September 22, 1964  
September 22, 1964 - Brethren & Co-Workers Letter
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Herbert W Armstrong 

The PLAIN TRUTH a Magazine of Understanding
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September 22, 1964

Dear Friend and PLAIN TRUTH Subscriber:

   Once again this semi-annual personal letter has had to be delayed—and this time for three months.

   But at last, I have ready for you that urgently requested book which caused the delay. For some few years increasing thousands of our subscribers have been pressing me for this direly needed, long-awaited book—giving you, based on GOD'S WORD, the frank and plain truths never before published about sex and marriage.

   Of course this book cannot be sold.

   As all but the more recent subscribers to The PLAIN TRUTH know, I try, once or twice every year, to have something very special to offer you—as a FREE GIFT of course—something I feel you will value highly.

   NEVER has there been a book like this on this delicate but much-needed subject! It is the MOST SERIOUSLY NEEDED knowledge in the world today! You are going to be literally amazed to learn how much of the true Gospel is connected with this misunderstood subject of sex and marriage. Of course, the avalanche of books and magazine articles on sex have overlooked that fact, entirely. Yes, you're going to find this an eye-opening and surprising book!

   But then, everything connected with this Work of God is astonishing, because it is so utterly different. Hundreds of thousands have been surprised, to put it mildly, to learn that they cannot pay for their own subscription to The PLAIN TRUTH. They marvel that everything is given, free! It seems incredible that there is never any follow-up or request for contributions.

   Haven't you, frankly, been surprised to find that not only does The PLAIN TRUTH come already paid for—no subscription price to you—but there is never any price on any of our booklets— never any tuition or fees for enrollment in the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course?

   Jesus Christ heads this WORK OF GOD. Literally! Jesus Christ rose from the dead over 1900 years ago. He REMAINS ALIVE TODAY! Didn't you ever wonder what He's been doing all these 1900- plus years? Well, part of what He is doing right now is to direct and lead this very Work of God. He sees to it that it is conducted GOD'S WAY—supported by the tithes of God's people—that we may GIVE, freely, without money and without price—NEVER putting a price on the Gospel—NEVER soliciting the public for contributions!

   THIS YOU KNOW!—that you never heard of anything like it before. HOW can this be done? Several times, in these letters, I have explained it all.

   In this letter I will not again repeat the explanation— because nearly all who will receive this letter know it already. But for those who do not, and would like the true FACTS, please write for the FREE booklet on "The Inside Story" about this Work. We are not a religious cult, sect, "movement," or denomination— even as Christ Himself was not. Yet those who were, accused Him of being a false prophet!

   But now let me tell you about this book.

   Very few people realize what a REVOLUTION IN MORALS is sweeping the world today. It is shocking almost beyond comprehension! The startling facts are plainly revealed in this book. This present plunge into widespread immorality threatens civilization itself. It is becoming a greater DANGER than the hydrogen bomb!

   Even a growing segment of the clergy is accepting this moral erosion, attempting to whitewash it, and give it the appearance of respectability, under the catch phrase, "The NEW MORALITY."

   This revolution in sexual behavior is a mass REBELLION against the hush-hush attitude that viewed sex as shameful, degrading and SINFUL.

   These centuries of repression, when the public was kept in ignorance of the physical facts of marriage, rendered at least three out of every four marriages UNHAPPY! Wives said all husbands are brutes. Wives felt a sense of guilt. Husbands became bitter, resentful, frustrated. Sex was "indecent"—even in marriage, and any use of sex, except for the definite purpose of producing children, was called a SIN!

   But WHERE did that interpretation of sex come from? Was it the teaching of Jesus Christ? Did it come from the Bible? This book will give you the surprising, eye-opening answer!

   WHY was needed instruction about sex forbidden—withheld even from the married—until after World War I? This book will give you the PLAIN FACTS! WHY was this subject too embarrassing even for parents to teach their children what little they might have known? WHY the "stork" lie? The shocking TRUTH is laid bare, in plain language, in this book.

   HOW did humans come to be male and female, anyway? Don't we know that it was the Almighty CREATOR who designed sex? But WHY? And why MARRIAGE? Strange as it seems, the world doesn't know! The doctors, the scientists, the educators—even the clergy —simply do not know! And today, this world is being destroyed for lack of that vital knowledge! But this book makes it VERY PLAIN!

   Today the world, led by psychiatrists, doctors, marriage counselors, is in REVOLT against centuries of IGNORANCE about sex —against the puritanical repression. Today they are calling sex GOOD—whether before or in or out of marriage. Today the physical and sensual KNOWLEDGE may be purchased in any bookstore, and even at the magazine stands. But they are actually misleading, incorrect and harmful, because they contain only the physical HALF of sex knowledge—and much of that false and misleading. The real MEANING and revealed right PURPOSES of the Creator are missing altogether.

   This book will bring you the WHOLE TRUTH—the spiritual meaning, the divinely ordained purposes and right uses, and the physical knowledge as well. It will open your eyes to read what the Bible PROPHECIES say about this present condition!

   How did this book come to be written, at last? Knowledge of existing conditions made it imperative, several years ago, that Ambassador College institute a course of instruction in Principles of Living. It includes instruction, not only in family relations and child rearing, but the vitally needed knowledge about sex and marriage, BASED ON GOD'S WORD!

   This college was founded to teach students not merely to to earn a living—but HOW TO LIVE! The college motto is: "Recapture True Values." Students could not know how to live in happiness—could not know the TRUE VALUES—without proper instruction in the facts of sex and marriage approached from God's revelation.

   We searched for a suitable textbook for this course. But of all the books on sex and marriage, there was not one that we could endorse or place in the hands of our students.

   Faculty members, with our college physician, Dr. Ralph E. Merrill, researched this whole area of education. In the absence of any book suitable for a textbook, the only solution was to produce an adequate textbook of our own. This production was begun, as a combined collaboration between Dr. Merrill, an M.D. of high standing and wide experience, certain faculty members, and the Graduate School of Theology. Until this work could be produced, the subject would have to be a lecture course, or seminar class.

   Ambassador College recognizes that the Biblical revelation is the FOUNDATION of ALL knowledge—and that it provides the proper approach to the acquisition of humanly discoverable knowledge. Nearly all books had been written by doctors, psychoanalysts, or so-called "marriage counselors." Every book we examined had been written from the purely physical and sensual approach.

   But it was GOD who designed and created humans as male and female. GOD is the architect of SEX. GOD ordained the marriage institution. GOD instructed our first parents in the right uses of sex. GOD protects the marriage union with two of the Ten Commandments. The Commandments form a SPIRITUAL law (Romans 7:14), even though they involve physical actions. SEX is involved in the SIN question—for TWO of the capital sins, imposing CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, involve wrong uses of sex. The Biblical revelation about sex is connected directly with the true GOSPEL!

   For these reasons, a proper book, suitable as a textbook in the college, should be a production of CHRIST'S MINISTRY, through the Graduate School of Theology, in close collaboration, for physical details, with Dr Merrill.

   The work was begun—but other matters seemed to require priority, and progress was slow. Our beloved Dr Merrill died in 1958, before the work could be completed, though he had already contributed the physical portion of the material needed for the book. Collaboration was continued, however, with his successors as college physician.

   Once the material was assembled, the actual writing became primarily my own contribution to the work. This only delayed further the completion of the work, for my responsibilities are many—and they seem to have had a habit of increasing progressively through the years. Other pressing duties always seemed to claim priority on my time.

   Finally, this past April, Mrs Armstrong and I were sailing again to England for the third term of Ambassador College in Britain. I decided, then, this work could not longer be postponed. It had to be "NOW or never!" That is why four issues of The PLAIN TRUTH already have omitted the installments of the Autobiography, as well as other articles I would otherwise have written. In order to devote myself, with all available time, to my part of this work, I gave it priority over other writing.

   At last this long-awaited, vitally needed book is going to press. Never has there been a book on this subject remotely like it. I'm sure you will agree it reveals astonishing TRUTH.

   Yes, the facts it reveals are shocking, staggering. It also reveals the God-ordained RIGHT purposes and uses of sex—never taught in either the older repressive codes, nor in today's moral erosion. It contains the PLAIN TRUTH the whole world should have had many centuries ago! And it is, properly, BASED on the Biblical revelation, and it speaks frankly and plainly!

   But now, in making this seriously NEEDED book available to you (it's FREE, of course)—we are confronted with a serious problem. Because of attitudes still held by many in regard to any mention of sex, we cannot chance offending any parents by sending this book to unmarried minors.

   Most emphatically, the TRUTH on this vital subject contained in this book OUGHT to be known by every young person of 13 years and older. Young people NEED God's right instruction so that they might understand WHY the physical contacts termed "necking" or "petting" are WRONG—not good for them, and also are sinful in the sight of GOD.

   NO ONE ought ever to enter in the marriage relation without the frank, plain, and yet cleanly and properly written instruction contained in this book. EVERY MARRIED person NEEDS this book—and for reasons you may not fully realize, until you read it! Every wife, and every husband NEEDS it, seriously— regardless of age! EVERY PARENT needs it! It will give you, not only what you need to teach your children on this delicate subject —but HOW to teach them properly—as they should be taught. And to rightly TEACH your children IS YOUR SOLEMN RESPONSIBILITY BEFORE GOD!

   To minors, under 21, and unmarried, I have to say—much as you NEED proper instruction—WE CANNOT PLACE THIS BOOK IN YOUR HANDS. That will have to be at YOUR PARENTS' discretion. THE ONLY WAY you can receive this book is through YOUR PARENTS. We simply cannot chance bringing criticism of parents or others on GOD'S WORK by sending this book, when some, not fully understanding HOW this book is written, might bring reproach on the Work of God. If parents have any doubt about it, they may examine and read it carefully, themselves—and then it is THEIR responsibility to decide whether to place it in your hands for reading.

   Single people under 21, but who are engaged to be married, with an actual date set, within 90 days, may receive a free copy, provided you are legally qualified for the marriage license, or have your parents' consent.

   Even middle-aged or elderly people—married or unmarried —NEED this book. One unmarried lady, I believe past 80 years of age, knowing this book was soon to be offered, wrote us that, though she has never been married, and has no interest in sex as such, nevertheless, wanted this book—BECAUSE IT CONTAINS HERETOFORE UNREVEALED KNOWLEDGE, and she wants to acquire KNOWLEDGE!

   I am sorry we have to put these restrictions on giving out this much-needed book—but THAT'S THE KIND OF WORLD WE LIVE IN!

   It is going to press, now. It will be ready for mailing by the time your request for YOUR COPY arrives at Pasadena, or a few days thereafter.

   SPECIAL NOTICE: Over the past few years, we have received thousands of requests for this book. Since the book was not yet written—and we did not know when it would be—our system did not provide a method of retaining the names of these requests.

   SO NOTICE: Even though you may have requested it before, IT IS NECESSARY THAT YOU REQUEST IT AGAIN, NOW. It will be sent ONLY to those properly filling in and signing the enclosed card.

   SPECIAL NOTICE: We can send only one book to each family in each home.

   Of course we never send out literature except on request. We WANT YOU TO HAVE THIS VALUABLE AND FINELY PRINTED BOOK— absolutely free—but we do not want to send this or any other literature where it is not wanted.

   I am personally happy and very grateful that God has revealed HIS TRUTH on this vital subject—which until now has been hidden and kept from the people. I am especially grateful that God has now given us in HIS WORK, through the tithes and free—will offerings of His people, the opportunity to make it known to YOU— FREELY! I know, too, that God directed, and gave a measure of inspiration to the writing of this book. I hope, sincerely, that you find it not merely interesting—but one of the most IMPORTANT, VALUABLE, and HELPFUL books you ever read. This not a booklet or pamphlet—but a complete full-length and finely printed book.

   To make it easy for you to order your free copy, we enclose a request card. Just fill in, and mail at once in the enclosed self-addressed return envelope.

   I do thank you, sincerely from the heart, for your interest, and for allowing us to have the pleasure of giving you this seriously needed instruction.

Most sincerely, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

   P.S. - After having written this letter, I have learned from our printing and mailing departments that the production of this book is a much greater project than even I had realized. We have never before produced or sent out a book anywhere near this size. The first edition will be 200,000 copies. It has required a shipment of three large freight-car loads of paper—not including the covers.

   All this vast shipment of paper stock has arrived. I was somewhat over-whelmed when I saw it. It is a heavy-weight fine vellum paper—much finer quality than that of any of the booklets we have previously offered. Each book will be probably an inch or more in thickness. Our staff and equipment seem somewhat limited for this huge operation, even though our presses will run 24 hours a day, in three shifts, around the clock.

   Close to two million people are now reading The PLAIN TRUTH each month—and we are printing only 200,000 copies of this first edition of the book. Frankly, I anticipate upwards of twice that many requests—so those who delay returning their request cards may have to wait for the second printing. But even these 200,000 copies are a stupendous operation for our size staff and equipment—and they tell me, now, that it may take three weeks, or even four, before all these copies can be mailed out. So I do advise you to RUSH your request for your copy, even though you may have to be patient two or three weeks to receive the book. Some of you subscribers will receive your books much sooner—but it will take many days to mail out so large a number. Yet if you delay mailing your request, you might have to wait still longer— for the second printing. I do hope you will understand. We'll try to get the book to you just as quickly as possible—but if it does have to be delayed a bit, I hope you'll be patent. And remember, we can send only one book in each family. THANK YOU again!

Publication Date: September 22, 1964
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