June 16, 1961  
June 16, 1961 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



Proclaim to the World the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW

Box 111, Pasadena, Calif. 91109

Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

June 16, 1961

London, England

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   I have returned to England. I have much exciting news to report—but the immediate situation in God's Work is so serious that this letter is being telephoned to our Pasadena Headquarters for immediate mailing yet today, and the news will have to come in my next letter.

   Immediately following Commencement at the close of the fourteenth year of Ambassador College in Pasadena, I flew back to Britain for the final three weeks of classes and our first graduation exercises at the new college here.

   I did not send out the usual Co-Worker letter to our comparatively small but growing family of Co-Workers last month. Many Co-Workers wait for these letters before sending in tithes and offerings for God's Work. This, and two other factors, have put us in the most serious financial jam in years.

   Factor Number One: I did not feel I could send out the usual Co-Worker letter mentioning the financial need for operation of this great work at the time I sent out the general letter offering, without any charge whatsoever, the Bible Story Book. I wanted that splendid book to be offered absolutely FREE without any hint of request for money—even to you who are Co-Workers and who support this Work regularly.

   We did not know what the response would be, but we took a chance and ordered fifty thousand copies of the book. This was more than the response from any previous semi-annual general letter offering free literature. The replies are not all in yet, but the request for the book has been phenomenal—far beyond our expectations—and is going to reach a total of ninety thousand to one hundred thousand or more. We are having to order another fifty thousand copies immediately!

   This overwhelming flood of letters, breaking all records, inspiring and gratifying as it is, nevertheless means purchase of one hundred thousand or more of the books at the very time when we have increased The PLAIN TRUTH to forty pages, which means a higher printing bill.

   Factor Number Two: We have added more new radio stations broadcasting THE WORLD TOMORROW in the past two or three months than in any previous whole year! These stations, in almost every instance, comprise the one leading, outstanding, most-listened-to station in its area. Most of them are 50,000 watt stations. They mean a tremendous surge forward in the power of this work. They mean thousands of precious lives to be won for God's Kingdom. And they mean, within from six to eighteen months, a large increase in number of Co-Workers to help us meet the financial needs of this great Work. But, for the next few months, they mean a very large increase in monthly expenditures without any comparable increase in income.

   Those things combine to give this most important Work on earth the tremendous additional burst of power forward—yet, for the immediate present, they also combine to bring about the tightest financial squeeze our Business Office has had to meet in a long while. These factors have added considerably more than one hundred thousand dollars to this one month's expenditures!

   It simply means every one of us must, if humanly possible, tighten our belts, make personal sacrifices, even rearrange personal finances, and try to put into God's cause more than we ever did before. At the same time I am informed by the Business Office that several of the loans made to the work by Co-Workers one, two, three years ago are now calling for repayment. In order to help meet these requests, I am going to have to ask others of you who could loan sums of from five hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars—but who are not in position to give it, at least at this time, to help the work in that manner, by making new loans to the work.

   The need is now so acute, immediate, and seriously urgent, I must close this letter without saying more, asking you to use airmail, and to pray earnestly with me that God will lay this necessity so heavily on the hearts of enough Co-Workers that the need will be met at once. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, and remember—God is blessing you!

With love in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: June 16, 1961
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