BE EVEN NEARER THAN I EXPECT, he says! Well I, too, have TOP SECRET INFORMATION—from the Word of the very Ruler of this Universe. God's prophecies say it is NEARER THAN YOU THINK!

   That does not mean it will come tomorrow, or even this particular year. There is still TIME for GOD'S WORK to be finished—God will see to that—but we need to WAKE UP—we need to SPEED UP—we need to realize that the ONE OVERPOWERING PURPOSE OF OUR LIVES right now is OUR PART in this great End-Time WORK OF GOD, directed by the living Jesus Christ from His Father's THRONE OF GRACE, empowered by God's Holy Spirit.

   We are called to be Co-Workers together WITH CHRIST! He HEADS this work. He directs it! He blesses it. For more than 27 years now He has been DOUBLING the size and scope and power of this great work every two and two-thirds years! As world events speed up with increasing momentum, so does God's Work, shouting CHRIST'S OWN GOSPEL in great power WORLD-WIDE! Those whom Satan has deceived and blinded are becoming alarmed as CHRIST multiplies the POWER of His Work. They are getting stirred up—beginning to pour out a flood of false, defaming, character-assassinating accusations against this WORK OF GOD. Yes, YOUR BIBLE foretold this—it says Satan is now "having great wrath, because he knoweth he hath but a short time" (Rev 12:13, 9, 17). Satan KNOWS it—do YOU? The persecution is stepping up. Lies, hearsay, misrepresentations— usually imputing evil motives to me personally, are being hurled.

   But CHRIST has opened the door for the thundering of HIS OWN GOSPEL to the whole world—and He says (Rev 3:8) no man can shut it! I believe Him! Yes, Jesus CHRIST is stepping up His Work! In just the past three months many powerful and leading radio stations have been added in the United States—and around the world! Among them are KCMO, Kansas City; KRMG, Tulsa; WOW, Omaha; KHQ, Spokane; WINS, New York; KPHO, Phoenix; WSPD, Toledo; KRLD, Dallas; KWKH, Shreveport; KTHS, Little Rock. Six of these are 50,000-watt stations. The others are, in each case, I believe beyond dispute, the leading stations in their areas. All broadcast The WORLD TOMORROW six or seven nights every week!

   In New York, en route to England a week ago, I OK'd TEN more stations in Australia, to carry The WORLD TOMORROW six or seven nights per week. Also the addition of the now most powerful station on earth, Radio Europe Number ONE, 500,000 watts, in two or three languages!

   MORE! We are now actively planning for more full two-page messages in powerful Reader's Digest in Spanish, French and German-language editions. Many of our most-wanted booklets are now published in these languages.

   Yes, JESUS CHRIST is opening doors—SPEEDING UP His powerful Message to a dying world. As world events hurl a helpless humanity faster and faster toward DESTRUCTION, so CHRIST hurls to a deceived world, faster and faster, His Message of PEACE, and SALVATION by God's GRACE (those who try to deceive people into thinking we preach a gospel of salvation "by works" are deceived or deliberately misrepresenting to serve Satan)! The way is being prepared before CHRIST'S RETURN TO EARTH! Christ's own Gospel is being RESTORED!

   YOU are one whom the glorified CHRIST has called as a Co-Worker in this great and mighty work. Without YOUR part, this work could not go on. Of course God could simply rain down thousand-dollar bills, or thousands of five-pound notes, from heaven—BUT THAT IS NOT GOD'S WAY. He allows you and me the glorious privilege of having part in His own work! Today we do not sacrifice lambs or animals—we give the sacrifice of PRAYER, and make sacrifice of material wants that we may be honest with God's TITHES, and generous in freewill offerings that His work may go forth!

   Is this a hardship? A thousand times NO!!! Listen to two letters just received:

   A man from Michigan writes: "Do you know how I get people to tithe? I tell them to try it for a year, and if they lose anything I will give them all they lose with interest. After a few months they tell me: 'O, how much I have.' I have been doing this for over 20 years and have never had to put my hand in my pocketbook for anyone yet.' That is certainly a unique experience, but it adds testimony to the way God does bless the tither financially.

   Here's another: "Enclosed is my tithe. It is funny how my pay goes as far, less the 10%, as it did before. I find it very easy now to put this away each week whereas before I just couldn't see how I could do without it. When I first wrote, my wife had to go to the doctor once a week and pay $15 for each visit. Suddenly it seems God answered my prayer and the trips to the doctor are now a thing of the past. So I have actually gained."

   We have received hundreds and hundreds of letters from honest tithe-payers telling how they get along better, financially, since turning over God's first tenth of income to Him—or of raises in salary—or of increase in income in various ways, so that the nine-tenths is now more than the whole was before! If you want to know what your Bible says about tithing, write for our free booklet on tithing.

   As usual, here we are at the time of month when God's Work suffers from a falling off in tithes and offerings. When you put tithes and offerings into God's work you are laying up treasure in heaven! In just a few years your money will be WORTHLESS! When the terrible punishments of God's PLAGUES in the coming Day of the Lord fall, money, gold, silver, material wealth will avail NOTHING! But those laying up treasures in heaven now will have GOD'S DIVINE PROTECTION THEN! No plague shall come nigh OUR dwelling! More, if we are faithful in our part in God's Work, obedient, not denying His Word, He promises even to protect us from the coming Great Tribulation!

   God's Work is FIRST in importance in our lives! Remember, AIR MAIL gets it to us faster!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: April 18, 1961
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