November 18, 1962  
November 18, 1962 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



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Publishing: The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of UNDERSTANDING

Written from Ambassador College, near London, in England

November 18, 1962

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   This letter is about a month past due, because of stopovers in Texas and New York, and returning again to Ambassador College near London, in England.

   That very fact has put the Work of God in a serious emergency. It seems that so many of our Co-Workers depend on these monthly letters from me, to remind them to send in their tithes and offerings. Some have said that when they do not hear from me they suppose the work does not need any money.

   But the need is DAILY, dear Co-Workers, whether you hear from me or not. Of course I do not mean to suggest that each Co-Worker should send tithes and offerings every day—but whether it is weekly or monthly from each Co-Worker, the need at Pasadena Headquarters is, of course daily, and constant whether you hear from me or not. I hope we can make up for this lost time with extra-liberal offerings.

   In EVERY way this great Work of God is GROWING. And GROWTH increases costs. Just before leaving for England I received the auditor's report for our fiscal year ending last June 30th. It showed the operating expenditures for the work had increased just a fraction of a percent above a 30% increase over the preceding year, and the income had increased exactly 30%. In other words, we had to spend a comparatively small amount more than we received.

   Therefore, we have had to rearrange our budget for this present fiscal year to make a slight reduction in expenditures. This means we cannot increase our expenditures for radio broadcasting during the coming year, except very slightly. It is a shame to have to cut down on the broadcasting of tho Gospel. But God's business must be conducted in business-like manner. The bills must be paid.

   But if we will all take this to heart, and PRAY EARNESTLY about it, and each try to stretch to sending in just a little more for the Work—even if we have to forego doing something or buying something for ourselves we might like, then perhaps we may, within this coming year, see this glorious Work of God operating with adequate cash balance, and plunging ahead with greater growth than ever.

   The colleges are both growing. Ambassador College at Pasadena now has enrolled more than 400 undergraduates, beside some thirty-five in the Graduate Schools. The new college in England, starting its third year, now has 111 students—as a coincidence, the same number as our Pasadena post-office box number.

   Plans are now being rushed to start a third Ambassador College next September!

   This will be located at our l,000-acre project in east Texas, near Big Sandy, 100 miles east of Dallas. On these beautiful grounds we already have all the buildings and facilities we shall need for the first year, except for the addition of about four class rooms. We already have the competent and experienced faculty and administrative staff, so that the new college will not add to the payroll.

   This summer and fall we were unable to accept three-fourths of the nearly five hundred students who eagerly applied for admission, at Pasadena. It was almost heart-breaking to be unable to accept so many who wanted to come.

   But, with those facilities already existing, with the entire staff, both teaching and administrative, already active with us and so occupied that, by some doubling up, they can be shifted to Big Sandy, Texas, without increased expenditures, it has become inevitable and imperative that we now open the third of God's colleges. The housing facilities for the Big Sandy campus will certainly not be deluxe, and pioneer students at that new institution will have to "rough it" and put up with some inconvenience the first year or two—but all the real NEED is there.

   After additional grounds are cleared and new landscaping done within the next two or three years, we shall be provided with a campus in Texas just as beautiful and magnificently landscaped, on scenic contoured wooded grounds, as the Pasadena campus or the lovely Gardens and grounds at Bricket Wood, here in England.

   It seems that always, just when a real NEED arises, God provides it—and suddenly we realize "here it IS!"

   In my next letter I hope to find space to tell you in more detail of the marvelous advances and successes of God's Work during this year—by far the most productive year in the history of this great Work.

   More precious lives have been converted—changed—brought to Christ and begotten as children of GOD—than ever before.

   MORE MILLIONS of people all over the world have heard Christ's glorious GOOD NEWS—His true Gospel—in more languages— now some 22 million in our radio audience every week.

   New branch offices have been opened in Duesseldorf, Germany, and in Manila, the Philippines, to speed up receiving of mail from their areas and posting to them requested literature.

   The Plain Truth circulation has grown another 30%. In every area of activity, the work has grown 30% over the year before. It is truly wonderful!

   I said, above, that when a real NEED arises, God always provides it. A very serious financial need has arisen. God provides this through YOU CO-WORKERS. I know your hearts are really in this great and wonderful Work, as a Co-worker with the living Jesus Christ, who HEADS, directs, guides, and blesses this Work. We are His collective Body, empowered by His Spirit, used as HIS INSTRUMENT in HIS WORK!

   The NEED right now is serious, and very great. PLEASE PRAY EARNESTLY that God will lay it heavily on the hearts of those He can use to respond liberally. Let's see if we can't give right now, with this Christmas shopping season coming on, MORE GENEROUSLY THAN USUAL.

   Finally, I have to remind you, as I do every year at this time, that we are now coming to the MOST DIFFICULT MONTH OF THE YEAR—unless we do all make extra sacrifice for God's Work. Already the Christmas decorations are up. We're coming to the time when people spend lavishly, EXCHANGING presents among themselves, while they somehow suppose they are giving birthday presents to Christ. But they don't GIVE these presents to CHRIST, for His glorious Work! They EXCHANGE their gifts among themselves, and at this season most NEGLECT CHRIST AND HIS WORK AND ITS DIRE NEED!

   Dear Co-Workers, this ought not to be!

   So join me in urgent, prevailing PRAYER! Let's sacrifice for CHRIST'S great need of this serious hour! THANK YOU, from the heart!

With love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

   P.S. — My semi-annual letter to the entire Plain Truth mailing list will be sent you in a few days. More than 90% of those who will receive it—all but just you who are Co-Workers with me and with Christ—have never been asked in any way for contributions for the Work. As you know, we do not ask for money over the air! There is NO PRICE on anything we give out.

   So, remember, except for you Co-Workers, the other almost 400,000 people who will receive this semi-annual letter have never contributed, nor been asked to contribute for support of this Work!

   No other work on earth, so far as we know, is able to operate on this basis. It is NOT GOD'S WAY to solicit the public for money. But it is God's way for HIS OWN PEOPLE to support HIS WORK with their tithes and generous offerings, according as He has prospered them!

   There will be no request for money in this special semi- annual letter. The entire expenses of this great and fast-growing world-wide WORK OF GOD must be supplied by us in the INSIDE FAMILY OF CHRIST'S CO-WORKERS! So, AGAIN, THANK YOU for your generosity!

Publication Date: November 18, 1962
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