March 25, 1963  
March 25, 1963 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 



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March 25, 1963

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

   This letter is going to have to be BRIEF—because it is extremely URGENT!

   Again this month we are falling below quota in the business office. The situation has become SERIOUS! Ever since the living Jesus Christ started this last END-TIME activity of GOD'S WORK through us, it has been a FAST-GROWING rapidly EXPANDING work. The first nine years it multiplied THIRTY TIMES in size, scope and power. The second nine years it grew in size THIRTY TIMES what it was after the first nine years. The past twelve years it has continued to grow 30% each year over the year before.

   We are now in the THIRTIETH YEAR of this great end-time WORK OF GOD. World events are speeding up—moving faster and faster toward the final CLIMAX—the WORLD-CRISIS at the CLOSE of this age—the prophesied END OF THE WORLD, and dawn of the happy WORLD TOMORROW!

   There is not much time left. Our work is far from finished. In fact, the BIGGEST part of the work remains yet to be done. As world conditions speed up, SO MUST THE WORK OF GOD!

   A fast-expanding work MUST HAVE A GROWING INCOME. This work cannot operate unless our business office can PAY THE BILLS. The work is still growing at the 30% increase rate. But last month the income dropped down to a 17% increase. A report has been handed me today showing that this month to date is running only 20% above February last year—but OPERATING EXPENSES CONTINUE 30% above.

   I am forced to take immediate drastic steps. WE DARE NOT slow down or put the brakes on the WORK OF GOD! But I have been forced, since my last letter to you, to POSTPONE opening of the new college in Texas for one year.

   I have put efficiency men—experienced business men within the organization here at World Headquarters—to the emergency task of making a thorough check-up of every department, in a sweeping and drastic program to eliminate every waste effort or unnecessary expense they can possibly find. We are TIGHTENING OUR BELTS, so to speak.

   Now I have to ask YOU who are Co-Workers with Christ in HIS Work which HE directs and empowers with His Spirit, to "tighten YOUR belts" also, even at sacrifice of things you would like to buy, and if you possibly can, send in increased offerings from now on. WE MUST IMMEDIATELY MAKE UP FOR THIS DEFICIT.

   God is granting us an ever-increasing bounteous HARVEST of precious lives for ALL ETERNITY, being brought to repentance and to Christ and real conversion as a result of YOUR sacrifice and efforts, as well as mine.

   Co-Workers, RALLY BEHIND ME in this serious need! This work must have an IMMEDIATE financial "shot in the arm" which, by COMBINED effort, sacrifice, and fervent, believing and prevailing PRAYERS, you can supply. Please go at once to a private place and PRAY! And again I have to ask for more special LOANS—from the few of you who may have a substantial sum you are not free to GIVE at this time, but could be putting to work until you need it.

   That's all I can say now. This must be RUSHED TO YOU immediately. Please use air-mail—it speeds your tithes and offerings to us faster. THANK YOU, dear Co-Workers, from the bottom of my heart!

With love in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Publication Date: March 25, 1963
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